VOLUME VIII             ISSUE 16     June 28, 2003


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, July 10, 2003, at 7:00 pm.


The meeting will be at Barb’s Barn!!!





Summertime !!!


The July 10, meeting is at Barb’s Barn.

The August 14, meeting will be at Jed Donahue’s


Need directions?

Call or e-mail Barb, Jed or Jake


Harry Hunt will give the Demo at Barb’s. Harry will show us how to make a stool using only hand tools and a foot- powered lathe. Please try to carpool parking is limited at Barb’s.


Jed has as yet to announce his program, but I’m betting we can count on Jed to keep us well entertained.


The two hands on workshops at Barb’s Barn given by Bob Rosand were a big success. For those who were lucky enough to be able to attend, both days were filled with fine instruction, fun, camaraderie and carrot cake and cheesecake “to die for.” We owe many thanks to the Rosands, Bob and Sue, for their patience and guidance, Barb Burger for use of her splendid facility, and Bud Sarama for making all the arrangements.


For those who may not know, our good friend and enthusiastic Club contributor, Elmer Baumer, has passed away. Elmer was a “doer.” We’ll miss him both as a member and an all around good man.



President Ron Hudson called the group to order at 7:30 sharp. Ron welcomed several guests to the meeting starting with our featured demonstrator, Bob Rosand and his business manager Sue Rosand. In an effort to give as much time as possible to Bob Rosand’s Demo, the meeting was shortened considerably. Also welcomed and participating in his first meeting was our treasurer’s son Brian Mazuchowski.



Treasurer Paul Mazuchowski, reported the treasury now contains $1,867.46


Show and Tell:


Again to keep things moving we showed but didn’t tell very much. We had an impressive display of work on the table. The newer members’ works show much promise and our veterans keep expanding and exploring new territory. It bodes well for future sessions.


Paul Mazuchowski led things off with his most recent full sized turned western hat.


Lance Kanaby – large platter turned from exotic Cambodian Satinwood.


Ben Antonio – a selection of pens.


Ann Rabby – tool handles wine stoppers and a display for the stoppers.


Brian Mazuchowski – an offset-turned whistle.


R. Bud Sarama – two full size western hats.


Jerry Weisedel – a medium size bowl turned from the root ball of an unknown species of tree.


Jay Ferrand – bottle-stoppers and a unique method of displaying them.


Paul Putt – bottle-stoppers.


Jim Cristo – a cherry bowl turned from the core of a larger bowl.


Bill Perry – hollow form vase.




Ann Rabby won the show and tell gift certificate from CRAFT SUPPLIES USA.

Lance Kanaby won the 50/50 drawing.


After Show and Tell and during the short break, to give Bob Rosand time to set up, the members were asked to judge the pieces entered for donation to the school staff. The members were to vote for their favorite piece and the top three vote getters would each receive a thirty-five dollar cash prize.


With only one vote separating first and second Jim Cristo’s cherry bowl took top honors. Bill Perry’s Norfolk Island pine hollow form was second, followed by Jerry Rucker, in third place, with his inlaid Jack Brown style vases.

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who donated items. The entire membership benefits from these donations. They go a long way toward keeping our relationship with the school strong and pleasant. Everyone, all the members, come out winners because of your efforts.

The donated items were delivered to the School staff on Monday, June 16. Jim Hilburger and Jake Debski made the delivery. The school staff was very impressed by and appreciative of our efforts. We also secured the use of the school for the upcoming year.




There are many well-known, talented turners. There are also some fine teachers. Our featured demonstrator for the evening, Bob Rosand, was a rare combination of both. Bob gained and held our attention through his entire demo. He led us step by step toward the completed, small, textured, lidded box. He would stop and back up if a question was raised then effortlessly continue. It was a worthwhile, informative, and valuable lesson in turning. Thanks Bob.