VOLUME IX             ISSUE 27    JUNE 17, 2004


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, July 8 at 7:00 pm.

We will meet at Barb’s Barn.

This will be a hands on turning meeting.




Mary Robbins a longtime member was injured in a farm accident recently. Details are sketchy at this time but Mary is reportedly in serious condition. Our good wishes and prayers are all we can do at this time.


Pen turners! On Saturday June 26, there will be a Freedom Pen Turning Marathon at the Rockler Store. These pens will be sent to our GIs in Iraq. Rockler will donate the pen kits and supplies. All it will cost the area Clubs is their time. If you can’t make the Marathon and would still like to participate, call Ed Jolls at 716-631-8922. Ed will make arrangements with you to receive supplies necessary to make the donated pens.


President’s Letter


The end of the regular season is here and it’s summer vacation. As we usually do, we will continue meeting during the summer. The hosts for the summer meetings are Barb Berger and Jed Donahue. Thank you to Barb and Jed for sharing your shops with us.


The next meeting, July 8th will be a “turning meeting”. While we’ll have the briefest business meeting with show and tell, the balance of the evening will be to turn. Plan on attending and turning with the group. If you have a mini-lathe, bring it along. Certainly bring your tools and materials as the goal for the evening is to practice, turn, have fun, and make some inventory for the Toy Fest event. If you are new, you’ll get plenty of help. If you are not so new, lend a hand showing the newer members some of the skills and tricks you’ve learned.


While the meeting at Barb’s is planned for 7PM, it’s okay for people wanting to get an early start to arrive at 6PM or later. Car pool if you can since parking may be at a premium, depending on the weather conditions.


While you enjoy the summer, think a bit about the upcoming season. We’ll be having elections sooner that you realize. While I am not positive, we’ll have most, if not all, of the positions open. Even if they were not, wouldn’t it be nice to have an election, rather than a rubber stamp. Please consider running for office. There is not any position that can’t be done by any of our members. It really is a way to give back a bit.


Have a fun summer.






Vice-President Rich (Bud) Sarama held the gavel for the June meeting. Bud welcomed Rick Wierzbicki’s son Roman to his first meeting.


Bud announced what details there were of Mary Robbins’ accident. He then went on to give a brief overview of the recent St. Leger Demo, ending with a thank you to all that assisted and to those that attended.

 In his comments, Bud mentioned the letter that we sent to the AAW, publicly thanking Bob Rosand and Linda VanGehuchten for their extraordinary help with the St. Leger Demo. We owe these people, including Mark St. Leger a huge debt of gratitude, for making this one of our finest Demo’s! Speaking, for the organizing committee, we are forever indebted to these three fine people.


 Bud announced that Jim Hilburger would be the evening’s demonstrator.



Treasurer’s Report


Beginning balance    $3,112.33
Expenses                                              Income
Toyfest Booth              - 100.00            Dues                           $ 20.00                               *St. Leger Demo      - 1,426.40           May Demo monies       655.00    

                                                             50/50                               22.50

                                                              Patches                             6.00

                                                              Web Fee/ Club One     167.70

                                                                     New Balance - $2,457.13


(*) If you wish a detailed breakdown of demo expense/income see Jake at the July meeting. I will give you a printed copy.


Old Business


Our Club collected $70.00 for our favorite charity at the Rockler Turning  Weekend. A check in that amount will be sent to the Springville organization.


Jim Meier has sent for, and is waiting for delivery of, the book and video to be donated to the Hamburg Library in Lloyd Crissman’s memory.


It was announced that the members should look at the items on the school donation table and vote for their favorite. The top three vote getters would be awarded $35 each and the fourth place entry would receive a Craft Supply Gift Certificate.




New Business


Ed Jolls from Rockler will, starting in September, issue a $10 gift certificate monthly to our Club. The club, in any way we see fit, can use these certificates which are redeemable at the local store.


Congratulations are in order for Steve Imerese and Jed Donahue. Steve was invited to display his work for the first time at the Allentown Arts Festival. Jed was invited back to the festival for the third consecutive year. This is a juried show and being invited is quite an accomplishment.





  Instant Gallery (show and tell)




Paul Mazuchowski – the top Paul made at the St. Leger hands-on was his featured project this month. Paul claimed that his top would spin uninterrupted for 2min. and 45 sec. No stopwatch was available to verify this outrageous claim. The top was very nice looking and well-crafted


Jim Hilburger – also showed his hands-on top. It too was finely crafted, as would befit the Western New York “2-minute Top Man.”


Rick Wierzbicki - has discovered treasure in his firewood pile. Rick turned a series of bowls and a flying angel from woods found in that pile. Great find, Rick.


Jay Ferrand – something different from Jay this month. He actually used local specie of wood for this project, walnut. Two very nice weed pots were the result.


Ann Raby – expanding on her goblet theme created a music box housed inside the goblet’s cup. Another smaller goblet was also crafted. Ann is rapidly mastering goblet making.


Paul Boland – should be commended at the outset. Paul brought a segmented turning that was less than a success for him, he shared with us what went wrong and what he will do to remedy it. Thank you Paul, we can all learn from one another’s mistakes.


Roman Wierzbicki – participating in his first meeting and show and tell treated us to a boxed pen and pencil set. It’s nice to see a younger person shares our interest in turning.


Jim Meier – showed the bowl he had turned at the Rockler Weekend.  It was a natural edge bowl with a pleasing shape and well crafted.


Jim Hilburger won the Craft Supply Gift Certificate drawing and Ron Mostel took home $22 from the 50/50 drawing.


School donation contest – winning thirty-five dollars each were Jake Debski-square turned clock, Bill Perry-Norfolk Island Pine oil lamp, and Rick Weirzbicki-flying angel. Jim Hilburger picked up fourth place and his second Craft Supply Gift certificate of the evening for his walnut wedding goblet.


It must be mentioned here that only a couple of votes separated the top entries. Fourth place was in fact a draw, with 4 or 5 entries gathering same number of votes. A drawing conducted by the attending officers chose the recipient of that award. All entrants need to be recognized and commended for their fine work and generosity. Thank you.




There is only one Jim Hilburger, and we were treated to a classic Hilburger Demo! What is there to say about chips flying, high-speed squealing cuts, and self-depreciating humor, except Bravo! Jim’s technique is excellent; the flow of information almost demands note taking, and the showmanship unparalleled. Did I mention funny? The finished product was impressive. Especially considering the time constraints. I would venture a guess that we will see several similar goblets, from different members, on the show and tell table in the near future.


Thank you, Jim, for an informative and entertaining demo. It was a very fitting end to this season’s school sessions.


July demo


There will be no business portion to the July meeting. We will instead turn items for the Toy Fest Event. If you have a mini-lathe please feel free to bring it, if not, bring your favorite tools and some material. There will be some limited wine stopper blanks available but unfortunately not enough for everyone. The same goes for stick pen blanks, if I can find a volunteer to drill them, I’ll cut them. (Call or e-mail Jake) Anyone willing to donate blanks, we will be very thankful.


Elmer’s Corner


One look at the school donation table and it becomes very obvious that our members are steadily improving their turning techniques. This year’s projects are more creative and better rendered than in any previous year. There has been a steady growth in these areas in the four years I’ve been associated with our group. I think we can take pride in the fact that we are all learning and expanding our turning horizons. Since the expansion and teaching of turning skills is the stated mission of our organization it is safe to say we are accomplishing our goals. Well done to each and every member.


Keep turnin’