VOLUME XVII       ISSUE 145     July 10, 2014

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




President John Lilley

Phone Number: 716/662-0270



The next scheduled meeting is Thursday September 11, 2014.


If you are receiving a hard copy of this newsletter and have an e-mail address, please send that address to Brian Defoe at brdefoe@yahoo.com. You would then receive the newsletter via e-mail each month. It would help defer some of the cost the club spends each month.



Pres. John Lilley called the meeting to order.  

Thank you to Ron for inviting us to his home.


Treasurer, Pat Boggan

          Beginning Balance: $4,223.92



Petty Cash


Petty Cash


Petty Cash


Bank Acct.


Bank Acct.


Bank Acct.


Club Balance Total




$    18.00









$    20.00







Prizes (3x35)

$  105.00








Deposit to checking

$  240.00




$  240.00




Rosand Hilburger donation




$  200.00





Rockler Gift Certificate

$    10.00








Hilbruger donations




$   80.00

$    80.00




Club Hilburger donation




$  200.00





Minwax check





$  600.00














$  355.00

$    38.00

$ 99.82

$  480.00

$  920.00






          Two thank you notes were received.  One from Jean Hilburger and the other from the Bread of Life.  The donations were greatly appreciated.  It was reported that $5,000.00 in donations was received in Jim Hilburger’s name.


          We also received a thank you from the fair for the items made for the items made for the ladies out of the wood from the buildings taken down.  The items were really appreciated.


Vice President’s Report


None given

Librarian’s Report:


          None given


Old Business       


          The Annual Picnic for August was discussed.  Barb moved that the picnic be held at St. Nicodemus Reserve picnic shelter in Marilla off Liberia Road, on August 21.  Ron has reserved the shelter.  There will be a sign up sheet for anyone coming.  It will begin at 4:30.  Bring a dish to pass.  The club will supply meat and drinks.


          The next items on the Woodturning Idea List for demonstrations, as suggested in last month’s newsletter are as follows: turned shelf, umbrella stand, wall sconce, weed pots, whistle, wine opener, and yo yo.  If anyone would like to demonstrate making anything suggested on the list, please let Rusty know.


          Thanks to many donations, the project for using video equipment to enhance the demonstrations done during our meetings will now be tested.  We hope the new technology works for us.  We used the equipment tonight. 


          On Saturday, October 4th, there will be a Woodturning Demonstration by Joe Ruminski from 9am to 4pm at the Dale Association, 33 Ontario St., Lockport, NY.  Brian is selling tickets to this event.  The tickets are $20.00 each.  There will be more information as time goes on.  Lunches will be from a local restaurant.  Many interesting things are being planned for this event so make sure you mark your calendar.  It should be well worth the time and money.


          Bob Rosand will be holding a hands-on session at Barb’s Barn on Sept. 5 & 6.  The cost for this event is $45.00.  Joe will be doing 2 projects, but is waiting to see what people might want to have demonstrated.  There is a sign up sheet.  You can also call Barb Berger @ 652-4156 or e-mail her at GRAMMABB@AOL.COM.




New Business


          There are still openings for turning and sales at the fair, items will need to priced and things will need to be set up for the fair.  If you can help please sign up.  Pepper has the tickets anyone working at the stand will need.    Please talk to her regarding them.      


          Brian has notified the club that this will be his last year to be secretary.  If anyone is interested, let John Lilley know.


          Minn Wax finally announced the winner of their contest in their newsletter.


          The September meeting will  begin at 7:00PM instead of 7:30PM.  We hope the earlier time will be acceptable to everyone.


SHOW AND TELL              


          Brian Defoe – Maple bowl

          Luke Defoe – Oak mallet

          Rich Mialki – Various pens

          John Lilley – Maple bowl

          Gary Jones – 2 Sycamore bowls

          Gerald Rucker – Wormy Maple bowl

          Craig Eckert – Maple ladle and tool handle

          Ron Hudson – Candle holder, pens and chain pulls




            Rocklers Certificate – John Lilley

             50/50 – Paul




          Ron not only invited us to his home, he also fed us and did the demonstration. We all had a wonderful time, went home with full bellies and enjoyed an educational demonstration.  Thank you to Ron and his wife for their hospitality.


Respectfully Submitted,

Brian Defoe, Secretary