VOLUME XVII       ISSUE 123      June 14, 2012

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




 The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, July 12, 2012


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Pres. Ron Hudson called the meeting to order at 7:30


GuestsJohn Rayner


Treasurer, Pat Boggan, report for month of May, 2012


Beginning Balance: $2,911.25


























$  19.00






AAW Grant





$ 850.00





$   19.00

$ 421.12


$ 850.00




Vice President’s Report


            Rusty has a notebook for sign-up for small demonstrations or suggestions, for following meetings.  These demos should be held to about 5 to 10 minutes each.  You should also mark down if you need a lathe for what you want to do.


Librarian’s Report


            There is nothing new to report.  However, there are always books and videos on woodworking projects and instructions on the use of the different tools used.




            Balloons Over Niagara is an event being held on July 27-29.  Anyone interested in participating or going should contact Kathleen Saunders @716/614-6201.  There will be activities for everyone.


            Pat DelMonte isn’t going to make it tonight, but he said if you want to come early on Thursday, July 12, let him know.  His phone number is 965-4372.


            There is also an all day demo in Pembroke on Sat. July 28.  The amount for this is $20.00.  You sign in and pay at the door.


Old Business


            Last month it was decided we get some prices for the lathe and tools mentioned in the grant we received.  Jake asked Rockler to give us some prices.  They are as follows:


                                    Jet Lathe @ $594.99

                                    Drill Chuck @ $27.59

                                    Mores Taper @$13.20

                                    Talon Chuck @ $204.00


            These items total $839.78.  Our grant was for $850.00, so we are within the boundaries of the grant.  Rich made the motion to buy the Jet Lathe.  Barb seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


            Jake moved to buy a magnetic light from the clubs account.  Brian seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


            Jake will pick up the lathe and deliver it to Barb’s Barn.  Rick Lawrence will look at the cabinate and make sure everything is solid.  Rick Miaki will pick up the light.  Barb will take care of the lathes


             It was also suggested that a list of rules be made up for the proper and careful use of the machines.  This is so items used are taken care of properly.  Jerry Rucker suggested a demo on lathe care and maintenance and proper use might be a good idea.


            Rick has the sign up for the fair.  Pat has a sign up sheet for the picnic.  Please sign up for these activities so we have a good idea of the people involved. 


New Business


            Rick brought in some brought in some toys for someone to take home and finish off for the fair.  He also introduced John Rayner who donated 775 toys for Make a Wish.  A big thank you to you, John.


            The judging for the 3 top projects for thank you gifts to the school is to be held after show and tell and with the other drawings of the night.




            Brian Defoe –zebra wood & black walnut ring holder

            Gerald Rucker – sourwood bowl

            Gary Jones – cherry wood bowls and door stops

            Paul Wojtanik – 2 oak bowls and a vase

            Jim Hilburger -            ash wing cone tops, magic wands, and door stops

            Rick Lawrence – cherry carion bowl

            Barb Berger – ash angels

  - babinsa necklace (apple & holly cedar, tulip wood,

    banchi pod, &  honey locust were also used in

    these items) 

Rick Shriber – eucalyptus bowl

Pat Boggan – pen

Sean Wright – ash decorating elf kit from the demo last month




50/50 Drawing – Paul Boland ($19.00)

Rockler’s Gift Certificate – Richard Shriber


The winners of the vote for the items to be presented to the school as thank you gifts will each receive $35.00.  The winners are as follows:


Paul Mozuchowski

Jake Debski

John O’Neil




            Gary Jones gave a demonstration on making necklace pendants and a buffing demo.  The intricacy of the pendants was amazing and fascinating.  Buffing is an important part of finishing any project.  Thanks Gary for a great demo.


Respectfully submitted,


Brian R. Defoe, Secretary