VOLUME VII             ISSUE 8        October 21, 2002


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is November 14, at 7:30 pm.





As of this writing there is no news of any change in Elmer Baumer’s condition. There is still hope, so let’s keep Elmer in our thoughts and prayers.


The Hamburg Middle School staff has informed us that the school will not be available for our scheduled December 12, 2002 meeting. We will meet instead on Tuesday December 10, 2002 at the usual time, 7:30 pm.


Paul Mazuchowski is accepting payments for Club dues for the 2003,year. Paul also would like members to bring any examples of their work they are willing to donate to the next couple of meetings. These donations will be sold at our booth at the upcoming (last weekend in January) woodworking show.


On November 5, at 7:00 pm the Lockport Woodworkers organization will be hosting a special demonstration given by John Brown. John is from the Pittsburgh, PA area. He will demo his special way of making and decorating Christmas ornaments using lathe and router. Cost for non-members will be five dollars. For details and to reserve a seat please contact Ted  Borkowski at 434-1984.





There were close to 50 members and guests on hand when President Ron Hudson called the October meeting to order. Ron welcomed our newest member, Jeremy Sullivan, and a guest, Lee Rose, to the meeting. 




Treasurer’s Report


Paul Mazuchowski reported that the treasury balance is now $676.13, and that he is now taking dues payments for the upcoming year.


Vice-President’s Report


Jim Meier reported that next month’s demonstrator, tentatively, would be a representative from Dynabrade Corporation.


Jim, speaking as a representative of the Pembroke Woodturners Guild, thanked all who attended the Ellsworth Demonstration and for helping to make it a success. He further stated that the Pembroke organization had already begun planning for a similar program next year.


 Although it wasn’t officially brought up at the meeting, it was generally agreed that the Ellsworth Presentation, both at Pembroke and in Rochester, was a huge success and was very much appreciated by those who attended.


Sunshine Report


Barb Berger reported very little if any change in Elmer’s medical condition.


Old Business


Ed Jolls sent a letter to the club thanking the membership for making him a member and for the plaque honoring his commitment to our club and local woodworking organizations in general. The letter was read aloud by Ron Hudson to those in attendance.


Paul Mazuchowski reiterated his request for donated items to be sold for charity at the 2003 Woodworking Show.


New Business


Our fund raising auction is coming up in December. Please examine your shop and storage sheds for any tools, lumber, woodworking books and magazines that you no longer use, need, or want. Then consider donating these excess items to the Club for sale at our auction. The auction benefits us all. Last year we had a great response and are hoping for the same again this year.


Webmaster Kurt Hertzog  informed us of a change in how the posting of the on-line newsletter is to be announced. The completed newsletter will be sent to Kurt, who will then post it on the website. Kurt will then send everyone on the electronic mailing list notice of its (the newsletter’s) posting. This gives the Webmaster more flexibility in his posting schedule.


While on the subject of the newsletter, the cost of copying the newsletter for regular mailing will be rising. The company we were doing business with for the last year and a half has closed its doors. This company was the least expensive, per copy, I could find. If anyone who is now receiving the newsletter through the regular mail and has access to a computer and the Internet please consider using that option. Doing so will help reduce the rising cost of our newsletter.


After a brief discussion, the nominations, acceptance, and election of officers resulted in the following: President-Ron Hudson, Vice-President- Richard Sarama, Treasurer- Paul Mazuchowski, and Secretary-Jake Debski. Congratulations to our new VP Rich Sarama and all the rest of the incumbent officers.


Please keep in mind, we all can help the new VP by suggesting what kinds of demos we would like and who we think might be a good presenter.


Muriel Kummer won the raffle for the Jet Pen Turning Tools and Pen Kits. This set was one of two donated to the Club by our local Rockler Store at last months meeting. The other set will be auctioned at our fund-raiser in December.

Rich Mialki won twenty-five dollars in our 50/50 drawing.

Congratulations to both winners!!



Show and Tell


Once again our show and tell table was impressive.


Bill Perry followed the lead of last month’s presenters Ron Mostel and Jim Hilburger. Bill turned 2 snowmen, an inside-out vase, and a small natural edge, for good measure he added, an end grain vase similar to Jed Donahue’s larger works.


Bob Harrington – a beautiful birds-eye maple platter.


Ron Mostel – a lidded bowl and several variations of goblets.


Rich Mialki – a shallow bowl that demonstrated Rich’s tenacity when it comes to completing a project. And it turned out very nice as well!!


 Paul Mazuchowski – a leaky Russian olive bowl, very interesting wood.


Jerry Weisedel – turned three very nice maple burl bowls.


 Kurt Hertzog – showed an impressive collection of lidded boxes. Each made with a different purpose in mind.


George Dage – three pens made of padauk. George continues to improve his technique each month.


Sam Ciccia – Sam has discovered the fun and profit of spindle turning. He brought two examples of what types of spindles he’s been turning.


Bob Harrington won the fifteen-dollar gift certificate from Craft Supplies USA.




Kurt Hertzog gave us a presentation on lidded boxes. Kurt was very thorough in explaining the different “fits” used for the lids of boxes and why you would want to alter the fit for different purposes. He passed around a series of completed boxes to emphasize each design point he was making. This was an excellent presentation. Thank you Kurt.



Elmer’s Corner:


In keeping with Elmer’s knack for sniffing out new sources of supplies, attached is a pricelist and address for sanding disks.