VOLUME IX             ISSUE 29    OCTOBER 28, 2004


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Wednesday, November 10 at 7:30 pm.

The evening’s Program will be our Annual Fun Raising Auction.




This month’s meeting has been changed to Wednesday, November 10. This is because our regular meeting day falls on Veterans Day and the school will be closed. Please mark your calendars.


Mary Robbins is out of the hospital and recovering slowly from her accident. Mary has a long way to go, so please include her in your prayers.


Bring your auction items! Of course don’t forget a couple of bucks for buying that item that is sure to pique your interest at our Annual Fund Raising Auction!

 Keep in mind, as in the past all proceeds of the auction go to the Club’s treasury.  



Don’t Forget our trip to West Penn Hardwoods coming up this Saturday the thirteenth. If you are interested let Kurt or Jake know we need a head count.




President’s Letter


From the President


The last remaining open item that was planned for the year is our By-Laws. I had hoped to have them in place this year. It appears that will not occur. A preliminary set has been generated and has been under review since the summer. We have a bit more review and we’ll hopefully present them to the membership for consideration in December. We can take a bit of time for the membership to reflect on the proposed package and schedule a vote early next year.


The club has been falling off in its efforts to “stockpile” items for our charity fund raising sales. We had quite a bit for the events this year but I had hoped we would get into the habit of receiving items at each meeting. Please consider making a few items for donation to the cause when you have a few moments in the shop. A couple of stick pens, a few tops, a key ring, or tea lamp. Whatever you like to make will be fine. If we got a few members to bring in a couple of items at each meeting, we’d be in great shape for our events. It also spreads the burden. The same few members always pitch in. Let’s all pitch in and make it a yearlong effort rather than a scramble just before events.


I had the pleasure of attending the 2nd annual Totally Turning event held in Albany over the last weekend in October. Along with myself, we had Jake Debski, Sam Ciccia, Ann Raby, and the Hacheys from Turners 2 in attendance. It was a great event. The big guns included Clay Foster, Bonnie Klein, and Michael Hosaluk. While these presenters did their usual top shelf job, there were a host of lesser names that put on tremendous presentations. I have had the chance to attend the last 5 AAW Symposiums and the last 3 Provo Symposiums. As I contrast them to the Totally Turning event, I enjoyed the Totally Turning event as much as any of the others. The facilities were excellent. The planning and execution was excellent. Being three hours drive down the Thruway makes this a “must attend” event. In it’s second year, this event is destined to be a major event in the world of woodturning as time progresses.


This month is our annual auction. Pitch in and lend a hand. Please bring in a couple of items to donate to the club. We’ll auction them with the proceeds going to a good cause, YOUR club. Don’t sit back and let others do it. Pitch in. You must have a few pieces of wood or unused tools that you could part with. If it pertains to turning and you are willing to part with it, bring it in. Don’t forget to bring along your mad money. There certainly will be things that you can’t live without. Like voting, bid early, bid often.






President Kurt Hertzog welcomed four visitors to the meeting, Bob Ray, new member Ron Weisdel, Ron Woodson, and the owner of West Penn Hardwoods, Rocky Mehta.


Treasurer Paul Mazuchowski reported the following


Received                                                   Paid out                             Total

50/50-$17.50                                             $ 0                                     $2,258.58



Old Business


The floor was opened to any new nominations for officers. There were no new nominations.

Kurt Hertzog made a motion to accept the slate put forth at the September meeting, and since all positions were unopposed, elect the persons nominated. Lance Kanaby seconded the motion. It was carried by a voice vote of the membership.

 Kurt Hertzog also running unopposed will remain as our president.


Congratulations to our new officers! I know I speak for the entire membership when I wish them well and thank them for their willingness to shoulder the responsibilities of our organization. The new officers are Vice-president Ann Raby, Treasurer Jay Ferrand, and Secretary Gary Jones.






Instant Gallery (show and tell)



Debbie Hachey, started things off with a Box-elder bowl. What it lacked in color it made up for in form and workmanship.


Jim Meier, brought a chestnut burl to show. Randy Hodge has a supply and is selling the burl.


Paul Mazuchowski, in his search for perpetual motion, turned a very large executive spin top. It has a spin time of nearly 8 min.


Ed Katz, showed his latest efforts. Ed turned four Walnut salad bowls. You can see the improvement in technique from the first to the last turned.


Jake Debski, two confetti lamps for the charity table.


Rich Mialki, is determined to require us to have magnifying glasses when we view his work. His latest attempt was a neat miniature goblet that had to require an awfully delicate touch.


Kurt Hertzog, brought a cherry bowl that he was experimenting on with shellac finishes. Kurt also brought a whimsical  eggshell ornament that he had multi colored.


Sam Ciccia, showed his finished walnut vessel, which he named “Follow Me.” Sam spent many hours spiral fluting this vessel and the effort was well placed.


Ed Katz won the Craft Supply Gift Certificate.

Barb Berger won $20.50 in the 50/50 drawing.




Rocky Mehta from West Penn Hardwoods gave the evening’s presentation. Rocky provided us with a fascinating trip through the ins and outs of the exotic lumber business as well as showing samples of the specie of South American lumber many of us didn’t know existed. We heard about workability and availability, all valuable information for the woodworker/turner. The evening ended with a flurry of members purchasing turning stock. Some at bargain pricing from Rocky’s extensive inventory.


Elmer’s Corner


Please join me in a salute to the outgoing officers who truly fit Elmer’s description of  “Doers.” Our Club owes its existence to those past and present that stood up and did what was necessary when it was necessary. Thank you.