VOLUME XI             ISSUE 31    January 2, 2005

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York



The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, January 13 at 7:30 pm.

January’s demo                  Jim Hilburger pepper grinders



President’s Letter

The President’s Corner by Kurt Hertzog


January will start another new year for the club with the new officer’s taking their positions. The transitions have taken place and all should run pretty smoothly. If there are a few bumps, please be patient and help us with the transition.

The goals for the next year are pretty simple, in my mind. Continue to reinforce the plans that we had for last year. Get more of the club involved, make our fund raising efforts an ongoing, all year effort, and to run the club to maximize enjoyment while minimizing the overhead.

We have one item left over that we should be able to complete. That is the by-laws. We’ll have a package to present for consideration shortly. Late last year we published the current and proposed by-laws. We made a mistake by publishing the existing by-laws. It confused many of the members who thought the old ones were what was being proposed. We must not have done a very good job of marking things. We’ll not make that mistake again. Suffice to say that the existing by-laws are sketchy at best and our proposal should be a dramatic improvement. There was concern expressed over the creation of a board. While it was a documentation of how we have been operating, it concerned some so we removed all mention of it. The term evidently brings bad memories to some.


The most important thing for the coming year is to get more involved with running the club. We have a core of a few who are always there to volunteer for any task that needs doing. That small group is carrying the load for the entire organization. We need to help spread the load among more of the group. Please be ready to lend a hand if asked. Better yet, be one who volunteers to help without being asked. We are always in need of demonstrators, charity event volunteers, and just helpers in general.


__________________________________________________________________ President Kurt Hertzog opened the meeting promptly at 7:30 by welcoming our guests for the evening; John Lunney, Jim Baxton, Bob Holing, and Bud Schroeder. President Hertzog thanked out going officer for their fine work over the years and welcomed incoming officers.

 Treasurer Paul Mazuchowski reported the following

Received - 50/50      $23.00        Dues  - $210.00     Auction  - $353.00

Pay-out – Insurance  $268.00

Total      $2597.08


Dues - see our new financial secretary Jay Ferrand

Old Business

Report on the trip to West Penn Hardwoods - plenty of wood in stock and a 10% discount for members and great food.


Another class was held at Barb's barn by Kurt on sharpening and of course great cheese cake.


New Business


Jim Hilburger will be having a class at Barb's Barn on ringed goblets. Dates are not set yet but probably a Wed. and Sat session will be held a $5.00 donation for heat and electric will be collected at the barn.


Jim Hilburger and Barb Berger reported on Fisher Price Toy Fest they sold $120 and will split with the club and charity. 


By laws are still being worked on by Barb B., Jake D., and Jim H. work in progress. 

Kurt H. announced a mentor program for new members and members having problem turning (besides Jim Hilburger). Anyone interested in volunteering contact Kurt.   


There was a discussion over insurance for AWA members. You are not covered for non club authorized demos. It was agreed a paper trail of e-mails to the president requesting permission and a returned e-mail authorizing you to give the demo. This is necessary for insurance coverage.


Rockler will be giving gift certificates of $10. They will be given out as show and tell prizes.


Instant Gallery (show and tell)


This portion of the program continues to be one of the highpoints of the meeting. It provides insight, ideas and humor.


Kurt Hertzog – Showed a very delicate lidded box and a pair of spalted maple vases.


Gorden Frtz – Told his tale of woe with apple-wood. Sometimes free wood is given to rid the giver of a problem. But he did a great job on a mini goblet and pepper grinders. 


Paul Mazuchowski – Showed another of his yo-yo wood flowers and locust vase very well done.


 Bob Antonio- Displayed a number of pens made from wood he obtained from Huron Hard Wood flooring as free samples.


 Jay Ferrand- Jay stumped the crowd with his turning. It turned out to be a tipper still no clue. It's used by a drummer on a Celtic drum that looks more like a tambourine. Always ready to help out the musically inclined. 


 Ed Katz- Showed his cherry pepper mill


 Gerry Rucker- Told of many ornaments he made for his family's x-mass but brought along a couple he donate to the club very nice job and thank you.


Rich Mialki- A very nice job on a sea urchin x-mas ornaments. As Rich said they a very delicate and he broke a few. And thanks for helping on my first night of note taking as the recording sec.


Jake Debski- As a prelude to his demo Jake showed a squared turned bowl made of cottonwood. As it turns out a very soft wood to turn but as those corners come around and click your knuckles I'll bet they don't feel like cotton.


Paul Mazuchowski won $15 gift cert from Craft Supply and Gorden Fritz was the first winner of the Rockler $10 gift cert.  




Probably the most anticipated night in a long time for a demo. An over flow crowd jammed the auditorium and parking lots bursting a waiting Jake's square turning demo. Jake demonstrated his way of turning and he talked about oops he has had with these square devils. But as the demo went Jake made it look easy and he did a fantastic job of showing his turning talents and produced a very nice turning. Thanks for the demo and above all thanks for the years of preparing the minutes of the meetings.



Elmer’s Corner        


Duane Herzig, Brier, Wash.

Drywall scrap saves tiny turnings

When I do small, delicate turnings, I used to mount them to a wooden waste block screwed to the lathe's faceplate. But I damaged too many pieces trying to remove them because the waste block was stronger than the turning.

Instead, I now glue a piece of V2" drywall to the

waste block, and then adhere my workpiece to the dry- wall, as shown at left, using contact cement or hotmelt glue. When I'm done turning the piece, I simply cut through the drywall's paper "skin" to dismount the turn- ing, and then remove the skin from the workpiece with a little solvent.