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VOLUME VI             ISSUE 5           October 11, 2001


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Junior High School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York






Next scheduled meeting November 8 at 7:30 pm.




The October meeting was called to order promptly at 7:30. President Ron Hudson welcomed a visitor, Jim Cristo of Jamestown, to the meeting. Jim had come to observe our meeting for two reasons: he is a member of the relatively new Presque Isle Turners, located in Erie, PA. and wanted to see what and how we did things at our meetings. Secondly he asked to be placed on our membership waiting list.    




Paul Mazuchowski reported a current balance of $683.50 in the treasury. He is also looking for overdue club library videos from several members. I promised to bring mine back. Paul also began accepting dues payments for the upcoming year.

Ron dropped a subtle hint, that club logo patches are still available from Paul, at a cost of $2.00 per patch.





Jim Hilburger was asked to give a brief report on the auction of Bob White’s tools. Although somewhat disappointed in the final tally, Jim was glad it was finished and thanked the many members who had assisted him.


The insurance question is still up in the air. Although the coverage was explained for our own insurance, the possibility exists that we may save money by sharing expenses with the Number One Club. Paul Mazuchowski made the motion that after checking on this possibility in the next week or so, whichever policy proves to be the better deal, we act on it (purchase it) prior to the next meeting. This motion was seconded, voted upon and carried.



The school (Hamburg Middle) has informed us that the building will not be available for our normally scheduled February (Feb.14) meeting, so the meeting was moved to Thurs. Feb.21. A reminder will be posted in the January newsletter.


An informal discussion about several of our members’ experiences at recent craft shows revealed that one of Jed Donahue’s bowls won the “Best in Show” award at the Kissing Bridge show. Nice to see some well deserved recognition coming Jed’s way.


Barb Berger has asked that we post the following notice:


Items needed for Barb's Barn Stool Workshop

Oct. 26 and 27

Remember that we will start promptly at 9AM, so please be there early enough to be ready at 9. Don't forget to bring your own lunch. You will also need a small drive center and at least 16 inches between centers for the lathes. You will NOT need chucks at all. If you have a 5/8 " drill bit and a 5/8 " open-end wrench, bring them along. A dead blow hammer or hard rubber mallet and a claw hammer will also be helpful. To cut the material for the seats, bring heavy scissors or good snips. Bring a plastic bucket to hold water for soaking the seating material.

Jake Debski was asked to tell of his recent trip to the craft school at Arrowmont in Tennessee.

“Arrowmont is a well-known non-profit School of Arts and Crafts located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I attended a 5-day woodturning seminar at the school hosted by Elderhostel. Elderhostel is a non-profit organization offering programs of travel and education to adults over 55 yrs. of age. The town of Gatlinburg was a disappointment to me in a tourist trap sort of way, but Arrowmont is delightful.

For a reasonable amount of $482 total, I was treated to 5-days lodging, meals and instruction. A bit of evening entertainment was also thrown in. The program was structured in such a way as to allow the individual to choose how intense he or she wanted the turning to be. We had complete novices to turners with many years of experience in the class. Even though the actual instruction was scheduled from 9:00am. till 4:00pm., students were allowed to use the facilities from 7am. till 9 or 10 pm. The instructor or his assistant or both were present voluntarily nearly the whole time! Instruction was handled by J. Wayne Shipman and an assistant Bill Small. Both men are from California and are members of the Bay Area Woodturners Association.  Wayne operates a turning studio and school at his home in Walnut Creek,CA. I am very confident that as time goes on Wayne’s reputation as a “teacher” will gain prominence in turning circles. During his instruction Wayne concentrated on turning green bowls using a ½” Ellsworth grind bowl gouge and to a lesser extent the turning of plates and platters. He showed us time and again how a bowl gouge could be used to turn wood down to a 180 or 220 grit finish. Students were not limited to bowls and plates. If they wished they could try their hand at other turnings with the help and guidance of the instructors. The week was very well spent in the opinion of this novice.”  

Contacts: Elderhostel by phone-1-877-426-8056   on-line www.elderhostel.org

                Arrowmont by phone 865/436-5860       on-line www.arrowmont.org

                Bay Area Woodturners                            on-line http://bayareawoodturners.org/

Bill Perry won the 50/50 drawing. He collected $22.00

Ben Antonio walked away with the $15 gift certificate donated by the Cutting Edge”.

  Show and Tell

 Elmer Baumer passed around a catalog he received recently from Iturra Design. What made this catalog noteworthy was its technical content in regards to Delta and Jet band saws, which it specialized in. The prices weren’t bad either. The company has a toll free number if you would be interested in a catalog;


Elmer also showed us a new dust mask Dust Foe he purchased recently and he gave his reasons for preferring this type.

Jerry Rucker showed us a decorative plate with square sides and explained how he turned it. The plate, walnut burl, can be seen on the club website. This was Jerry’s first go at this sort of thing. The finished product showed a well thought out use of the materials Jerry had on hand.

Jed Donahue brought along an attractive maple bowl that was also a bit of a curiosity. A bullet had damaged the tree from which the bowl was turned. The bullet was still lodged and visible just below the rim of the bowl. A short distance away in the same plane as the bullet was the healed over entry wound. A real conversation piece.

Ron Hudson displayed a nicely figured cherry box he had constructed. An explanation of how a single misstep near the beginning of construction resulted in a different but attractive end product. Ron also had a scrollwork Christmas tree he wanted us to see.

 Jake Debski showed a couple of bowls and plates made at Arrowmont.

Meeting adjourned.


As he did the week before at the Number One Club, Elmer Baumer gave an excellent and detailed explanation of how to assemble a vacuum pump from locally available parts. This pump will then be used to vacuum chuck pieces on the lathe. The vacuum chuck it- self will be the subject of a future demo. Elmer put together a parts list with, in several instances, options for more or less costly components. Elmer’s demo included a printed handout and slide presentation. Well-done Elmer!  

Next months demonstration:

 Yet to be determined.





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