VOLUME VI             ISSUE 7           December 15, 2001


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Junior High School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York






Next scheduled meeting January 10,at 7:30 pm.



Best Wishes of Joy, Brotherhood and Warmth

this Holiday Season

and to everyone a

Merry Christmas



Ron Hudson welcomed and thanked the nearly 30 members in attendance for their support and for attending this important meeting. Ron also thanked Mary Rogers for making coffee and Jim Meier for bringing cookies and sweets.

After calling the meeting to order, Ron introduced and welcomed another prospective member, Bill Eckel, to the meeting. Bill is a friend of Jim Hilburger. A few members commented that they were surprised Bill would admit to that.


Treasurer’s Report        


Paul Mazuchowski reported a balance of $681 in the treasury. Paul also wanted to dispel the rumor that we are out of Club patches. He couldn’t say where that rumor started but assured those at the meeting that we can still purchase the much sought after patches.


Vice-President’s Report


Jim Meier announced that the planned Anchor Seal presentation scheduled for January has been canceled.

Jim mentioned the 2002 AAW Symposium is to be held in June 28-30 in Providence,RI. It will not be this close to our area again for several years. You may wish to make plans to attend.

Jim paid tribute to Rude Osolnik from Berea, KY, one of the world’s master turners, who died November 18,2001. The AAW Journal plans on running photos and memorials of Rude and his work in its next issue.




Richard Sarama has about $1500 worth of  Penn State supplies (pens, etc) in stock. So if you need supplies call or e-mail Richard.     892-4765 or splinterofwood@aol.com


Sam Ciccia lost a turning video at the last meeting in November. He is asking if anyone found or remembered seeing it, if they would please contact him. Sam’s phone # is 885-1446.


Old Business


Our insurance has been taken care of. Paul Mazuchowski sent the premium check to Club 1 and we are now covered. Paul will try to obtain a copy of the policy for our records.


New Business


Paul Mazuchowski had several things to talk about.

First, there is a local company, Fibron, which sells wood and composite products. The composites come in a variety of colors and Paul says they turn well. Paul is trying to get the company to do a presentation at a future meeting. You can visit the company’s website at www.fibronproducts.com


 Second, the Club dues must be paid before the end of the February meeting. As a reminder, the February meeting will be held on February 21, not on our usual second Thursday.


Finally, the Western NY Woodworkers Show will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 4 through 6 at the Events Centre in Clarence. Paul said we have been given a bigger booth area with room for 3 mini-lathes this year. Paul is looking for volunteers to man the booth. He has to submit a list of names to the show board this coming week, so if you want to help, plus save the $9.00 entrance fee, contact Paul. He can be reached at his e-mail spooty@pcom.net or (716) 896-3095. Please act quickly; time is critical. Paul also reminded the membership that all items donated or made on site at the booth are just that, a donation. Members will not be reimbursed for material or supplies to make donated items. All monies collected at the booth will be donated to charity.




Except for having to tackle and tie Ron Hudson to the podium things went quite smoothly. Lance Kanaby made a motion to re-elect all current officers and Jed Donahue seconded it. It was passed without opposition.

The only change for now is that Sam Ciccia will be in charge of the video library. So any over due video borrowers will now have Sam to answer to.

We are looking for someone, who comes to most of the meetings, to take over responsibility of the club lathe. Warren Stevens currently has that job and would like to be relieved of the duty for a while.


Show and Tell


The turnout for the ornament theme was rather sparse. Kurt Hertzog showed two of his excellent hollow ornaments. Gary Sargent showed one of his turned, detail carved and hand painted Santas; very impressive. Jake Debski brought along a turned and carved flying goose and a turned traditional ornament.

Elmer Baumer showed how his vacuum pump could also be used for small amounts of compressed air.

Sam Ciccia displayed a base he fashioned for a penholder from a piece of otherwise unusable walnut. Nice work Sam.

There was also a candleholder made by Jed Donahue that drew some members close attention.

Somewhere during the show and tell a discussion started about the merits of various methods of holding work on the lathe, such as chucks (spigot jaws) collets, tap holders, etc. This is why the Club is an asset to its members and vice-versa. The sharing of practical experience and ideas is what it is all about.




The auction was a success. We sold items from examples of people’s work, to tools, to wood, to sundry supplies, and we had a good time doing it. We collected nearly three hundred dollars for the Club’s treasury. A pretty good night all around and fun too.

Everyone who attended the meeting or participated in the auction, buying, selling (donating) or both deserves a heartfelt Thank You. The organization that you supported is that much better because of your efforts.




Elmer Baumer will present the January demonstration. Elmer will complete his work on the vacuum chucking system. He will demonstrate how to make chucks for the lathe but will also cover vacuum accessories for the workbench. These accessories can be used for carving or holding pieces to be routed, etc.


Roger Harris suggested we might enjoy a demonstration by an individual who turns Irish lace bobbins. Jim Meier said he would check into having him give a presentation at some future meeting.


Ron Hudson wants input on the possibility of joining with other clubs to participate in a mini- symposium. Bring your ideas to the next meeting so we can discuss them.