VOLUME IX             ISSUE 28    September 24, 2004


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, October 14 at 7:30 pm.

The evening’s Demo will be a presentation by a representative of West Penn Hardwoods.



The Turners II will be taking a tour of the West Penn Hardwoods in Olean on Saturday, November 13th. The group will car pool from the Buffalo area and spend the late morning and early afternoon at the facility. There are extensive operations to view as well as many varieties of wood to learn about. We will have a light lunch provided there. More details as they become available. We welcome members of the other area turning clubs to join us. Anyone interested in attending, please email the webmaster or call Jake Debski- 585-937-7644 (leave message) with your interest so we can get a headcount for lunch.

If a member of Turners-II contacted Charlie Hunt, at the Erie County Fair about repairing a carving, please re-contact him. The information you gave him has been lost.



I recently had a conversation with a gentleman who expressed an interest in joining our organization. He explained to me that he had been told that our club membership was full and had a waiting list. This is not true. If you know of anyone wishing to join please advise him or her that we currently have openings and would be glad to accept their membership.


I would like to thank Rich Mialki for making this newsletter possible. Without his excellent notes it wouldn’t have happened.



President’s Letter


 Welcome back to our members who’ve returned after taking the summer off. While we have had meetings at Barb’s and Jed’s, the attendance was a bit smaller. With the new season, we’re back to full strength.


You may have noticed but we’re still in our original meeting location. Those attending the last meeting heard the reasons why but for those unable to attend, here’s the reason. At the last minute, after making arrangements and having our vote, a fee for using the facility was instituted. This was unknown to us, and the school Principal we were working with. Regardless of who and how it was instituted, it appears that there was no way in avoiding this fee so we decided to stay where we are. Thanks to Barb, Jake, and Paul for their efforts to arrange all of this. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. We will be pursuing options to shorten the walk at our present facility if possible.


The September meeting brought the nominations for next year’s officers. While we have nominees for all of the offices, there is always more room for other candidates. We’ll have the floor open for nominations at this meeting prior to the elections.



President Kurt Hertzog opened the first meeting of the new season. Kurt welcomed everyone back and hoped everyone had a good summer.



Old Business


Kurt  Hertzog announced that the member approved move to the new meeting site had been cancelled because of unforeseen factors. A future move still has not been ruled out but for the immediate future we will stay put.


Barbara Berger gave a brief overview of the August Toy Fest event. It was a rain shortened event but the venue showed promise. The Club officers donated works to be put in a raffle basket, the basket took in $52. Barbara thanked Rick Wierzbicki for the use of his large tent. Rick’s tent saved the event for us.


New Business


Barb told of Jim Hilburger’s well-deserved “Sage Award” presented to him by the AAW. Barb showed a framed version of the award to the members. Each member of Club’s I and II are being asked to sign the award’s border.


The floor was opened for the nomination of officers for October’s elections.

The nominated are:

President – Kurt Hertzog nominated by Lance Kanaby seconded by Steve Imerese.

Vice-President – Ann Raby

Treasurer – Jay Ferrand

Secretary – Gary Jones

These three nominations were made by Kurt Hertzog and seconded by Barb Berger.


The floor will once again be opened for nominations prior to the elections at the October meeting. If you have someone you would like to see in the running please nominate him or her. These elections are how we keep the Club fresh and healthy. Forgive the cliché but “…. it’s your Club.”


Turning Questions and Answers (Formerly Beginner’s Corner. Beginners are not the only ones to need answers sometimes.)

Ann Raby asks, “What can be done about a loose tailstock?” Lance Kanaby suggested she check the hold down nut and bolt.


The question was asked, “Where can tool steel be bought?” Answer: Travers in Michigan, Victors, MSC, J&L, Vicking, and Frank Lynn in Washington. 


 Instant Gallery (show and tell)



Kurt Hertzog – an earring and a pen. The earring was worth a hearty laugh when Kurt was talked into modeling the item and Jed began breathing hard, causing Kurt to quite literally blush.


Debbie Hachey – showed off the Angels made by her, her husband Mike and Rich Mialki. The Angels were turned at a recent Barb’s Barn workshop hosted by Linda Van Gehuchten. The Lockport Woodturners sponsored the workshop.


Lance Kanaby – showed a hollow form he turned at a recent David Ellsworth hands on at the Ellsworth studio.


Ann Raby – It took two tries but Ann succeeded in doing an inside out turning with a captured stone inside. Hope she doesn’t live in a glass house.


Paul Mazuchowski – came with an eclectic mix of turned items. Starting with a Christmas tree finial, which was made from a sea urchin, a set of candleholders, spalted maple salt and peppershakers, wavy sticks, and an executive top with a 5+ minute spin time.


Gerry Rucker – presented a turned cup with an irregular top that he painted in a native American fashion.


Jed Donahue – turned a peppermill from India Rosewood.


Jim Hilburger – is in the production mode. He showed another of his multi-wood laminated peppermills.


Gordon Fritz – made a peppermill and goblet.


Steve Imerese – brought 3 bowls one of walnut and two others.


Jim Hilburger won the Craft Supply gift certificate, AGAIN !!! Bob Marcin won the 50/50 drawing.





Frank Stanko, a member of Club I, gave the evening’s demo. Frank says he turns for fun and has become quite addicted. He went through the processes he utilizes in making his own turning tools. Judging from the response it was a very well received demo. Thank you Frank.  The following list is the suggested references that Frank relies on for his tool making projects.

The Brazing Book                   800-558-3856

Silver Brazing Guide              800-225-2130

Boces Welding 101- 1/2price for Seniors

Silver & Braze Products         800-733-4533

Systems Handbook                  800-323-4845



Elmer’s Corner


Please let me congratulate and thank all the members that gave items, both for the School thank you gifts, and for the Toy Fest charity sale. Your generosity has gained for this organization respect and recognition within our community. Thank You.


Thanks to Jed Donahue for getting the ball rolling with West Penn Hardwoods.