VOLUME XV            ISSUE 37   JUNE 2005

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Monday, July 18th at 7:00 PM at Jed Donahue’s


The President’s Corner by Kurt Hertzog


Summer Meetings Date, Place, and Time Changes

The regular season is over and we won’t be using the school building for our summer meetings. If you show up there, you’ll have plenty of parking spaces. PLEASE NOTE the summer meeting date, location, and time changes. We’ll have our July meeting at Jed Donahue’s ranch in Springville on MONDAY, July 18th at 7pm. We’ll put a map on the website to help those who’ve not been there before. Our August meeting will be held at Barb Berger’s place on MONDAY, August 8th at 7pm. (It’s okay to show up early to turn or get set up. There’s nothing magic about 7pm) While both meetings will be informal, please bring your show and tell items. The plan for both meetings is turning, turning, and turning. We’ll have plenty of lathes setup to have demos, practice, and teaching. Plan on bringing a few tools to make items for the fair. The newer members should bring their questions and problems. We’ll have the members on hand to work with you and help you with your issues. While we’ll have a few lathes there, don’t be afraid to bring your tools, wood, and lathe accessories (centers, chucks, keys, etc.) so you’ll be sure you have what you need.


Toyfest ?????

When we decided to join the Turners 1 in their Erie County Fair efforts, it was to be our main effort in fundraising. Against my suggestions that we focus on the Fair and do it in a bang up manner, the motion was made and passed by a huge margin that we do both the Fair AND the Toyfest. As of now, we have 4 people signed up to work at the Toyfest (Sat & Sun, Aug 27 & 28). Where is the huge crowd who passed the motion to do both?????? Four people aren’t going to get it done. The Toyfest is the weekend after the 12 days of effort at the Fair. We told the Toyfest operators that we wanted a complimentary double booth in the food court. They provided it. Now the ball is in our court. We’re going to need turners, sales people, and items to sell. We’ve only got a certain amount of inventory and it’s liable to get consumed at the Fair. Get in touch with Jake Debski to sign up. It’s time to walk the talk!


Videos and Books

Sam Ciccia does a great job of maintaining the library and bringing it in to the meetings for the convenience of the club. Please make sure you are taking advantage of this benefit of club membership. Over time, some of the items go missing. Look around the house to see if you’ve got any club library materials that need to be returned. We’ve got some items “lost” that we’d appreciate back in our loaner system. If you have woodturning related books, tapes, or DVDs that you would like to donate to the library, please bring them in. We’ll graciously accept these items and make sure they get put to good use.



We’ll be having elections in the fall (October meeting, I believe). While that sounds like a long way off, it’s not too soon to be thinking about it. All of the offices are open. Per the by-laws, the current officers are required to put forth a slate of candidates who’ve already agreed to accept their nomination. This was done to avoid the last minute squeezing of people into service. We want people who want to do the job, not those who get shamed into filling an office to avoid it being vacant. As an officer, you’ll have your AAW dues paid for the year since the officers are required to be AAW members. Other than that, the perks are lots of work. In reality, there is no job that can’t be done well by someone willing to put in the effort. It’s a chance to give back a bit and it really is fun, believe it or not. Get in touch with me if you have any questions regarding any of the offices and the commitments. You can also find out the job descriptions and responsibilities in the by-laws. If you have an interest, please let any of the current officers know so we can include you on the slate of willing candidates. We’ll have nominations from the floor in September of course but it’ll help us to know earlier.

Thanks, Kurt


President Kurt Hertzog opened the meeting promptly at 7:30 welcoming guests.


Treasurer Jay Ferrand reported the following for the month of April 2005


Starting Balance $2,687.14

















50/50 RAFFLE








Prize Money



































Vice President Ann Raby a demo on texturing  by Jim Myers


Old Business   Rich Mialki has a tip published in the Wood Workers Journal


New Business the next meeting will be at Jed’s ranch July 18th  7:00 bring your lathe for turn arama check web site for map. Jake Debski reported on toyfest Aug 27th & 28th  only four people signed up to demo or sell. We need more people! Jake made a motion to buy a variable speed lathe motion seconded and passed. Barb said Bob Rosand will be at the barn for a demo on fri. & sat Nov. 4th & 5th.


Safety   discussion on table saw safety and the use of push sticks.




Ann Raby     peppermills

Kurt Hertzog            yahoo pen display

Bob Hoeing                turned boxes

Dave Breth   bowls and cups

John Chavanne      bowl

Gary Jones    wedding goblet

Paul Boland   honey dipper and bowl

Jay Ferrand   goblet

Lance Kanaby   bowls

Rich Mialki    old time toy


Another month of great turning and very nice turning from our newer members.


Craft Supply cert.   Jay


Rockler cert.    Kurt


50/50  Jake




Jim Myers gave a demo on texturing. This is a very interesting way of finishing your work. Jim showed many different ways of texturing from a knurling type tool needle gun used by welder to a small butane torch. Great demo Jim.