VOLUME VII             ISSUE 6         June 18, 2002


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is July 11, at 7:30 pm.

The meeting is to be held at Barb’s Barn

The July demonstration has yet to be announced.


The August 8, meeting also at 7:30 will be held at Jed Donahue’s.

Jed will be the featured turner (demonstrator.) He will be doing deep hollowing.

There will be no newsletter in July and August. Gone fishin’



The donated gifts were delivered to the School offices on Friday, June fourteenth. Jim Cunning and Jim Hilburger made the presentation. The School staff was delighted with the amount and quality of our donated turnings. Seeing the smiles and listening to the compliments from the staff made me proud to be a part of this organization. Everyone who donated items and participated in this effort is to be commended. Your generosity enhances and reflects well on us all.


The Pembroke Woodturners Guild  will be hosting a demo program on Sunday September 22, featuring the world renowned turner David Ellsworth. This will be an all day affair, so breakfast and lunch will be available. Tickets ($20.00 per person) and information are available from any of the persons listed below.

Jim Meier 585-343-8752, Batavia, NY woodtrnr@rochester.rr.com

Lance Kanaby 716-634-9400 or 716-316-3969, Clarence, NY lkanaby@buffnet.net

Randy Hodge 716-433-5164, Lockport, NY colran@worldnet.att.net

Tony DiGiulio 716-892-6341, Cheektowaga, NY digiulio@bluemoon.net  

Jim Schnellinger 585-599-3502, Corfu, NY eschnell@rochester.rr.com  ________________________________________________________________________

Another Ellsworth option

Is being presented by The Rochester Woodworking Society.

So for those turners with scheduling conflicts…..

David Ellsworth will also be in Rochester demonstrating on Friday, September, 20 and Saturday, September, 21. Contact http://www.rochesterwoodworkers.org/ or Kurt Hertzog at (585)359-2235 for more detailed information.




A fairly large crowd was in attendance as President Ron Hudson gaveled the June meeting to order. Ron welcomed everyone and announced “…we have a celebrity with us tonight.” Ron went on to say that Jed Donahue’s vase had received an Honorable Mention award at the recent Allentown Arts Festival. We had a good laugh because Jed was busy scanning the crowd for the “celebrity” and not paying much attention to what Ron was saying.

Ron Hudson passed around some photos that Ron Fultz has taken at the Carvers show back in April. These pictures will be placed in the Club scrapbook if you wish to see them.



Treasurer’s Report


Paul Mazuchowski reported that the treasury currently had a balance of $ 1,030. Paul also had an updated list of current paid-up members. We currently have seventy-eight members. He had printed copies of the list, which he passed out to anyone interested. Paul mentioned that our newest member was Nora Drogi. Many if not most of us know Nora because of her long association with Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. Welcome Nora, we’re glad to have you in the organization.


Vice-President’s Report


Jim Meier outlined the list of probable demonstrators for the next couple months. He then asked to be replaced as the chairperson of the committee working on the mini-symposium. He stated that other duties prevented him from giving the committee the attention it deserved. Jim also briefly spoke of the up coming September Ellsworth demo.


Old Business


At last month’s meeting it was decided that we would present one of the $15.00 gift certificates (from Craft Supplies) to a participant in the Show and Tell portion of our meeting. The participant was to be chosen by random drawing. Well, last month’s meeting ran a little long and we forgot the drawing, so we held that drawing at this meeting. Last month’s newsletter has the names of the participants and Lance Kanaby is the winner of the certificate. This month’s winner will be chosen after Show and Tell.


Jim Hilburger earlier in the meeting was reminding everyone to wear his or her nametag. Ron Hudson repeated the need to wear them or pay the fine.


New Business


Ron Hudson issued a President’s Challenge. A donation of sixty-five brass shoehorns was received from Ed Jolls and Rockler Woodworking of Clarence. These shoehorns are designed to have a wooden handle. The challenge is to design and create a handle. Anyone wishing to participate was given a shoehorn and asked to complete a handle and present the finished product at the September meeting. Although Ron indicated that a prize or prizes would be awarded for some of the more outstanding entries this is not really a competition. The purpose is to focus on the “creativity.” Someone almost always has an idea that the others just didn’t think of. It is the “idea” that is important, because it gets you thinking in other directions. Paul Mazuchowski will accept and collect these completed shoehorns from anyone willing to donate theirs to the Club for the next charity show. It is not required that you donate them, but it would be nice since the shoehorns were a donation from Rockler in the first place. Once again we owe Rockler and Ed Jolls a large thank you. Had it been necessary to buy these items, the Club would have spent over three hundred dollars for them.


Jim Hilburger asked for volunteers to possibly assist Club I at the Erie County Fair. If it is decided that we (Club II) are to participate, volunteers will be asked to turn and sell in four-hour shifts. You will receive a parking pass and a gate pass good for the day of your shift. As is the case with our Club, anything you turn at the Fair is sold for charity at the Fair. You will receive no compensation for time and material. Last year Club I raised three thousand, eight hundred dollars for the Make-A-Wish Foundation at this event.


The items donated for the school staff were presented for judging. Members were asked to vote for their choices. The entrants were as follows:


Sam Ciccia- walnut desk pen and holder set


Ron Mostel- cocobolo and walnut bell


Jerry Rucker- segmented bowl


Paul Mazuchowski- boxelder bowl, walnut hollow form


Don Lamb- two walnut pens, elm bowl


Bill Perry- Norfolk Island pine bowl


A thirty-five dollar prize was awarded to the three top vote getters. They were:


#1 Jerry Rucker,  #2 Paul Mazuchowski,  #3 Bill Perry


All the entries were top quality and their makers deserve plenty of praise.


Show and Tell


For the second month in a row the Show and Tell table reflected how the turning skills of the members of this club are growing.

Leading off was Ron Mostel. Ron brought a box full of projects. He showed us the bell he entered, a walnut bowl layered with light colored veneer, a walnut bowl with inlaid rings, and the segmented reverse turned vase that he showed us a few months back. This time he had devised a way to complete the neck portion of this piece to his satisfaction. He did this by using a shop built steady rest. He thanked Paul Mazuchowski for helping with the design of the steady rest. Three small bowls, a Corian vase, and a couple cocobolo goblets rounded out his display.


Paul Mazuchowski was next with a new hollowing tool. This is a ring tool that is adjustable. It can be very aggressive or relatively mild depending on the settings. Paul had a plastic bag full of shavings that the tool produced. These shavings had the consistency of curly French fries. His work included a walnut hollow form lacquered, a natural edge maple bowl finished with Waterlox, a boxelder bowl, and a maple bud vase both lacquered.


Barb Berger showed us a “History of the Lathe” drawn or printed on veneer. Barb said it once belonged to her brother and was passed on to her by her brother’s wife.


Jed “the celebrity” Donahue allowed us to gaze upon his prize winning sycamore vase. The vase was turned end grain and natural edge. Jed finished it with tung oil and wax.


Rich Mialki showed a cherry toothpick holder and a lidded maple box.


Jim Meier came next, Jim had a box elder natural edge vessel.


Elmer Baumer showed us the vacuum pump that he, Lance Kanaby and Jim Hilburger have been collaborating on for our club lathe. Elmer said some more work still needs to be done, but it is near completion.


Jake Debski brought three small bowls. One turned from very dead and discolored elm and the other two turned green. The green bowls, one elm and one honey locust, were both turned green then frozen in an attempt to stabilize them. After thawing in the refrigerator for several weeks the bowls were re-turned. The freezing worked on the locust, and the elm had dried intact but way out of shape, making it impossible to re-turn properly.


Sam Ciccia showed a small but deeply hollowed maple goblet he had turned.


Jerry Rucker gave a brief description of the segmented bowl he was entering in the judging. The bowl contained over fifty individual pieces of wood.


Bill Perry showed his bowl made from Norfolk Island pine.


All the above names were placed in a hat and one was drawn for the gift certificate. Jim Meier won this one.




Muriel Kummer won the evening’s drawing, $17.00 was the split.




John O’Neil of the Rochester Woodworkers  Society and inventor of the “Vacuum Gouge” was the featured demonstrator.

John gave an excellent demonstration of his invention. He gave us a history of the how and why of the Vacuum Gouge and a run down of the fits and starts of trying to get a new product to market. By the end he had piqued the interest of several members enough to sell a few units and had promises of future sales. Thank you John, for a good evening.


Report from the Barn


As most of you know Barb’s Barn was the site of another turning workshop this past Saturday (June 15.) Jim Vasi, president of WNYWoodturners I, gave a class on goblet turning. After about an hours instruction and demonstrating Jim turned the participants loose to try and duplicate what they had just observed. Jim oversaw twelve students and eleven lathes. The place was humming to say the least. Jim did an excellent job of teaching and encouraging anyone in need. It was a very enjoyable day and we must thank our very gracious hostess, Barb Berger, for allowing us access to her home and shop. There were two Jims there Saturday and both must be commended for their contributions, Jim Vasi and Jim Hilburger. Jim Hilburger was there… “just to take pictures.” Hilburger’s enthusiasm for the turning craft is infectious and even when he is “just taking pictures” is very encouraging.

I would like to add one more comment. Of the twelve participants eleven were from Club II. Jim Vasi did not have to give his Saturday to us with no compensation of any kind, but he did and for that we should all be grateful.


Don’t forget the July meeting will be held at Barb’s Barn in Elma, and the August meeting will be at Jed Donahue’s place in Springville. Maps and directions will be sent to everyone on the current mailing list. If at all possible ride with a friend or friends, as parking is not as convenient as at the School.


See You in July at Barb’s, and Keep Turnin’

At the next meeting we should be getting reports from Kurt Hertzog on the Utah Symposium and several other members should be reporting in about the AAW Symposium. It will be very interesting.