VOLUME XVII       ISSUE 135     July 11, 2013

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday August 22, 2013.


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Pres. Ron Hudson called the meeting to order at 7:30  



Guests:  Mike Wright from Lockport, NY.



Treasurer, Pat Boggan

Report for month of June, 2013

Beginning Balance: $3,846.43



Petty Cash


Petty Cash


Petty Cash


Bank Acct


Bank Acct


Bank Acct


Club Bal












$      25.00






Colored wood orders


$    244.25







$     15.00








$   105.00








$   313.00 




$  313.00




















$    433.00

$     269.25

$     99.99

$     - 0 -

$   313.00

$ 3,895.69

$ 3,995.68











Vice President’s Report


We don’t have a meeting schedule set up in the Hamburg School yet.  Rusty will let us know as soon as things are set.





Librarian’s Report


No new videos, but there are still interesting and instructive videos to sign out.





            There was only one letter regarding the State Fair.  Not really clear on what they wanted.



Old Business


            The Family Picnic will be held on Thursday, August 22, at 4:30 PM at the Nicodemus Church on Lideria Rd., Marilla, in the St. Bemus Reserve picnic shelter.  Meat, rolls and drink will be supplied.  Bring a dish to pass and enjoy just being with friends.  Pat has the sign up sheet.


            Paul has the signup sheet for workers and turners for the fair.  All help is appreciated.  The raffle prize is a scroll saw clock.  Second prize will be a bowl.  The first prize winner will be allowed to choose either the clock or the bowl.


            There will be a beginners session @Barb’s Barn on the Sunday, August 25th.  Please let Barb know if you are interested.


            There will be a session @ Barb’s Barn on Sept. 15, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  John Cave is the instructor.  He will be demonstrating lidded boxes.  The class has been filled, but Barb will be taking names in case of openings.



New Business


            Because the building used for the Women’s Exhibits at the Erie County Fair is being torn down, Jerry Rucker has been discussing taking some of the old beams from the building and making something for the women to save.  We don’t know how many things we’ll need to make, but it would be a good will gesture. 


            The last of the colored wood is here.  Ron Fults is donating what he bought back to the club.  He bought the wood and can’t us it.  After the fair, we’ll get together to see what we want to do with it.  Possibly some other club might want to use some of it.





                        Rusty Ellis – acrylic & spalted beech pens

                                             zebra maple bottle stops

                        Ron Hudson –various wood magnetic wands

            John O’Neil – 2 maple bowls

            Pat DelMonte – sassafrass bowl for the fair                         

            Gary Jones – 2 broad leaf maple bowls                                

                        Rick Mialki – honey locust bowl

                        John Duggan – 4 pens           

                        Don Rust – red heart segmented vase




                        Jake Debski – maple box

                        Mike Wright – green ash bowl                       





50/50 Drawing – Gary Jones 

            Rocklers Certificate – Gary Jones

            Colored Wood – Rusty Ellis





            The evening at Pat DelMonte’s home was very entertaining.  He demonstrated making bowls.  He is really good at that.  Thank you, Pat.



Respectfully submitted,


Brian R. Defoe, Secretary