VOLUME XVIII       ISSUE 149    December 11, 2014

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




President John Lilley

Phone Number: 716/662-0270



The next scheduled meeting is Thursday January 8, 2015.


If you are receiving a hard copy of this newsletter and have an e-mail address, please send that address to Brian Defoe at brdefoe@yahoo.com. You would then receive the newsletter via e-mail each month. It would help defer some of the cost the club spends each month.



President John Lilley called the meeting to order.


New Member: Eddie Blomers


Treasurer:  Pat Boggan

          Beginning Balance: $4,403.20



Petty Cash


Petty Cash


Petty Cash


Bank Acct.


Bank Acct.


Bank Acct.


Club Balance Total

Oct., 2014



$   10.00









$   40.00



$ 40.00






$  155.00


























   - 0 -

$  205.00

$  411.10

  - 0 -

$ 40.00








Vice President’s Report


Brian will be doing the demonstration tonight.  Dave Hauch will do the demonstration for January.


Librarian’s Report:


          John O’Neil our librarian is requesting all books and videos out on loan be returned for inventory. 


Old Business


          Rusty and Brian will be getting future demonstration lined up. 


          There are pen blanks for use by members.


          Dues should be made as soon as possible.  Dues for the AAW membership are $55.00


          John Lilley would like the month for the nominations looked at and changed because it seems too long a time between the elections and induction of officers.


          A motion was made, and seconded to change nominations to October with elections in November.  Since a month is needed in order to change or amend a bi-law, the vote for this motion will be held next month (January).


New Business      


          The national symposium for this year is in Pittsburg.  More information will be forwarded as received.


          There will be a Totally Turning Symposium in March.  More information will be following.


          There is an AAW Education grant available.  It was suggested that we try to get the grant to purchase a video camera and a portable DVD player.  A motion was made by Ron Hudson and 2nd by John O’Neil to go ahead and apply for the grant.


          A motion was made to check into and buy a DVD with Jim Hilburger doing a demonstration.  Made by Pepper and 2nd by Rusty the motion passed.


          As an incentive for people to do demonstrations, Brian is giving out a box of various woods to anyone willing to do one. 

SHOW AND TELL              


          Rusty Ellis – Ash bowl

          Craig Eckert – Cherry bowl, Oak call, Segmented bowl, and

                             Vaious wood bowls and calls

          Kathie Eckert – Cherry bowl

          Ron Hudson – Cherry and Oak candle holder

          Ed Linhardt – Colored wood and Walnut pens

          Pat Boggan – Ash small grinder

          Brian Defoe – Assorted sea urchine ornaments and stand,

                               Mahogany tool handles

          Rich Lawrence – Hickory/corian bowl

                             Cherry/corian clock

                             Mahogany/corian candle holder

                             Mahogany/corian weather instruments

          Stuart Wiesmore – Pizza cutter, bottle opener and ice cream




            Rocklers Certificate – Pat Boggan

             50/50 – Pat Boggan




          Brian did the demonstration for the evening.  He made some Christmas ornaments out of sea urchins.  He showed the way to use various tools while making the various ornaments.


Respectfully Submitted,

Brian Defoe, Secretary