VOLUME XVII       ISSUE 144     June 12, 2014

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




President John Lilley

Phone Number: 716/662-0270



The next scheduled meeting is Thursday July 10, 2014.


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Pres. John Lilley called the meeting to order.  


Visitors: David Hall and Scott Clark


Treasurer, Pat Boggan




Petty Cash


Petty Cash


Petty Cash


Bank Acct.


Bank Acct.


Bank Acct.


Club Balance Total




$   10.00









$   20.00


















$   30.00


















$   21.00









$   80.00


















$  101.00

$ 416.82



























Vice President’s Report


The July meeting will be at Ron Hudson’s house.  He will also be doing the demonstration.


Librarian’s Report:


          Remember to check out the videos and books on projects and procedures from our librarian, John O’Neil.


Old Business


          Bob Rosand’s demonstration at Barb’s Barn was a great success and very interesting.  The was a charge ($200.00) to the club for his demonstration, however, he requested that instead of paying him, the money should go to The Bread of Life Food Bank in Colden in memory of Jim Hilburger.  Motion was made by Gary Jones and 2nd by John O’Neil to go ahead and do this.  Motion carried.


The July 10th meeting will be held at Ron Hudson’s house, 5394 Merlau Rd., S.Wales.  It will start at 7:00PM.  Ron will have directions for everyone at the next meeting.


          The Annual Picnic for August was discussed.  Barb moved that the picnic be held at St. Nicodemus Reserve picnic shelter in Marilla.  Ron has already reserved the shelter.  There will be a sign up sheet for anyone coming.  It will begin at 4:30.  Bring a dish to pass.  The club will supply meat and drinks.


          The next items on the Woodturning Idea List for demonstrations, as suggested in last month’s newsletter are as follows: pill box, plant dibblers, plant stand, plate stand, platter, pocket mirror, rattles, rolling pins, salt and pepper shakers, scoops, sewing kit, spatula, pinning wheel, spurtles, stamp holder, stool, tableware, tool handles, toothpick holder, tops, and trivets.  If anyone would like to demonstrate making anything suggested on the list, please let Rusty know.


          The investigation into a camera and projector for demos is still a work in progress.  Craig and John have been trying to put this thing together.  Once they figure out how the cameras and screens work out, they will get things going.  John and Rusty will be going into the school office tomorrow to talk to them about using some of their equipment for this project.


          On Saturday, October 4th, there will be a Woodturning Demonstration by Joe Ruminski from 9am to 4pm at the Dale Association, 33 Ontario St., Lockport, NY.  Brian is selling tickets to this event.  The tickets are $20.00 each.  There will be more information as time goes on.  Lunches will be from a local restaurant.  Many interesting things are being planned for this event so make sure you mark your calendar.  It should be well worth the time and money.


          He will also be holding a hands-on session at Barb’s Barn.  The cost for this event is $45.00.  Joe will be doing 2 projects, but is waiting to see what people might want to have demonstrated.  There is a sign up sheet.


          Minn wax products will be raffled off at the end of the meeting.  We will be handing out tickets for the raffle.


          Rich Mialki has the sign up sheet for the fair. The Scroll Saw Club has donated a tower.  Bob Rosand made some items at his demonstration.  A motion was made, seconded and carried that the items Bob made should be used for the fair, but more is needed.  Please support our effort.  Workers and turners are greatly needed each year to make our booth run smoothly. 


New Business


          Wood Craft Supply in Woburn, Mass. is involved in Turn for Troops.  They want to know if we would like to make pens for the troops.  They will send supplies to make 10 pens.  If you are interested in doing this, please let John know.


          Lance was at a meeting at the Castelany regarding a showing of wood turning craft art.  This would be like sending in your items to be exhibited in a museum.  You would send the items in and he would decide which ones to show.  If anyone is interested, please let Lance know.  He has to know before the end of the year.


          A suggestion was made to donate money to the Bread of Life Food Bank in Colden in memory of Jim Hilburger.  Gary Jones made a motion that we donate $200.00 and anyone wishing to give personally, notify Pat.  Motion was seconded by Barb Burger and passed.


          John O’Neil suggested that the name of the club be changed to the Jim Hilburger Turner’s II Club.  Jim was instrumental in starting this club and brought a lot of people into the club with his enthusiasm and talent.  He was a great support to new members and old alike.  Before anything can be decided, we have to investigate the legal side of changing the name.  This discussion has been tabled until further information is available.    




SHOW AND TELL              


          John O’Neil – cherry candy dish

          Rusty Ellis – hickory drum sticks

          John Lilley – maple bowl

          Gerald Rucker – knotty pine fair wood

          Gary Jones – purple heart bowl

                              black walnut bowl

          Don Rust – red heart curved ram

                            ebony maple

          Rich Mailki – variety of pens and basket

          Paul Boland – oak and maple salt and pepper shakers

          Lance Eggleston – maple 2 colored bowls

                                       Various sprites and pixie horses




            Rocklers Certificate – Gary Jones

             50/50 – Ron Hudson




          Gary Jones demonstrated power buffing and finishing.  These are very important final steps in any project.  He did a terrific job.


Respectfully Submitted,

Brian Defoe, Secretary