VOLUME XVII†††††††††† ISSUE 39 August 2005

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York






The next scheduled meeting is Thursday September 8th 7:30 pm







The Presidentís Corner by Kurt Hertzog


As I write this column, weíre in the midst of the Erie County Fair. While weíve had members of Turners 2 participate in past years efforts, this is the first year weíve been a participant as a club. Last year, as the year before, the amount raised and donated to the Make A Wish Foundation of WNY was in excess of $5000. It takes a lot of effort by a lot of people to make that happen. Iím proud weíre a part of it and hope this yearís success exceeds those of past years.


Since my mention of elections for the past couple of months, the response has been nil. Itís not a huge effort and anyone willing to put in a bit of effort is more than capable of doing any one of the officerís jobs. Youíll get your AAW dues paid so youíre earnings will be about 4 cents an hour :-}Not really. Itís a rewarding effort and a way to give back to the club. Please consider it and get in touch. September is nominating month for the October elections.


One of the things weíve tried to do in our efforts to bring the local area clubs closer together is to share demonstrators. In the past, that meant the same demo from one month to the next being repeated at another clubs meeting. Now, weíve managed to evolve it into having members from each club demo at other clubs without repeating the same demo. Itís working quite nicely but we can still use volunteers. Let me know if you are interested.





Speaking of demonstrations, Iíll be doing the presentation at the Pembroke Woodturners Guild meeting on Tuesday, September 13th. It will be a slide show of past Utah Woodturners Symposiums and AAW Symposiums. If you have never been to Provo or made it to the recent AAW Symposiums, you should enjoy the show. Itís lots of photos of the event, the instant galleries, and the various demonstrations Iíve attended. Iíll probably cover the Pasadena, Orlando, and Kansas City Symposiums along with the past couple of years at Provo. Our meetings start at 6:30 and the slide show at about 7pm. We meet in the Technology Shop at the Pembroke Central High School at the intersection of Routes 77 and 5, just off exit 48a. You are welcome to attend as my guests.





Secretaryís Gary Jones Report: There was no quorum for the August meeting. A few members showed items they turned. Jim Hilburger gave those interested a lesson in top turning other members turned items for the fair.