VOLUME XVII       ISSUE 137     October 10, 2013

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday November 14, 2013.


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Pres. Ron Hudson called the meeting to order at 7:30  



Guests:   Henry Ciesla, John Flint, George Carrigan from Georgia, Eddie Blowers


New Members:  Craig & Kathy Eckart, and George Carrigan


Treasurer, Pat Boggan

Report for month of September, 2013

Beginning Balance: $3,934.68


Petty Cash Expenses

Petty Cash Receipts

Petty Cash Balance

Bank Acct. Expenses

Bank Acct. Receipts

Bank Acct. Balance

Club Balance Total











$     12.00








$     20.00






B. Berger-Chuck




$   162.53














$     32.00

$   108.99

$   162.53

     - 0 -

$ 3, 695.16

$  3804.15




Vice President’s Report


November 14 will be auction night.  Be sure to come ready to buy items brought in by other members.



Librarian’s Report


            Please see me to sign out any material. 






            Pat Bogan received an e-mail from Aaron Hackford.  He has a number of items he would like to sell.  There is a list of things available.  Speak to Pat for more information.


Old Business


            One of the lathe chucks was broken.  The club will need a new one.  A motion was made, seconded and passed that a new chuck be purchased.


            There was an article in the paper from Cheektowaga about our donation to Make A Wish.


            Paul is doing better.  He is home, has some of his memory back, but will have a long recovery time.  We all wish Paul the best.  A motion was made seconded and passed that a $100.00 gift certificate be sent to Paul.


New Business


            At this time we would like to thank Ron Hudson for his many years of service to this club.  As President, he has been valuable to the success of this club. 


            Nominations were opened by Ron who read a description of the duties for president.  Nominations are as follows:


                        President:: Rusty, Jake, & John Lilly

                        Vice President:: Rusty, Jay Ferrand & John Lilly

                        Treasurer:  Pat will continue  

                        Secretary:  Brian will continue


            Motion made, seconded and carried that nominations be closed.  Elections were held.  The following results are as follows:


                        President:  John Lilley

                        Vice President:  Rusty Ellis

                        Treasurer: Pat Bogan

                        Secretary:  Brian Defoe


            We still have some colored wood.  It will be sold at ½ price at the November meeting.


SHOW AND TELL                


            Rusty Ellis – maple bowl

            John Lilley – maple parts

Gary Jones – Ec. Fair Bowl              

            Barb Berger – 3 ice cream scoops, 2 coffee scoops, 2 perfume

            Paul Boland – cherry goblet with rings and a bowl

            Muriel Kummer – maple lidded box





            Rocklers Certificate – Paul Boland







The demonstration was done by Sean Wright.  His demonstration was on making acrylic pens.  It was very interesting.  Thank you Sean.



Respectfully submitted,


Brian R. Defoe, Secretary