VOLUME XI         ISSUE 48 May 2006

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, June  8th at 7:30 pm


The President’s Corner by Kurt Hertzog


We’re winding down to the end of another school year. This month, we’ll have our collection of gifts that we donate to the school staff as a small “thank you” for their kindness and hospitality throughout the school year. Please do your best to bring in a turning (or turnings) to help us in this effort. We’ll have a vote on the donated items to choose winners for the three $35 prizes to be awarded, compliments of the club. Win, lose, or draw, all of the items you bring in for the “competition” are to be donated to the school staff.


With the end of the school year, we’ll be having our summer meetings at one of our member’s homes. The June meeting will be our last meeting held at the school until this fall. Please don’t forget to check the next newsletter and/or the website to find out where the July and August meetings will be held. If you show up at the school in July, you’ll have plenty of empty parking spaces to choose from.


We’re still looking for candidates for the elections coming up in October. All of the positions are available. We do have a candidate for Secretary but need at least one candidate for President, V President, Treasurer, and Webmaster. Please give serious consideration to running for one of these offices. The club runs on volunteers. Perhaps it’s your turn to volunteer. If you have questions regarding the various offices, contact the current holder to get the particulars. The definition of roles and responsibilities is also defined in the by-laws. You can visit those in the member info area of the website at: http://www.wnywoodturners.com/memberinfo/bylawsmaster012405.htm.


Don’t forget that the Erie County Fair is coming!!!!! We need all kinds of turnings, and lots of them, to help support our charity fundraiser. We won’t have enough items for sale if we count on the turnings at the event. We need to get things in ahead of time. If you need ideas, please visit the website Coming Events write-up for the link to the “ideas” page. If not, visit http://www.wnywoodturners.com/galleries/fairexamples.htm. Bring your items in to any of our meetings so Jake can collect them for the Fair. You’ll have a chance at the gift certificate drawings.


As I wind down as Webmaster, I have one last idea to implement. Way back when, Sam suggested that we allow members to offer their works for sale on our site. While I still don’t really subscribe to that, I think I have a workable idea to allow members to be contacted directly by website visitors. For those who want to OPT IN, I’ll be glad to include your email address on your gallery pages along with a statement to the effect of “if you are interested in these turnings, please contact me at”. Also planned is a hot link to anyone’s personal website where they have their works available. If you own your own domain and have a hosted site, let me know and we’ll find a way to put a link to it. While I can’t guarantee any additional traffic, our site is now running over 9000 unique visitors each month. With that kind of traffic, you should wind up with some additional visitors to your site. Again, this is an OPT IN system. If you want to participate, let me know. If not, do nothing and per our privacy policy, none of your personal information will ever see the light of day.






President Kurt Hertzog opened the meeting promptly at 7:30 PM. Our guest were: Daryl Martinke, Ben’s Mom; Nancy Zientek, Mike’s wife; Gail Warzel and Pat Boggan. Gail and Pat are now new members



 June Demo: Kurt Hertzog will be doing a demo on sharpening the Ellsworth bowl gouge along with tips and tricks of using that type of grind on your turnings.



A reminder from Jake, that in June, the contest for projects for the school staff will be held. The members will vote on the items and the top three vote getters will be awarded a $35.00 prize. All items brought in will be donated to the staff as a thank you for all they do. So turn up something and bring it in.


Summer meetings will be held at a member shop. If you think you have a big enough area to host a meeting let us know at June meeting. Barb and Jed have hosted in the past and will continue to do so unless someone else wants to.


Tickets for the John Jordon demo in Oct. are available. See Kurt or Lance


We need items for the fair. Turn up some and Jake will store them. It takes a lot of product to sell and raise $6000 or more for Make a Wish. So get out on that lathe and make some things that we can sell at the fair for the kids.


October elections will be here before you know it and we are in need of new officers of the club. The existing one are leaving except for me. So think about taking a office so our club can continue to run smoothly.



If your are receiving a hard copy of this newsletter and have an e-mail address, please send that address Kurt Hertzog at KHERTZOG@ROCHESTER.RR.COM.  You would then receive  the newsletter via e-mail each month. It would help defer some or the cost the club spends each month.


Treasure Jay Ferrand reports the following for the month of Dec.















































































Old Business

Jimmy Clewes demo held on May 6th and 7th was a great success. A big thank you to Barb and Jake, who put a lot of time into the event to make it what it was.


A motion was made by Jake and seconded by John O’Neal to buy a set of Jimmy’s DVD’s for our library. It was passed

See Kurt if you are interested in purchasing an inexpensive bowl gouge so you can have micro beveled one for turning in small curves like the boxes that were made at the work shop.


Kurt shared with us that the number of hits our website get has increased a lot over the years. He has been the webmaster since its inception and would like to step down. If you could take over this job it would be greatly appreciated by all.


Steve Imerse, Rich Mialki, and Al Schultz are our fair coordinators this year and will have the sign up chart ready for June meeting. Consider spending a day at the fair to turn or sell.

New Business


Jim Hillberger presented the “Jim Hilburger Living Tree Award” to Barb Berger. Congratulation Barb!!!  You are one of the most deserving people I know for this award.

Also, a big thank you to Paul M. and Jake D for making the beautiful award. Great work both of you.


Show and Tell

Kurt Hertzog: 10” Lidded box made at Jimmy Clewes workshop; pen set from glued up wood he showed us last month

Debbie Hachey: Jimmy Clewes lided box

Rich Mialki: 7 pens; Christmas tree ornament he is making for the fair

Ron Hudson: mahogany bowl, spalted maple lidded box, ring holders, and egg cups for the fair

Paul Mazuchowski: bottle corks for the fair

Jake Debski: Jimmy Clewes lidded box;

Paul Mazuchowski: Jimmy Clewes lidded box with inside bigger than outside

Ann Rabber: Jimmt Clewes lidded box slao with inside bigger than outside

Ron Hudson: Jimmy Clewes lidded box

Ben Martinke: Jimmy clewes lidded box

Jay Ferrand: Jimmy Clewes lidded box

Ken Schweickert: box elder candle holder

Paul Boland: ornament out of an egg with turned top a bottom finial, it’s lucky to exist

Gerry Rucker: 3 bowls, 2 weed pots to be donate for fair

Al Tanyi: an awl

Jim Meier: roughed out bowl – more to come



Ned Evans: Rockler’s

Rich Mialki: Craft Supply

Bob Harrington: 50/50

Pepper Weinheimer: Jim Meier donation: CA glue accelerant





 Jim Meier gave the demo on alternative chucking methods. Jim demonstrated a variety of chucking techniques that offer the turner ways to chuck their turnings and not have to always spend a lot of dollars on manufactured chucks. Thank you Jim for a very informative demo.



 I found this one in Handyman magazine: Here’s a way to clean your shop vacuum filter without filling your back yard and your lungs with shop dust. Put the filter in a plastic garbage bag, knot or grip the bag’s open end, then gently spank the filter to dislodge the dust. Set it aside for awhile to allow the dust to settle, and then remove the filter. The dust is easily disposed of and remains in the bag.



Respectfully Submitted, Muriel Kummer