VOLUME VII             ISSUE 9        November 15, 2002


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday December 10, at 7:30 pm.








The Hamburg Middle School staff has informed us that the school will not be available for our scheduled December 12, 2002 meeting. We will meet instead on Tuesday December 10, 2002 at the usual time, 7:30 pm.


On Saturday December 7, Barb Burger and Kurt Hertzog will host a free, lidded box, workshop at the “Barn.” This will be a hands on day. Kurt will build on his excellent design demo and take participants through to a completed box. Rockler and Barb have supplied the materials for the boxes. If you have a mini-lathe please bring it, if not make arrangements to use a club lathe. Contact Barb or Kurt to reserve your space and to receive additional details.


Paul Mazuchowski is accepting payments for Club dues for the 2003, year. We have until the February meeting to pay our dues.


Our Club Fund Raising Auction will be held during the December meeting. As was the policy last year if you have an item of particular or high value a minimum bid can be set. If you feel an item is too valuable to donate outright, you can share the proceeds of that sale with the club. A couple of the early donations are:


Lance Kanaby- several boxes of assorted turning blanks. Lots of show and tell items residing in these boxes.


Jim Christo- a presentation quality, handcrafted depth-gauge in a classic designed wooden box. This is a dandy. It would make a fine gift for anyone who appreciates beauty and function in a tool.


Jim Hilburger- Jim will offer several of his sharpening jigs and lessons in how to best use them. Ya’ gotta be able to keep your tools sharp when you turn those blanks from Lance and who better than Jim to teach you how?


Rockler Corporation- A set of Jet pen turning tools with several pen kits included.


Several others have indicated additional items such as a spindle duplicator, brass cane heads, etc, so don’t forget your participation is all that’s needed to make this year’s auction a success.




President  Ron Hudson called a large group, over forty-five participants, to order and welcomed  three new members to our organization. The new members are: Peter Linhart, Pat Sullivan, and Paul Putt.


Treasurer’s Report


Paul Mazuchowski stated that we now have $682.35 in the treasury.


Vice-President’s Report


Jim Meier made his last report as Club VP He thanked everyone for his or her participation and wished the new VP well.


Sunshine Report


It was reported that Elmer Baumer has improved considerably, and is at the Brothers of Mercy Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. This of course is very good news especially if Elmer continues to make progress. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.


Old Business


Barb Berger delivered a Bob Rosand turning tape to the West Seneca Public Library. The tape was donated to the library in John Skowron’s memory. 


New Business


A very special and well-deserved award was given at this meeting to Jim Hilburger. The award named after the children’s book “The Giving Tree” recognizes Jim’s “extraordinary selflessness” toward, not only our organization, but also woodturners in general. It is doubtful that there is anyone in our club who has not, in some way, benefited from Jim’s enthusiasm for the craft. In presenting the award, Barb Berger called it the “Jim Hilburger Giving Tree Award” hoping that the club would continue to present, to deserving individuals, this tribute to the spirit of Jim’s selflessness. In typical Hilburger fashion. Jim commented “I don’t really do that much, I’m just having fun.” We should all have so much fun. Jim’s wife, Jean, she’s the one that has to put up with all those wood chips, and daughter Lynn were also in attendance, albeit undercover, until the award presentation.


Paul Boland and Jeremy Sullivan both spoke about how much they appreciated the beginner’s session at Barb’s Barn last month. They thanked everyone involved in that effort and encouraged anyone who might be hesitant to attend a session to give it a try.


Since we were on the subject of the “Barn” Kurt Hertzog thought it a good time to remind people that for years the club has had the use of Barb’s Barn, lights, electric for the machines, heat, bathroom facilities and even doughnuts, at virtually no cost. Kurt feels, and most everyone agrees, that each participant of a barn session should leave a small donation to help cover these costs. Five dollars per person per session is being suggested.


Sam Ciccia asked if anyone might be interested in putting together a trip to the Craft Supplies School in Provo, Utah. Sam will get more details and see how far the idea will fly.


Show and Tell


Show and tell is becoming a meeting highlight, as well it should.


 Muriel Kummer led off this month’s segment. Muriel showed several sets of laminated, or segmented, salt and pepper shakers (grinders) she has been working on. These well-executed pieces will be given as gifts.


Paul Mazuchowski was next with a pleasing, because of its simplicity, bowl turned from kumarro (not sure of the spelling.) Paul also recycled a bowling pin by turning it into an attractive vase.


Next came Ron Mostel showing one of his signature inside-outs. Ron also had an eye catching segmented box and a candle holder he made several years ago.


SamCiccia once again showed his creativity with a large covered maple bowl. The cover doubled as a serving platter, very innovative.


Kurt Hertzog looking to expand his horizons, turned a lidded box then covered the inside with colored velvet flocking. He also brought along a very attractively grained pen. The pen was made from olive wood. Kurt mentioned this wood had a very pleasant smell while turning it.


George Dage, it seems, is aiming to become the Dick Sing of Western New York. George showed us several pens turned from a variety of exotic woods. George is broadening his reach also by making many different styles of pen and pencils.


Jerry Rucker did not attend the meeting but sent along two beautifully handled shoehorns. Jerry likes intricately segmented designs and these two showed that very clearly.


Jake Debski showed a lidded vessel with several different lids, a small turned box, and a homemade hook tool for hollowing. All three items were made during a recent trip to Arrowmont.






Jim Meier presented the evening’s demo. Jim demonstrated the use of alternative materials in turning and how to prepare them for use on the lathe. Some of these materials are deer antler, bone, and crushed seashells, just to name a few. Instead of wood he made a pen out of buffalo horn and explained how to use beef bone to make a small, lidded box. Jim also stressed the need to use a dust mask when turning these materials.

Thanks Jim for an interesting and informative demo.


Up coming demonstrations:


December we have our auction. Don’t forget we need everyone to participate to make this a success. We had a lot of laughs and thoroughly enjoyed last year’s auction, lets make this year’s even better.


The January demo will be a departure from our usual format. New Vice President Rich Sarama is putting together a group turning. We hope to have three possibly four mini-lathes in use. Anyone wishing to try their hand at a small project (stick pens, wine stoppers, weed pots, etc) will be encouraged to do so. The idea is to produce some small items for the upcoming charity sale at the woodworkers show. This should be a lot of fun for those participating and instructional for those who choose to watch. Not to mention it will all be for a good cause. More details will be available at the December meeting.