VOLUME XVII       ISSUE 136     September 12, 2013

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday October 10, 2013.


If, you are receiving a hard copy of this newsletter and have an e-mail address, please send that address to Brianne Corbett at BREELIZ@VERIZON.NET. You would then receive the newsletter via e-mail each month. It would help defer some of the cost the club spends each month.



Pres. Ron Hudson called the meeting to order at 7:30  



Guests:  Rick and Lorrain from Holland.

                Demonstrator for tonight, Pat Marren from the State DEC.

                John Flint, just moved to the area.


Treasurer, Pat Boggan

Report for month of July, 2013

Beginning Balance: $3,995.68



Petty Cash


Petty Cash


Petty Cash


Bank Acct


Bank Acct


Bank Acct


Club Bal










July 50/50


$      15.00






July total


$      15.00

$   114.99













August, 2013








    Meat, Rolls

$    58.00







    Picnic Rental




$    50.00




  Colored wood





$     12.00



    2013 dues


$       20.00






August Total

$     58.00

$       20.00

$      76.99

$     50.00

$     12.00





Vice President’s Report


Rusty would like to invite members from other clubs to our annual picnic.  It would be nice to meet other people.  Guests are always welcome. Turner’s I has a pizza party before the fair.  Maybe we can get together.




The club has the school reserved for the 2nd Thursday of each month, barring snow days.


Librarian’s Report


Everything is quiet.




             A letter from Northwood wood suppliers was received.  A motion was made that we order a box of bowl blanks.  It will be $48.00 per box plus $20.00 shipping.  Motion seconded and passed.  Send the e-mail, attn: Susan.


            AAW has a scholarship program.  You have to have 50 members to nominate 1 person.  School is in Tennessee.  Travel and food expenses are on the participant.  Ron  will contact everyone to see if you’re interested.


            Barbara Cursons (BCusons@edgewin.com) is selling her late husband’s shop equipment.  For information call 655-2027.


Old Business


            The fair was a great success.  We raised $20,000.00 for Make A Wish.  It took care of 2 wishes.  One recipient was emperor for the day and the other wanted audio equipment.  The effort will continue through the year.  Any contributions are welcome.


            Jerry Rucker and Gary are working together to do something with the wood from one of the fair buildings.  The items made would be for the women who have used that building for an extended amount of time.


New Business


            Nominations for offices was opened by Ron who read a description of the duties for president.  Nominations are as follows:


                        President:: Rusty, Jake, & John Lilly

                        Vice President:: Rusty, Jake & John Lilly

                        Treasurer:  Pat will continue  

                        Secretary:  Brian will continue


            Motion made, seconded and carried that nominations be closed.  Elections will be held at the next meeting.


John Cave will be doing a demonstration.  If you need information, speak with Barb.


Paul is off the respirator, breathing on his own.  He has been quite restless and has pulled out a lot of the tubes.  But everything turned out okay.  He doesn’t seem to have a memory of anyone.  There is a possibility he will regain his memory.




            Brian Defoe – Cedar lidded box

            Rick Lawrence – birds-eye maple/walnut clock

            Rusty Ellis – maple bowl

            Gerald Rucker – apple wood bowl

            John Lilley – nested bowls

            Richard Mialki – birch bowl w/inlay




Gary Jones – ash beer taps tool                    






50/50 Drawing – Jim Hillburger         

            Rocklers Certificate – Rick Lawrence




Pat Marren from the State DEC explained to us the problem we are having with the Ash Bore disease in NYS.  He described the characteristics of the trees that are being attached and how to combat the Ash Bore.  If you have any questions on this problem, just contact the DEC and they will be able to answer your questions.



Respectfully submitted,


Brian R. Defoe, Secretary