VOLUME XVII       ISSUE 124     July 14, 2012

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




 The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, August 23, 2012


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Pres. Ron Hudson called the meeting to order at 7:30


Guests: Patty

               Mike Gotthall, from Woodturners I


Treasurer, Pat Boggan, report for month of June, 2012


Beginning Balance: $3,780.25


























$  19.00






Prizes (3x34)

$ 105.00







Dep. Transfer

$ 300.00




$ 300.00



Jake Debski (lathe)




$ 697.47





$ 405.00 

$   19.00


$ 697.47

$ 300.00




Vice President’s Report


            Rusty brought the notebook for sign-up for small demonstrations or suggestions, for following meetings.  These demos should be held to about 5 to 10 minutes each.  You should also mark down if you need a lathe for what you want to do.


            Everyone was thankful for the gifts for the school on June 6.


            An e-mail was received from Andy Cole regarding a Demo he hopes to set up at the Pembroke High School in October.  The fee for the demo would be $500.00 and is in the works.  It was suggested that Woodturners I and Woodturners II might want to share the costs and go together to put this on.  Brian made a motion that the 2 groups put this on together.  It was seconded, discussed and passed.


Librarian’s Report


            Brian has a number of videos that he has from time to time ordered from Woodworkers Guild of America.  The videos are as follows and can be signed out at any time:          

                                    Essential Band Saw Techniques

                                    Furniture Making

                                    Cabinet Making Techniques

                                    Table Saw Tips & Techniques




            See the Vice President report above.


Old Business


            Jake picked up the lathe and the chucks.  Rick Lawrence is working on a new stand as the old one was in real bad shape.  The stand is made out of oak with drawers.  He will be submitting a bill for the hardware.


            Rick Miaki picked up the light for the lathe.


            Rick gave a report on the scheduling of workers for the fair.  Many people have signed up to help out, but there are still a few openings.  Please sign up.  Pepper is in charge of the tickets for the fair.  If you have any questions or would like to help out contact either Rick or Pepper for information.


            Last month it was suggested that we put together a set of rules for using the club lathe and other equipment.  Barb and Pat will be working together on it.


            There are about 13 people signed up for the family picnic on August 23 at 4:30PM.  It will be held at the St. Bemus Reserve picnic shelter in Marilla. Bring a dish to pass.  Meat, rolls and drink will be provided, so we need to know how many are coming.  Please contact Pat to let her know if you would like to attend and how many you’ll be bringing.  She will also be e-mailing everyone a week or so before just to remind everyone.


New Business


            There are some people who took items home to finish for the fair.  Some of them have been returned, but more need to be returned.  Please contact Rick if you have any of these items.




            Since we didn’t get a complete list of the names and items shown, I’ll give you a rundown. The items were: a open segment vase made out of wenge maple, bloodwood & walnut, beech door stoppers, bowl for Make-a-Wish, natural ring top from the inside of a black locust tree, pressed wood laminated pins, a cherry bowl, a hard maple burl bowl.  If I missed anyone’s item, please let me know.          






50/50 Drawing – Pat DelMonte ($15.00)

Show & Tell Winner – Pat DelMonte




            Pat DelMonte was not only a gracious host, but he also demonstrated making bowls.  His bowls are in great demand and he has become very generous in his willingness to train others and in giving some of his work for the groups Make-a-Wish program.  Thank you, Pat, for inviting us to your home and workshop.


Respectfully submitted,


Brian R. Defoe, Secretary