VOLUME XI         ISSUE 55        Dec 2006

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday Jan 11 7:30 pm


The President’s Corner by Kurt Hertzog


It’s January and the new slate of officers have taken their positions. Many thanks to the outgoing officers, Jay Ferrand and Jake Debski. Their years of service to the club are certainly appreciated. I also want to thank the incoming VP John O’Neil and Treasurer Pat Boggan. Getting folks to run for office is a difficult task and to find willing candidates is a joy. Welcome to both. And thanks to Muriel Kummer for staying on as Secretary.


There are many things that we need to get going. Time quickly passes and the tasks soon are too great for the time remaining. It’s time to get thinking about our annual donation to the school. Turnings of all kinds, sizes, and functions are welcome as we offer these donations as a “thank you” to the school staff for their kindness and help all year long. We’ll have the contest to pick three winners for a $35 prize for each but of course all that contribute are winners. Mark my words. The month of May will come much sooner than you expect it to.


The August County Fair is a huge consumer of turned items as we raise money for the local Make-A-Wish foundation. Making things ahead of time and bringing them in each month certainly helps stock the larder for the many days of the Fair. In years past, the major burden has fallen on a few. Many contribute time and turnings but it takes a huge amount of items to maintain the pace we’ve set over the past few years. Make a few items as warm up items when you have a few minutes in the shop. Bring them in and we’ll stock pile them for the event.


Last month, we tasked Lance Eggleston with putting together a plan for a “show” later in the year. He responded in a matter of days with an in depth plan that appears to be a winning situation for all involved. I think you’ll be pleased with the plan Lance has put together. We’ll have a rollout at this month’s meeting.


This will be my last President’s Corner. I will be stepping down at the end of the month. VP John O’Neil will be taking the Presidency. I will be staying on as Webmaster with the help of two members who have promised to provide photos and content from the meetings and events. To all of those who have helped as we’ve made the journey, I thank you.






If, you are receiving a hard copy of this newsletter and have an e-mail address, please send that address to Kurt Hertzog at KHERTZOG@ROCHESTER.RR.COM.  You would then receive the newsletter via e-mail each month. It would help defer some or the cost the club spends each month.



President Kurt Hertzog called meeting to order at 7:00PM



Treasure Jay Ferrand reports the following for the month of Nov



















50/50 RAFFLE


























































Kurt Hertzog announced that he will be stepping down as President of the club effective next meeting. John O’Neil, our newly elected Vice President, will be assuming this position for the remainder of the year. A new vice president will need to be appointed to take over John’s position.


Rich Mialki brought in some UVEX safety glasses for sale for $2.00


Jan Demo: Jim Hilburger is showing us his techniques for doing production turning, along with his techniques on sharpening. Also, he will also be showing his specially designed tools and home built tools.


Old Business


President Hertzog thanked Jake Debski for running the Oct meeting.


A thank you goes out to Jake Debski and Jay Ferrand for their service as Vice President and Treasurer respectfully. The new officers will be taking over in the Jan meeting.


Kurt is still looking into making the club a not for profit organization. He hopes to have more information next meeting.


A vote was taken to changing the club’s by laws to change the currant term of officer for the elected officer from a one year term to a two year term. The vote results are as follows:

In favor – 8

Opposed -12

Abstained – 0

The by laws will remain as they are written to date.


The vote to stagger the officers’ terms was dismissed without vote.



New Business

A Sorby demo, sponsored by Rockler’s, is scheduled to be held at the Pembroke High School on Wed, Feb 28 from 6 -8:30PM. There is no cost to go, and there will be door prizes. A mini lathe is one of them. The club will split the cost of refreshments with the Pembroke Club that will be available to those attending.


Kurt has AAW membership applications for any member who is not yet a member of this organization. If you’re not a member it is a good idea to become one.


The AAW is looking for anyone who is going to the national symposium to be a videography at that event. See Kurt for details if you might be interested in doing some filming for AAW.


There are a couple of big name turners who want to do a demo for the local clubs as they are passing through the area next summer. We need to decide if we want to sponsor an event of this sort.  The turners are Lyle Jamison and Melvin Firmager


Lance Eggleston has suggested a member’s show and sale event to the public for next fall to be held in Hamburg. He asked for interested people in this type of event before he pursues planning such an event. More discussion will be coming concerning this.




Show and Tell

Bill Vail: Black walnut alt & peppermill set

Ned Evans: assorted pens made out of wood and acrylic

Lance Eggleston: handmade sanding disc

Kurt Hertzog: 2 bowls; one out of Ral Mallee and other out of wood from Brain Macintosh’s stash

Lance Kanaby: platter out of Pomolle Sapelle

Anne Raber: goblet out of Manatoba Maple



Rockler: Ned Evans

Craft Supply: Lance Kanaby

50/50: Bob Kryta



Jake Debski gave a very informative demo on different finishes that can be used on your turnings. He also spoke about the safety in using various types of finish. Thank You Jake for your thoroughness on this subject.


ELMER’S CORNER: Here’s one I found in “Woodsmith” called centering a lathe faceplate. Finding the center of the blank is easy. You just mark diagonal lines across the work piece. The spot where the lines cross is the center. But trying to center a faceplate on this spot can be challenging. All it takes to accurately center a faceplate is a spade bit. Use a spade bit that is the same diameter as the opening on your faceplate. Then, place the point of the bit directly on the centerpoint of your blank. While holding the bit in place, simply slide the faceplate down over the end of the drill bit, and screw the faceplate to the blank. Of course this will only work with faceplates that have a hole through them.


Respectfully submitted,

Muriel Kummer