VOLUME VI†††††††††††† ISSUE 6†††††††††† November 25, 2001


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Junior High School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York


†††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††http://www.wnywoodturners.com




Next scheduled meeting December 13 at 7:30 pm.



Please remember our auction is to be held during the December meeting.

Donít forget your auction items. It is our Club fund raiser.

Please Attend!


Ron Hudson, our president, called the November meeting to order. Once again we had a visitor and prospective member in attendance. His name is Randy Brown and he is from Eden, NY. He was introduced to the members and welcomed by Ron.



Richard Sarama gave the treasurerís report, stating we had 797.50 currently in the treasury. Richard was filling in for Paul Mazuchowski who could not attend the meeting. Although not the regular treasurer, Richard was confident that we still had plenty of Club patches available.

Tina Sarama has the Club scrapbook updated with the latest photos. It is available for view at the meetings.


Jim Meier, the Club vice-president, was asked if he had anything to report to the membership. Jim informed the members present that the Club auction was coming up in December and that the show and tell theme for December was Christmas ornaments. Jim went on to say that Elmer Baumer would be giving the January demonstration. Last month Elmer showed us how to put together the vacuum pump system; now he will show us the methods he uses to make the actual chuck. Also in January, Jim Meier is expecting a representative from Anchor Seal to give us a short presentation on that product and its uses. We were reminded that the date of the February meeting has been changed to February 21. Jim mentioned he has been in contact with Craft Supply and if we were to place a group order from them we would be eligible for a discount. How much of a discount would vary on an order by order basis.

Jim said he has been informed that Club 1 has purchased insurance that will cover both clubs. The total cost is around $320, which both clubs will split. We will send Club 1 our share as soon as we get an exact figure.



The group discussed the turning workshop at Barbís Barn with Willie Simmons. It was generally agreed that everyone learned some new techniques and had a good time learning them. Since the November meeting our webmaster, Kurt Hertzog, has visited with Willie at his shop in Virginia. Pictures of that visit can be seen on the website.




The annual fundraiser auction was discussed. This year if a member wishes to donate an item, tool, example of work, whatever, that member may set a minimum price on that item. Any amount over the minimum is then donated to the Club. On any large or expensive items the owner can set a percentage to be donated to the Club. This is being done to encourage more participation and hopefully more donations to the Club.


December is also the election of officers meeting. Donít be shy if you want to hold office. Throw your hat into the ring.

Our esteemed president said if you donít bring something to the auction or if you skip the meeting, we just might elect you to an office.


Rob Pelc, a member of our Club, is also the owner of Advantage Trim and Lumber. He has agreed to become a sponsor of our website. As such he will also offer fellow club members a 10% discount on purchases. Rob carries domestic as well as exotic lumber in both board and turning stock. You can find Rob at:


Advantage Trim and Lumber Co.

9 Carter Street

Buffalo, NY14220




Tina Sarama won the 50/50 drawing.

Show and Tell

Roger Harris brought a unique group of miniature hats. These hats all started as turnings. After turning, Roger then carves them to final shape. He enjoys doing them because he can start and stop working on them without compromising the final result. Roger said he often works on a hat in as little 20 minute intervals. They make excellent spare time projects. You can see these hats on the Club website. They are definitely worth the time it takes to look them up.

Jerry Rucker brought along one of the stools he made during the recent workshop. He completed the turnings at the workshop then wove the seat at home. He was able to purchase the weaving materials at Vidlerís in East Aurora. He had some good tips on weaving techniques. He also had the group laughing while he described his adventures in weaving his first stool seat.

Sam Ciccia showed some of the pens he made using the Penn State blanks he bought. He also brought along his vacuum pump which he put together using Elmer Baumerísdemonstration as a guide. Of particular interest to some of the members was the adapter he made to fit his Jet lathe. Jim Hilburger is probably mass-producing them as we speak.

Jed Donahue showed his project stool and got a laugh when he described the weaving as ladiesí work. Iím sure he will hear more about that from some of the female members.

Meeting adjourned.


John Lunney gave the group a very good basic course in wood technology. John covered the basics of moisture content, shrinkage, grain direction, cutting approaches, etc. It was very informative and appreciated. John is a member of Western New York Woodturners One, and he took the time to come to our meeting and give the demo. Thank you John.

Here are a few of the items up for auction in December;

2 tool rests w/1Ē post

2 tool rests w/5/8Ē post

4 1ĒX 8 tpi. face plates

1 Craftsman adjustable dado, carbide