VOLUME XI†††††††† ISSUE 49 June2006

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday July 137:00 pm

Note: see below for directions to Mike Zientekís where meeting will be held.


The Presidentís Corner by Kurt Hertzog


One of the best reasons to join an AAW Chapter (or any woodturning group) is to learn. Those interested in learning to turn, or expand their turning expertise, will have plenty of opportunities to see the work of others, watch demos at meetings, befriend other members for mentoring, and attend various outside learning forums. Attending and paying attention is all thatís required. However, the amount of learning varies depending on the amount of attention paid and the amount of practice and experimentation done afterwards. The key words are ďpractice and experimentationĒ. If you sit through the demos or see an interesting idea at a meeting, you wonít maximize your benefit from it by just watching it. Youíll need to practice it, master it, and then continue to experiment with it to fit it into your own repertoire. The osmosis of the information in doesnít guarantee itíll come back out in usable form by magic. It takes some effort by you.


My reason for bringing up the subject is to get people thinking about taking advantage of the opportunities available. Weíve already spoken about watching club demos and seeing work of others at the meetings. What about one on one help or mentoring? Some clubs have a formal mentoring program and others donít. Regardless of the formalness of the mentoring program, have you ever asked another club member or turning acquaintance for some help? If you havenít, you may be surprised when you do. Iíve never experienced another turner who wouldnít take the time to help, particularly if you are eager to learn and have a specific need they can help with. Youíll need to fit their schedule and meet at the most appropriate location. Is that too much to ask for their time and expertise helping YOU can learn something theyíve already mastered? If itís important to you, you should be able to fit their availability versus whining about how nobody can seem to meet your schedule.


Another of the great learning opportunities is outside events that are available. Have you ever attended the multi-club turning events held at the local Rockler store, the club picnics, or the fundraising turning event at the county fair? These events bring turners from many local clubs to another venue where you can watch, learn, practice, and build friendships. Whether you are an absolute novice, an accomplished beginner, or very experienced, you are welcome to come and participate. Sometimes youíll be giving. Other times youíll be taking. Most often, youíll be doing a bit of both. The point is, if you donít attend the event youíll never have the chance to do either. What about the national events? Many members say that the cost of attending the annual national turning events (Utah Woodturning Symposium in Provo and the AAW Symposium in the changing host city) prevents them from attending. The costs are indeed high and many cannot attend based on this. Itís very understandable. If you canít attend the national events, what about the local events? We have a top shelf local turning event in Albany in October (14 & 15). Itís only a short drive and the costs are very reasonable. National and international demonstrators perform there each year. That same weekend, weíll have another famous turner and teacher in the area. John Jordan will be demonstrating at one of the local high schools for a very nominal cost. If you canít go to the nationals, or the local turning symposium (Albany), whatís your excuse for not spending $20 to see John Jordan turning and teaching all day right down the street?


My point is that your opportunities to learn turning and expand your horizons are limited by YOU! You have many chances to learn from your friends and neighbors or some of the most famous turners in the world for either free or a very modest sum.YOU need to take advantage of these opportunities. Itís not the clubís responsibility to teach you how to turn. Itís your responsibility to learn from the opportunities presented to you by the club.






President Kurt Hertzog opened the meeting promptly at 7:30 PM.




 New members Gail Warzel and Marci Bonnet were welcomed


July meeting will be held a Mike Zientekís shop at 8653 Hunters Creek Rd, Holland at 7:00PM on July 13

Directions to Mikeís shop:


From Buffalo: Take 400 expressway to the end, merges at 16 south.  Continue on to Holland. Turn left at light (Vermont Street). Take Vermont St. to end at Hunters Creek. Turn right onto Hunters Creek. Approximately 1/2 mile down on left hand side. 8653 Hunters Creek Rd.  Look for Zientek Woodworking Trailer. 


From Springville-Boston:  Take Rt 16 North to light in Holland. Take Right on Vermont St. Take Vermont St. to end at Hunters Creek. Turn right onto Hunters Creek. Approximately 1/2 mile down on left hand side. 8653 Hunters Creek Rd.  Look for Zientek Woodworking Trailer. 


From Rochester: Take thruway get off at 48 A. Turn right onto Rt 77. Continue to Rt 20A (Blinking red light) turn right on 20A. Continue on 20A through a small town of Wales Center. Just outside of Wales Center, turn left on Hunters Creek. Take Hunters Creek for 8 miles. End at 8653 Hunters Creek. Look for Zientek Woodworking Trailer.




We need items for the fair. Turn up some and Jake will store them. It takes a lot of product to sell and raise $6000 or more forĒ Make a WishĒ. So get out on that lathe and make some things that we can sell at the fair for the kids.



If your are receiving a hard copy of this newsletter and have an e-mail address, please send that address Kurt Hertzog at KHERTZOG@ROCHESTER.RR.COM. You would then receive an announcement that the newsletter has been posted to the website via e-mail each month. It would help defer some of the cost the club spends each month.




Old Business

Rich Mialki gave a report on fair. People are encouraged to sign up to either sell or demo turning to help the Make a wish cause.

Tickets for the John Jordon demo in Oct. are available. See Kurt or Lance


New Business


Items from the Library are missing. The librarian will be calling people with outstanding items.


Club received a letter from Nashville Tennessee Symposium to be held Aug 12th & 13th.


Bob Weisidel has extra black walnut. You may contact him at992-9833 if youíre interested in some.

Gary Jones has 2 honey locust trees down. Call him at 662-1310 if interested in some.


Show and Tell

Kurt Hertzog: Provo pen display and items for fair

Rich Mialki: spinner toy

Paul Mazuchowski: a retro bowl

Jake Debski: lidded box;

Brian Mazuchowski: small bowl with votive for Motherís Day gift

Gerry Rucker: vase with wood burning and painted decoration

Bill Perry: Natural edged bowl

Dan Vucic: bowl

Jerry Weisedel: small platter & pens


Winners in the staff gift competition were: Jake Debski, Paul Mazuchowski, Kurt Hertzog, and Jerry Weisedel. Congratulation to all.







Gary Jones: Rockler

Jake Debski: Craft Supply

Ron Hudson: 50/50



 Kurt Hertzog gave the demo on sharpening and turning with an Ellsworth gouge. Thank you Kurt for sharing this information with the members.



Hereís one I found in Woodsmith: When wiping off excess stain in confined areas or inside corners, use a wedge-shaped cosmetic sponge. The sharp defined edges allow you to get stain out of tight areas without leaving any smears.


Respectfully submitted,

Muriel Kummer