VOLUME VII†††††††††††† ISSUE 10††††† December 13, 2002


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York


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The next scheduled meeting is Thursday January 9, 2003, at 7:30 pm.








Happy Holidays Everyone



Congratulations and Thank You to all members who attended Tuesdayís meeting and participated in our auction. This Thank You also applies to those that could not attend but sent along items to be auctioned. You all helped make our fund raising auction a huge success. All buyers and sellers deserve a pat on the back for their generosity. If you didnít leave the meeting with any new treasures, donít despair, there is always next year.


Paul Mazuchowski is asking for volunteers to help man the Club booth at the upcoming Woodworking Show at the Clarence Event Center. Contact Paul A.S.A.P. to get your name on the list. Paul must submit the list to the Show office soon to insure all volunteers get their gate passes. The show runs from noon Friday, January 31, till 4pm Sunday, February 2. You can sign up to help, anywhere from 4 hours, to all 3 days, or anything in between. It is up to you. We need your help. We had a great time last year, and are looking forward another really good time. Please support your organization.


Club members are invited to submit an example of their work for judging to the Woodworking Show. These pieces will be placed in one of three categories: novice, intermediate and advanced. The professional woodworkers demonstrating at the show will judge each category separately. There is a possibility prizes will be awarded for each category (not yet finialized.) If you are interested please contact Paul Mazuchowski, A.S.A.P.


We have been informed that Rich Saramaís dad has passed away. We are genuinely saddened for Rich and offer our heartfelt condolences to him and his family.


Januaryís Demo/Program will be hands-on turning. Rich Sarama is organizing a program that will utilize three or four mini-lathes. Each lathe will have an instructor (club member) that will show anyone interested how to turn specific items. These items will include tops, wine stoppers, weed pots, stick pens, etc. You will be able to try your hand at any or all items depending on time and number of participants. All the items produced during this session will be collected and hopefully sold with the proceeds going to our favorite charity at the upcoming Woodworking Show.


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It was a smaller than usual, but very enthusiastic crowd, that greeted the fall of President Ron Hudsonís gavel. Ron welcomed new members John Kerrim and Ed Katz to our organization.


Ron then read a letter of appreciation he received from the West Seneca Public Library. The letter expressed the libraryís gratitude for the donation of the turning video in John Skowronís memory. The Library has also sent a letter informing Johnís family of the gift.


Treasurerís Report


Paul Mazuchowski, reported the treasury now contains $871.69. The membership is once again full and we will have to start a new waiting list.Paul further stated that we should inform all the new members of the availability of our Club patches. They should feel fortunate indeed that Paul still has a few left to sell. These rare and beautiful patches are in very high demand. So donít hesitate, contact Paul to reserve five or six for yourself, before itís too late!


Vice-Presidentís Report


Our new VP Rich Sarama has been hard at work lining up programs for the up-coming meetings. Rich announced the following.

Some of these are tentative so check back for any changes. The January meeting will be hands-on turning with 3 or 4 mini-lathes set up. Demonstrations will include bottle stoppers, tops, weed pots and/or stick pens. Anyone wanting to try his or her hand is encouraged to do so. Items made will be sold at the Wood Working Show at the end of the month. The February meeting will feature John Brown from Pittsburgh, PA (weather permitting). John will demo his inlaid ornaments and the tooling necessary to make the ornaments. This will be a two-hour demo so we will forgo the business meeting. The March meeting has not been announced yet. In April, club member Nora Drogi will give a presentation on types and methods of finishing. Nora is a very knowledgeable finisher so this should be of interest to all members concerned with the quality of their finishing. The May meeting, tentatively, will be a demonstration by the nationally recognized turner Bob Rosand. We will more than likely cancel the business portion of the meeting on this night also. Rich also passed a sign-up sheet to measure interest in doing two hands-on workshops, hosted by Mr. Rosand, at the Barn. Nearly everyone in attendance signed the sheet, which would put both barn sessions at or near capacity.



Old Business


Ron Hudson reminded everyone of the inclement weather policy of the school. Should classes be canceled on any given day due to weather, any meetings or events scheduled for that evening would also be canceled. So if it snows, etc. check if the school was closed for the day before heading to any meeting scheduled at the school.


Ron asked for a report on the recent workshop held at Barbís Barn. Attendees of that workshop responded that Kurt Hertzog presented an excellent program. Jim Hilburger stated, and his words were echoed by the others, that Kurt gave a better-organized program than many professional turners. Kurtís preparation and attention to detail is worthy of any high praise we can give. Thank you Kurt.

As always, Barb Berger was the most gracious hostess. Especially considering the mess we create at these sessions, Barb also deserves our praise and gratitude. I doubt that many organizations such as ours have such a splendid resource as Barbís Barn. Thanks, Barb.


New Business


Jeremy Sullivan, one of our newest members, and his mom, Pat, also a new member, informed the meeting that they were moving to Louisiana. Jeremy has endeared himself to many of our members because of his youthful enthusiasm and willingness to participate. Both he and his mom will be missed. We wish them luck and invite them to attend our meetings should they ever come back to the area for a visit.


During the discussion of upcoming events, Kurt Hertzog made a motion, which was seconded by Steve Imerese, that we bring in John Brown as a demonstrator, to be paid for from the treasury. The motion also stated that we forego the business portion of the meeting that evening. The motion was passed by voice vote.



Show and Tell:


Ron Mostel led off once again with a cube filled with declining size circles. Ron did this on his vertical lathe (drill-press.)


Kurt Hertzog had several examples of suction-fit lidded boxes. He also showed several lathe tools that he had produced himself and suggested perhaps we should have a tool- making workshop at some future date. Great idea, Kurt.


Debbie Hachey showed the lidded box she and Mike made at the workshop. Debbie also brought along some finely done Bocote and Ambonia Burl (sp?) pens she and Mike turned.


Jeremy Sullivan displayed his lidded box and a very nice weed pot, walnut, that he made.


Pat Sullivan showed us several snowmen ornaments she turned and decorated. Impressive, first project.


Jerry Rucker continues to show his artistic side. He showed us a large pine bowl that he turned then decorated by wood burning. Jerry used a Southwest design burned into the rim and center band to enhance what would have been a plain looking wooden bowl.


Pepper Weinheimer showed us his lidded bowl-box. Pepper made his lid in such a manner that it fit the top and bottom of his box, thus making it reversible. Interesting idea.


Jim Hilburger displayed a couple Frank Stanko designed lidded boxes that Jim turned recently. Knowing Jim, he will probably put these into production and turn out a few dozen or so (this week.)


Jim also showed, in Murielís absence, a unique snowman that Muriel Kummer turned.

Ron Hudson displayed a nice lidded box turned at the recent workshop.In addition Ron brought some very old turning tools to show the members.


Pat Sullivan won the Craft Supplies gift certificate drawing.


Barb Berger won $15.50 in the 50/50 drawing.




As previously mentioned the auction was a huge success. You had to be there to fully appreciate the evening. We joked and laughed and collected each-others treasures. I can honestly say most are looking forward to next yearís sale.


Elmerís Corner:


In the hectic pace of the holiday season, letís keep a small place in our thoughts and prayers for friends like Elmer and others not able to celebrate with us.