VOLUME VIII††††††††††††† ISSUE 19†††† October 14, 2003


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, November 13, 2003, at 7:30 pm.





Please join me in congratulating and welcoming our newly elected President, Kurt Hertzog. While welcoming Kurt, and wishing him a productive and enjoyable tenure, letís not forget our out going President, Ron Hudson. Ron is to be commended for the way he guided us through our meetings with quiet dignity and patience. Ron, you deserve a standing ovation, thank you.

Thank you also to the other officers who ďVolunteeredĒ to stay on in their current positions: Vice President Rich (Bud) Sarama, Treasurer Paul Mazuchowski, Secretary Jake Debski and new volunteer Recording Secretary Richard Mialki.


Donít forget our November meeting is Auction Nite. This is our big fundraiser. Bring the tools, lumber, and other shop items that you are willing to donate to the Club. You can even bring the items you bought at last yearís sale and we will let some other lucky devil have a shot at them!

There are still a few openings for the next Barb's Barn Sessions. November 8 and November 9.

Sharpening and Skew use are being featured. Everyone who attended the previous sharpening and skew session thought it was very worthwhile.

The sessions are open to Turners 1 and Turners 2 on a first come, first serve basis. Contact Barb Berger at gramabbb@aol.com or 652-4156 to set aside your space.


Due to scheduling conflicts, our December meeting will be held on Monday, December 8. Please mark your calendars.

President Ron Hudson: called a good-sized crowd to order. He began the meeting as usual by welcoming the eveningís guests. It was a stellar evening for guests. We welcomed Mrs. Hertzog, Kurtís mom, visiting from Florida. Gentlemen from Newfane, Nick Anderson, and his guest, Bob Brown, visiting all the way from Scotland, were welcomed. And lastly, a warm welcome was given to Honorary Members Bob and Sue Rosand. Bob and Sue as everyone knows are the friends and adopted family of Barb Berger as well as the entire membership of Western New York Woodturnerís II. A standing invitation has been issued to any and all of these guests to attend our meetings whenever they are in town.

It should be of interest to all attending that Mr. Brown remarked on how appreciative he was of the warm, friendly welcome he received from the membership.

Treasurerís Report;

Paul Mazuchowski stated that the Club has $1,506.26 in its account. Paul also asked once again for ideas concerning a new venue for our Charity Fund Raiser. If you have any suggestions please contact Paul.

Vice Presidentís Report:

Rich Sarama reported that he received a call from well-known turner Lyle Jameson. Mr Jameson is going to be in Central New York State doing several demos next year. Since he was going to be in the area, he was contacting local Clubs to explore the possibility of adding them to his demo schedule. Rich asked the members whether he should continue talking with Mr. Jameson with the intent of arranging a demo. After much discussion, it was decided that since other Clubs in the area would be hosting Mr. Jameson it would be very difficult to cover our expenses should we also become hosts. The membership asked Rich to politely decline Mr. Jamesonís offer to demonstrate at our Club. Rich will continue to be on the look out for guest demonstrators in the future.

Business of the Day:

Elections! We actually had an election. Jake Debski nominated Kurt Hertzog for President. Jim Hilberger seconded the nomination. Richard Sarama nominated Paul Mazuchowski for president and Bob Harrington seconded the nomination. These two candidates made the choice very difficult. Both men are very active and supportive of our organization. Either man would be an asset to the Club as its President. The vote was very close, as would be expected when two well-liked and qualified men vie for the same position. We should all applaud both candidates for being willing to support our organization. Kurt is our new president so letís congratulate him and pitch in to help him by supporting the Club in anyway we can.††

I also would like to publicly thank Rich Mialki for volunteering to keep the minutes of future meetings. This will be a big help in keeping accurate records of our meetings. Thanks Rich.

Instant Gallery (Show & Tell):

Some splendid turnings were on display again this month. The quality of work being produced by this group is improving monthly. This reflects a growing enthusiasm and dedication to our chosen craft. Way to go, Gang!!!

Linda Spors began this portion of the meeting by showing her latest efforts, a natural edge cherry bowl and a beautiful cocobolo box. The form and workmanship on both items, but especially the box was exceptional.

Bob Harrington brought along a bunch of well-done stick pens made from various woods. He said Jim Hilburger got him started doing them recently.

Ed Katz once again showed an eye for design with his well-rendered maple and blackwood Christmas ornament.

Jay Ferrand turned several bottle-stoppers and brought them to show the group. What made these stoppers unique was the fact that none had needed sanding. Jay turned them exceptionally smooth and clean with only his cutting tool. An explanation of his method appears in Elmerís Corner.

Paul Putt combined two disciplines to produce his latest work. First he turned a couple of well-shaped eggs from pine burl. He then relief carved scenes onto the eggs. Well-done, Paul.

Ann Rabby brought along a couple of her new tea lights and a safety reminder. The tea lights were very nice, the safety reminder, sobering. While turning the lights, one of them came off the lathe and hit Ann in the forehead. Fortunately, Ann was wearing her full-face shield so no damage was done. Annís lesson, wear your shield because even small items can hurt you. Thank you, Ann for sharing that reminder with us.

Bill Perry turned yet another piece of Norfolk island pine. A large vase with plenty of bold figure and color. I donít know where he puts his luggage when he returns from Florida each spring because the wood has to fill the trunk. Bill will be leaving for Florida again soon, probably just to replenish his turning stock!

Paul Mazuchowski showed his turning skills with an angel turned from cherry burl. Paul turned the angel at a recent Linda Van Gehuchten workshop hosted by the Pembroke Guild. Paulís version is of a very high quality turned from a difficult piece of wood.

Rich Mialki got a head start on Christmas. He is turning snowman and Christmas tree ornaments to be given to charity from Club One. Most of the work has been done with the skew. In doing so he is putting to use what he had learned at the last Sharpening and Skew workshop at Barbís Barn.

Jim Meier brought the angel he made at the Pembroke workshop. Although unfinished it shows promise and lessons learned.

Jim Hilburger displayed two racks of stick pens that he sells at craft shows. The pens were to be the focus of the eveningís demonstration also given by Jim.

Bob Rosand turned the bowl and Sue Rosand decorated it with painted leaves of fall color. The bowl was quintessential Bob Rosand, small, finely textured outside and flawlessly smooth inside. Add to that Sueís artwork and you have a collectorís item. The bowl was a gift to Barb Berger from the Rosands.

Jay Ferrand won the Show and Tell gift certificate. Tina Sarama won the 50/50 drawing and Bob Harrington walked away with the Bag-O-Wood.


Jim Hilburger once again demonstrated why he is Western New Yorkís Turning Ambassador. His enthusiasm for turning is contagious and showmanship spellbinding. Jim loves to make the chips fly. He demonstrated how he makes his stick pens. From the drilling, with homemade fixtures to finish turning with minimal sanding, the chips were flying. All along the way he explained how and why he did what. It was also made very clear at the outset that this is his way, what works for him, but not the only way. As he is so fond of saying ďJust Keep Turniní.Ē

Elmerís Corner;

Jay Ferrand said he was having problems with the bevel on his tool leaving marks, which required lots of sanding to remove. He solved the problem by polishing his bevel to mirror smoothness. This eliminated the need to sand.