VOLUME VIII              ISSUE 21     December 21, 2003


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, January 8, at 7:30 pm.



An open letter from our new President;


As we begin the year, I would like to set forth my goals for the coming year. This will serve as a record so we can look back and measure our accomplishments though the year.


I will make these goals my priority. They are not listed in any particular order and feel free to critique them as well as point out important items that I may have missed.


Adopt New Charity Fund Raiser – With the demise of the Woodworkers Show in WNY, we have been left without a venue to demonstrate turning and raise monies for our selected charity. We need to find a solid, well-attended event where we can not only demonstrate but also sell our wares to raise money for charity. A proposal to address this need will be made at the January meeting.


Improve Relations Between All Three Clubs – We have three turning clubs in the Buffalo area with many “overlap members. Often times, we are competing with each other. I would like to see us expand our joint activities but still maintain our independence. Rather than competing among each other, all three Clubs can benefit by sharing ideas, events, proceeds, etc. As a member and now an officer of all three clubs, I will do my best to foster this cooperation.


Improve Club Activity Participation –I will work to improve member participation, particularly on group events. There seems to be a core of folks that are the backbone of all activities. They do a great job but I believe that we can get more participation, not only lighten their load but make it more fun for everyone.


Maximize Meeting Efficiency – As one who enjoys turning, the reason I attend our meetings is to talk, see, and watch turning and turning related topics. Time spent on other things is taking away from the time (and enjoyment) available for the “turning stuff”. When we spend time on other stuff, particularly the agonizing discussions of minutia, I get frustrated. As one who spends 3 hours (when the weather is good) traveling to and from the meeting, plus the expense, I don’t see this as value added time. I may be alone in this thought but I don’t believe so. My goal is to keep the business part of the meeting as short and efficient as possible so we can maximize the time spent on turning items. In support of this, we will have an agenda for not only old business, but also for new business. I think this will keep us focused and time-efficient. If you have items that need to be discussed, please contact me regarding getting them on the agenda. You can call or email. You can also grab me before the meeting begins. In support of keeping the business portion of the meeting as short as possible, I have asked the officers to make the decisions you elected them for. Anything requiring club input or club approval will be certainly brought to the floor. If it doesn’t require 50 people’s time and effort, I would like it handled by the respective officer. This will place a big emphasis on having more participation in “Show and Tell” and our presentation. Rich is aware of this and will be planning the demonstration time accordingly.


Rewrite the Club By-Laws- In recent discussions with Jake regarding some questions I had, Jake provided me with our By-Laws. I expected them to have answers to my questions. The By-Laws appear to be a copy of Turners 1 By-Laws. I didn’t even see our club name in them properly. I will work with a small group of members to review these and propose updates or a re-write to the membership.


Expand Our Fundraising Event(s) Preparation – We usually have one big fundraising event per year. The people that usually work the event and all of the others that contribute turnings have to fit the entire event into a short period of time. I would like to spread this effort out over the entire year. I hope this will accomplish several things.


First, it will allow us to reduce that flurry of activity. By making and stockpiling items for sale at the event(s), we can have a more relaxed environment getting ready for and executing the event. We’ll be making stuff before and at the event but will also have a good stockpile to draw from and not have to hurry all of the rest of the club for contributions.


It will also allow us to expand the participation, one of the above goals. If people can make items and donate items all through the year, they are not in conflict for time when any specific event needs materials. The more contributors, the less work for all. This will also allow us to participate in more events should we decide to do so. There are opportunities that arise where there is insufficient time to prepare and participate so we decline. Now we only need to get a turner or two there and work from our stockpile. We should be able to decide on participating quickly and not have to decline based on insufficient time to prepare. With a lathe and salesperson, we should be ready to participate in any event with plenty to sell.


Beginning this month, we’ll start collecting things for the efforts. We have secured a safe place to store and stockpile these items. Let’s get started this month. Bring in your chain pulls, stick pens, bottle stoppers, tops, or other items you would like to donate. Do just a couple. Do a couple this month, and then a few next month, etc. We’ll have any contributor participate in the Show and Tell with their donated items and they will be eligible for the gift certificate drawing. I will be bringing some things to contribute for the effort this month. What about you?


Enough? – I think that’s enough for now. I look forward to serving this year and would like your support. Please help me as we try to accomplish these goals and others. It promises to be a busy year.







President Ron Hudson presiding over the final meeting of his term, called the group to order. Ron welcomed Steve Imerese Jr., whose father we all know and Mike Zicntek, a friend of Jerry Guenther’s, to the meeting.


Treasurer’s Report; Paul Mazuchowski stated that the Club ‘s treasury now held $1575.26. Paul also mentioned that David Hout, a member of the AAW Board, and well- known turner was being featured on the Do It Yourself (DYI) Network. Paul encouraged anyone who had Cable TV to tune in because it was very worthwhile.


Vice President’s Report; Rich Sarama stated he was in contact with a couple of “known turners” and was discussing a spring demo by one or both turners. He also mentioned the need of the members to step up and share what they were learning by giving Club demos.


Ron Hudson gave us a few departing remarks. He thanked the officers that had helped him and made his job easier and more enjoyable over the last couple years. He thanked Mary Robbins for graciously providing coffee at the meetings and Barb Berger for her efforts as the “Sunshine Committee.” He offered his thanks to the membership for the pleasure he derived from serving the Club. As our President Ron left us with one last comment “Everyone needs a Club patch and I know just where you can get one!” He formally passed the “Patch Torch” to the incoming President.

The membership responded with a hearty round of applause and thank you. Well done, Ron!


Gallery Table (show and tell);


Once again our members emerging creativity was on display.


Kurt Hertzog started us off with several Christmas ornaments. One was a wormy chestnut birdhouse, and two had sea urchin shells as their bodies. All were well done; the sea urchins were particularly striking.


Lance Kanaby brought along two spalted maple bowls he recently turned. Lance enjoys turning bowls and it shows.


Muriel Kummer is expanding her horizons. Muriel presented 3 newly turned bowls each with a different form. All three were very well done. 


Ann Rabby displayed a pair of confetti lamps she made. Ann wants her hobby to help support itself by selling what she makes at craft shows. If these lamps are any indication she is well on her way.


Steve Imerese wowed the group with a brief explanation of the time and effort that goes into his polychromatic turnings. He showed six “blocks” approximately 2in.x 2in. of a very intricate design to be used to make a larger vessel. They represented between 40 and 50 hours of work and he was nowhere near ready for the lathe. We can’t wait to see what this piece will look like when finished.


Sam Ciccia showed us a pair of pens made and mounted as a desk set. Some executive will be proud to have these on his or her desk.


Barb Berger showed a Christmas tree she had decorated with ornaments she turned. The ornaments were turned from wood she had collected from around the world. Barb tells anyone she knows that if they travel to bring her back a small piece of wood. She says she has become a “wood beggar.” Well, her work certainly will not go begging! Most everyone would be overjoyed to be given such a tree as a gift.


John O’Neil turned his second ever bowl from road kill wood, (wood found alongside the road.) If this is only John’s second attempt I can’t wait to see what he will be turning out a year from now.


Jim Hilburger brought a jam-chuck that Frank Stanko, from Club 1, designed. The chuck, which utilizes masking tape and hot glue to help retain the turning, was featured in this quarter’s issue of the AAW Journal.


Lance Kanaby won this month’s Craft Supplies, USA gift certificate.


Sam Ciccia won the 50/50 drawing.




First of all, Thank you, to everyone who participated in the auction. Wow, another great time! Lots of good-natured ribbing and give and take was the rule of the day. Whether a buyer, seller, or both, or just an observer, you helped us make another auction a big success. Our treasury is nearly six hundred dollars richer because of your generosity.

A lot of wood changed hands. We expect to see some increased show and tell traffic in the near future. Once again thank you one and all.