VOLUME VII†††††††††††† ISSUE 7†††††††† September 14, 2002


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York


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The next scheduled meeting is October 10, at 7:30 pm.





John Skowron, a long time, loyal member of our club, passed away this summer. John was an excellent representation of why our club exists; he was willing and wanted to learn. Even at his age, John was open to new ideas and eager to experiment. He also rarely missed a meeting, which for any of us is quite an accomplishment. John will be dearly missed.


Please say a prayer for our fellow member and good friend Elmer Baumer. Elmer suffered a cerebral hemorrhage recently and is hospitalized at this time.


The Hamburg Middle School staff has informed us that the school will not be available for our scheduled December 12, 2002 meeting. We are looking into alternatives but we will not meet at the school on December 12.


On Saturday, October 26, 9am-3:30pm at Barbís Barn there will be a Basic Turning Workshop. This workshop will cover sharpening, basic care and use of the lathe and tools, plus turning a small item. Anyone with questions or are interested in attending should contact Barb Berger, Paul Mazuchowski, or Rich Sarama for information. A sign-up sheet will also be available at the October meeting provided the workshop has not yet been filled.





There was a smaller than usual crowd in attendance as President Ron Hudson gaveled the meeting to order. Ron opened the meeting by thanking Barb Berger and Jed Donahue for hosting our summer meetings again this year at their shops. Ron welcomed two invited guests to the meeting; both of who represent one of our organizationís biggest supporters and sponsors, Ed Jolls the manager of the local Rockler store in Clarence and Mark Gibson the Northeast Regional Manager for the Rockler Corp.


Treasurerís Report


Paul Mazuchowski reported that the treasury balance is now $685. Paul also had copies of an up-dated members mailing list, which he made available to anyone who wanted one.


Vice-Presidentís Report


Jim Meier briefly mentioned that he needs demonstrators for both October and November, and reminded us about the upcoming Ellsworth Demonstration hosted by the Pembroke club.


Sunshine Report


Barb Berger reported on Johnís passing and Elmerís medical condition. She also recommended that the club, as we have in the past, donate a turning tape to Johnís local library in his memory. Mary Robbins made a motion to do this and it was seconded. The membership agreed.

Old Business


There was no pending old business, except to announce the winners of the Craft Supply USA gift certificates that were raffled at the summer meetings. Lance Kanaby won the July raffle and Jake Debski the August raffle.


New Business


Paul Mazuchowski announced that the 2003 Woodworking Show would again be in Clarence and would be held on January 31, February 1 and 2. He asked that the members begin to bring in their donations for the show charity sale. He felt an early start would make it easier on everyone.


Paul then asked Ed Jolls to step up front. He presented a very surprised Ed Jolls with a membership to our organization and a plaque signifying and thanking Ed for his continued and generous support of not only our Club, but also local woodworking groups in general. This token of our appreciation is truly well deserved. Ed and the company he represents have been vital supporters, without whom our charity and educational efforts would have been much more difficult.


Jake Debski proposed a motion that we permanently move our elections from their current December date to the October meeting date. The motion was seconded by several people and put to a vote. After it was approved, Jim Meier announced he would not be willing to run for another term as Vice President. Jim stated his duties as the President of the Pembroke Club prevented him from seeking another term. He was thanked by the membership for his past contributions to the organization.


In light of Jim Meierís resignation, Ron Hudson requested that every member, consider running for an office. Every organization needs new faces from time to time. New faces bring new ideas, and ideas are what make an organization vibrant, dynamic and fun.†††


It was brought to the attention of the membership that Linda Spors had obtained an invitation for our Club to demonstrate at the Colden Arts Festival. The festival is being held in the Village of Springville on September 28 and 29. After much discussion it became apparent we could not get enough volunteers to properly staff a booth. So the invitation will be turned down.


Barb Berger proposed that the Club, in the near future, assemble both of the Clubís lathes and accessories together for the purpose of marking them. Identification marks will be placed on all items and each item placed on an inventory sheet. From then on anyone using club equipment will be required to sign for the equipment and be responsible for it until it is returned. This is particularly important for sessions at Barbís Barn where confusion over what belongs to whom is common. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to accomplish this. A volunteer work party will be assembled in the near future to mark the tools.
Ed Jolls and Mark Gibson presented the Club with two starter turning-tool sets by Jet. These will be used for future fund-raisers. One set will be raffled at the October meeting.

Once again, we owe Ed and Rockler a large Thank You.


President Ron Hudson will take up at a future meeting, a discussion on how best to streamline our meetings. Ron wants to spend more time talking about and doing turning at the meetings and less on business. Because our clubís true ďbusinessĒ should be focused on turning. I donít think too many of us would argue that point.


Show and Tell


Our show and tell participation is continuing to grow and so is the quality of the turnings being shown.


Shoehorns: The shoehorns reflected the many and varied creative directions the members are headed in. They ranged from the simple to the ornate but each was unique to its maker. In all fairness, there were too many to attempt to describe and list here. They should sell well at the Woodworking Show in January.


The following Show and Tellers are in no particular order.


Rich Mialki made a Christmas tree using the techniques he observed during our July demo. at Barbís Barn.


Gerald (Jerry) Guenther brought his first two successful green turned bowls. A humorous story on the source of the wood accompanied the cherry bowls.


George Dage showed a couple of pens and some bottle stoppers he made recently.


Ron Mostel had several examples of the inside out turning that he would demonstrate later in the meeting.


Sam Ciccia brought more of his unique cup style wine stoppers.


Ron Hudson showed his first successfully turned bowl.


Jim Meier had several wine corks he produced recently.


Jim Hilburger brought a few of his latest hot sellers, snowman ornaments. Jim offered to show the group how to turn these if time allowed after the regular featured demo.


Jake Debski also showed his latest attempts at turning bowls out of spalted box elder and spalted maple.


We did really well this month; everyone deserves a pat on the back.


If I missed anyone or his or her work, I apologize. See me at the next meeting, and I will correct the oversight.


Paul Boland won this monthís Craft Supplies gift certificate.




Jim Meier won the split jackpot. He collected nineteen dollars.




Ron Mostel, although he didnít actually turn, gave a very good step-by-step demo. of his inside-out turning. Ron was very good at explaining, and through the use of props, showing each stage necessary to complete one of the inside-out turnings. Ron was very thorough in listing the supplies needed and their use. His handouts of procedures and materials were snapped up quickly. Iím sure we will see a few examples of this style of turning from the members at the next couple meetings. Thank you, Ron, for very nice demo.


Spontaneous Demonstration:


Jim Hilburger showed the group, as only Jim can, how he makes snowman ornaments for sale at craft shows. Jimís turning techniques and tool control are impressive to watch, especially when heís in a hurry (almost always.) Once yet again Jim, thank you.


Elmerís Corner:


Even though Elmer is not here at this time to share his knowledge and wisdom with us, I

will still place information and anecdotes here that I feel Elmer would approve of.


Here is a little story to remind us why we share information.


An Iowa farmer consistently, year after year, won first prize with his corn at his local county fair. A reporter once asked how he managed to do this, what is your secret. The farmer replied I start by sharing my seed corn with my neighbors. The reporter totally confused, asked how this could possibly make his corn better. Well, to begin with, the farmer said, if my neighbor plants inferior corn it will cross-pollinate with mine and mine will become poorer, and secondly with him having the same start as I, it then encourages me to work harder to become a better farmer.