VOLUME VIII†††††††††††† ISSUE 18†††† September 22, 2003


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, October 9, 2003, at 7:30 pm.





Welcome back, I hope everyone had a good and enjoyable summer.

Upcoming Barb's Barn Sessions

There will be two Barb's Barn turning sessions in November. On Saturday, November 8, we'll spend the entire day on sharpening turning tools. We'll cover grinding wheel selection, grinding wheel handling/balancing/truing/dressing, tool angles, shaping, sharpening, jigs and fixtures, tool steels, and more. The majority of the day will be understanding sharpening and getting all of your tools into proper shape. Shaped at the proper angles and sharp, with you having done it on your own equipment! The rest of the day will reviewing and practicing (doing projects) the proper cutting techniques when your tools are ground to the proper geometry and sharp.

On Sunday, November 9, we'll spend the entire day on improving your skills with the skew chisel. You'll learn how it should be shaped, how it should be sharpened, how it can be used, what to watch out for, and more. Bring your flat skews, oval skews, round skews, big skews, small skews, and anything that can be construed as a skew. Part of the day will be lecture and demonstration and the bulk of the day will be practice projects to get you plenty of skew time. You learn how to use each of the different styles of skews and how to do it as "catch free" as possible.

Space is limited. The sessions are open to Turners 1 and Turners 2 on a first come, first serve basis. Contact Barb Berger at gramabbb@aol.com or 652-4156 to set aside your space.

Please donít forget October is our election of officers meeting. President Ron Hudson has announced he will not run again. He said ďItís time for someone else to try their hand at it.Ē You are not limited to only the presidentís position; you can run for any post. If you want to run for an office just step-up and go for it! Think about it, please. We all have something to contribute and the Club benefits from new ideas and personalities.

Due to scheduling conflicts our December meeting will be held on Monday, December 8. Please mark your calendars.


Ron Hudson opened the first meeting of the new season by welcoming several visitors and guests. Gary Jones and Bob Kryta were welcomed as potential new members. Marwin Feldman of Club One was welcomed as a guest of Jim Cunning.

Treasurerís Report:

Paul Mazuchowski stated that we have $1486.26 in the treasury. Paul further reported there wouldnít be a woodworking show in the area this year. As such, we no longer have a venue for our charity sale. Anyone with suggestions for a new venue, please contact Paul.

Old Business:

Barb Berger and Jim Hilburger made a trip to Thorold, Ontario for the purpose of delivering a turning video- tape. The tape was donated to the Thorold Library in memory of Brian Macintosh. The Library was very appreciative and stated that a note would be attached to the tape stating it was donated by WNY WOODTURNERS-II and dedicated to the late Brian.

It was mentioned and several members enthusiastically concurred that the previous Sharpening and Skew session, presented by Kurt Hertzog at Barbís Barn, was a tremendous success. It was stated by most of attendees that they are now doing things with the skew that they wouldnít have considered attempting prior to Kurtís class.

Once again we owe Barb Burger and Jed Donahue a big thank you for hosting our summer meetings. Even with the power failure several members made it to Jedís for the August meeting. Thanks guys, your generosity is truly a major asset to this organization.

New Business:

After a general discussion a motion was made, by Kurt Hertzog and seconded by Paul Mazuchowski, to hold the Club Auction at the November meeting. The motion passed, so start thinking about the items you might want to donate. Letís all help make this auction as successful as last yearís.

Paul Mazuchowski brought CASES of bowling pins to the meeting. These items were offered to anyone who wanted to try salvaging or recycling a pin or pins into a turned object. Paul further challenged anyone interested to bring what he or she created to the December meeting. The attempts would then be judged and a prize awarded.

By now most of you are aware of the great article The Buffalo News did on Jim Hilburger. Paul Mazuchowski presented Jim with a framed copy of the article. Jim thanked Paul and said the article was an honor and ďvery good advertising.Ē With the help of the article, Club-I was able to raise five thousand dollars at the Erie County Fair for Make a Wish Foundation.

Instant Gallery (show and tell):

Paul Mazuchowski was the first up. He had turned a baseball hat that was less than a total success, but showed much promise. Paulís hat showed us, especially the newer members, that experienced turners also often struggle when presented with new challenges. Thanks, Paul.

Kurt Hertzog brought us a couple recently turned bowls, one of paduk and the other walnut. Kurt also had a small disk he turned just to show off some gorgeous fiddle-back maple grain. All of these items were of the quality we have come to expect from Kurtís efforts. Very well done.

Ron Mostel showed us his version of the steady rest designed by Paul Mazuchowski and the late Elmer Baumer. Ronís steady was the focus of a recent Wood Magazine article. Ron also brought an inside out turning and some very nice bottle stoppers and key chains.

Rich Mialki was about to cut some box elder pen blanks when he noticed some strong color in the wood. Rich turned a well-executed small bowl from the piece of wood instead. It was a wise choice, the bowl has that classic red color that box elder is famous for.

Bill Perry exhibited two vases turned from what Bill calls Florida wood. We may not know the proper name of the wood, but it is pretty stuff and Bill knows how to showcase it. Bill will be leaving for his winter headquarters in Florida soon, so we can expect to see more of these fine turnings come spring.

Jim Meier out did himself and brought several well-done items to the meeting. Among them were a domed jar lid, a rosewood scratch awl, an antler confetti lamp and a bowl and hollow vessel. Jim has been busy.

Paul Mazuchowski won the show and tell gift certificate and Jim Hilburger won the 50/50.

Kurt Hertzog won the bag of mahogany raffle.


Jed Donahue held his audience captive with his presentation. Jedís turning and teaching skills were once again showcased during this demo. Jed demonstrated how he goes about making wooden whistles, which he sells at craft shows. In order for these whistles to be profitable, Jed has to be able to produce the blanks, turn and color the finished product quickly and well. After an explanation of how he readies the whistle blanks in the shop, Jed proceeded to turn several whistles for the audience using mostly his skew. He did this very quickly, which impressed all those watching. He then turned a couple slowly and explained the process and steps involved. An excellent demonstration presented by one of our own. Thank you, Jed.

Elmerís Corner:

We all have our little tricks or methods to make our shop time easier and more enjoyable. How about sharing these ideas with the rest of us? If you have a method you would be willing to share, e-mail me or see me at the meeting, and I will post it here on Elmerís corner.

Here is something I learned watching Jed in his shop. While power-sanding Jed keeps one of those sanding belt cleaners, attached to a board, on the ways of his lathe. If the sanding disk or drum begins to load up he just touches it to the belt cleaner and continues sanding his project. Simple, but effective.