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VOLUME VI†††††††††††† ISSUE 4†††††††††† September 13, 2001


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Junior High School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




Next scheduled meeting October 11 at 7:30pm.





President Ron Hudson called the September meeting to order. At Ronís request a moment of silence was observed in honor of the victims and heroes of the terrorists attacks last Tuesday.

Ron welcomed Kurt Douglas, a visitor and prospective member, to our meeting.



Paul Mazuchowski reported a current balance of $708.30.

No mention was made of the club logo patches, which are still available, at a cost $2.00 per patch.

Paul also had the chuck and spur center for the club lathe that was recently received from Craft Supplies.



Jim Hilburger was given the floor to explain the necessary changes in plans to sell the late Bob Whiteís tools. The original plans called for a private sale for club members, but due to the unforeseen volume of the items several members convinced Jim to publicly auction the tools.

The auction will be held at 107 Evans St., Hamburg, NY, on Saturday Oct 6 at 10 am. The auction will be conducted by Cambridge Liquidators.


Barb Berger announced that both the Friday and Saturday classes at the October turning seminar to be held at her shop were filled. Barb is going to call and see if the instructor will allow one or two more attendees per session. If anyone is still interested in this course they should contact Barb and get their name on the standby list.


Ron Hudson read a letter of thanks from the League of the Handicapped Pre-School Learning Center for the clubs efforts on itís behalf. Club members sold items of their work at the spring woodworking show. The proceeds where then donated to the school.


The Cutting Edge, a catalog company that sells turning supplies, gave a $15 gift certificate to the club. The certificate can be used in anyway the club sees fit.


The club is still without its own insurance. We are currently covered by the #1 clubís policy. A quote was received from the United Frontier Mutual Co. The cost was similar to what we were paying for similar but not exactly the same coverage. After some discussion it was generally agreed that Ron Hudson and Jake Debski should obtain specific information on language and coverages within the proposed policy. A report will then be made to the membership at the October meeting.




Paul Mazuchowski inquired about how the club was going to handle website sponsors. What will we charge a sponsor and what will a sponsor receive as a result? Since this is new territory for the club, Kurt Hertzog made a motion that 1) we charge sponsors $50/yr. 2) this gives them a listing on our web page and a link to any site they may have, 3) we will review this decision as needed.The motion was seconded by Jim Meier and carried by voice vote.


In a somewhat related matter, Sam Ciccia asked about allowing members to sell their work through the website, perhaps from a gift shop page on the site. After a lengthy discussion, during which many points pro and con were examined, Barb Berger proposed a motion. The motion stated that from the existing members gallery those wishing to sell their work would be given an e-mail or phone link. Prospective buyers will contact and discuss price, etc. with the seller privately. No prices will be shown on the website. This motion was seconded by Sam and carried by voice vote.


It was decided that the $15 gift certificate from the Cutting Edge would be given away as an added prize at Octoberís 50/50 drawing.


Show and Tell


Barb Berger told us about her experiences and impressions of meeting and talking to woodturners on her recent trip to Alaska. From Barbís talk 3 things seem to stand out, there are very few turners in Alaska, the ones that are there are friendly and open, and there is a lack of native turning material. Thanks Barb, for the insight.


Sam Ciccia showed the members some unique and innovative wine stoppers he turned recently. These can be viewed on our website. He also had some pens he turned using his lumber and components from the Penn State. Thanks Sam.


Jake Debski brought along a bunch of wine stoppers to show what he has been up to lately.


The 50/50 prize of $10 was won by Jim Meier


Ron Hudson adjourned the meeting.




Jim Meier gave us a comprehensive review of safety equipment and procedure. He started with chainsaws for raw lumber and went all the way through to respirators for finishing. We all need to be reminded of the safety aspects of this craft from time to time.

Thanks Jim.


Next monthís Demonstration


Elmer Baumer will go through the steps of setting up a vacuum pump for a vacuum chucking system. ††††


Western New York Woodturners 1 & 2
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