VOLUME IX             ISSUE 26    MAY 30, 2004


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, June 10 at 7:30 pm.


Jim Hillburger, will demo his captive ring goblets.




The Western New York woodworking community has lost another good friend. The passing of Lloyd Crissman recently marks the end of yet another era for woodcarvers and woodturners alike. Lloyd was the “go to guy” at the Erie County Fair’s woodcarving exhibition. Lloyd also belonged to many of the carving and turning organizations in and around Western New York. He was friendly, knowledgeable and willing to offer his advice when asked. He will be greatly missed.

We here at WNYWoodturners-II offer Lloyd’s family and friends our deepest sympathy.


Remember !! the turning weekend at Rockler June 5&6. We will be joining the other area clubs in this “for fun weekend.” Rockler is supplying the tent and the hot dogs; you bring your tools, a sense of humor and we will all have a good time.



Pen turners! On Saturday June 26, there will be a Freedom Pen Turning Marathon at the Rockler Store. These pens will be sent to our GIs in Iraq. Rockler will donate the pen kits and supplies. All it will cost the area Clubs is their time. If you can’t make the Marathon and would still like to participate, call Ed Jolls at 716-631-8922. Ed will make arrangements with you to receive supplies necessary to make the donated pens.



Don’t forget ! We will judge and award three prizes of $35 each to the top three entries in our “best school donation” contest at the June meeting. In addition, the fourth place winner will receive a Craft Supplies USA gift certificate. ENTER, “hey you never know.”


President’s Letter


Mid Year Progress Review


The January President’s letter outlined my plans and goals for the year. Now that we’re half way through the year, it’s time to see where we are with respect to the original course and what’s left to do. The original bullets are listed briefly here. If you want more original explanation on any particular point, please find your January 2004 newsletter or review that newsletter issue on the web.


Adopt New Charity Fund Raiser – We have completed the selection and have plans in place to participate in our selection this August. We will be using the Toy Fest event as our “big event” charity fundraiser for the year. If it pans out, we’ll continue it in coming years. If not, we’ll review it and make any changes necessary. We have and will consider participating in other smaller events as they become available and as the club sees fit.


Improve Relations Between All Three Clubs – This doesn’t have an end point but will be an ongoing effort. To date, we’ve done the following. We’ve opened up the events at Barb’s Barn to all three clubs. We’ve started sessions at other sites (i.e. moved some traditional barn events to Pembroke and will consider others as well). We’ll be having our first multi-club turning event at Rockler. These are the beginnings of a journey to have all of the clubs on a better relationship. We’ll continue this effort.


Improve Club Activity Participation – This also is an ongoing effort. We’ll never change things overnight but we’ll continue to encourage more support for group events. Club participation at the recent Carvers show was great. We need to continue to encourage that type of participation getting more members involved and help spread the load.


Maximize Meeting Efficiency – Again, this will be an ongoing effort. My reason for attending the meetings is to talk, see, and learn about turning. The minutia of running the club takes away from that and should be handled whenever possible in another forum. To that end, I have tried to include the elected officers in an informal “board” where we can cover most of the club administration outside of the regular club meetings and only bring things to the club meeting that require the clubs input or approval. This has met with varying degrees of success. I will continue to focus on trying to maximize the “fun” at meetings and minimize the non-turning related content.


Expanding Our Fundraising Event(s) Preparation – We have come a long way on this point. It is rare that we have a meeting where we don’t have turnings to add to our stockpile. I have tried to lead by example and more and more people are participating. Barb has kindly provided the storage space and managed the materials. We have made great progress on this point and will continue to spread our efforts throughout the year on a continuing basis.


Re-write the Club By-Laws – This item is underway. The current by-laws do not speak well to many issues such as roles and responsibilities, over all organization, unforeseen vacancies, quorums, methods of by-laws change, or even our correct name. There has been an effort underway to put a comprehensive set of by-laws together for the club to consider. I have asked three long-term and respected members to work with me in preparing a package for the membership to consider. Barb Berger, Jim Hilburger, and Jake Debski have been asked to assist in this task. The membership will receive a special mailing with the proposed by-laws to consider in the near future.


These were the major points documented in the January President’s letter. Your assessment may differ from mine but I would conclude that we have completed some, have others well underway, and some will never be finished. They are truly a journey, not a destination. Considering that half the year is over, I feel we are well on our way to successfully accomplishing the plan.








President Kurt Hertzog gaveled a large crowd to order.



Treasurer’s Report


Beginning balance – 2665.33
Expenses                                              Income
                                      Member’s tickets        15.00

                                                      50/50        12.00

                                           Bank promo         300.00

                                                Hands on        120.00                                                                                                                                


                                                                                          New Balance - $3,112.33


Vice-President’s Report


Rich (Bud) Sarama reported on the progress and planning for the Mark St. Leger demo.


Old Business


Planning is underway for our July meeting at Barb’s Barn. We will utilize the opportunity to have a turning session for our August Toy Fest sale.


Paul Mazuchowski presented Linda Spors with a check for $204.00. These monies were collected for the Preschool Learning Center at the Southtowns Wood Carvers Show.  This brings our total charitable contributions to the Center to $3035.00. Thank you to all who gave so generously of their time and effort.


New Business


Jim Meier volunteered to select and purchase a video for the Club to be presented in Lloyd Crissman’s memory to the Hamburg Library.

  Instant Gallery (show and tell)


As it has been for sometime now, show and tell is one of the high points of our meeting. It inspires new ideas and offers moments humor that we all seem to enjoy and look forward to.


Muriel Kummer – showed us her newly developed and boxed for presentation “Wine Lovers Serve and Save” kit. It includes a couple of nicely turned stoppers with the high-end metal and neoprene “corks,” several ID charms to place on the stem of the wine glasses (you could probably also hook them on the edge of your mason or jelly jar.) This was all kept neat and readily available on a wooden rack that Muriel also makes. Muriel has raised the bar on the local stopper business, nice job


Debbie Hatchey – turned some pens from corian. It was her first attempt using this type of material, and she was quite successful with it.


Gordon Fritz turned pens and light pulls from material he purchased from Fiberon of Buffalo. This material is similar to diamondwood, which as the name implies, is very hard. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?


Mike Hatchey – showed several urns that he turned on commission. Mike used brass threaded inserts to screw the tops to the bodies of the urns. It was a very effective method to secure the tops. Mike’s turning has enjoyed a quantum leap in both quality and design lately.


Gary Jones, one of our newer turners, displayed his creative side by turning an oil lamp from walnut and crafting a top for it made from slate. Quite impressive.


Jay Ferrand – once again showed his preference for exotic woods. Jay crafted two small bowls from Australian She Oak and Eucalyptus. They were very well crafted.


Ann Raby turned a wedding goblet for her own upcoming wedding. Jim Hillburger taught Ann this type of turning. She says hers are now better than his. (Grin) No comment on that claim, but Ann’s goblet was a dandy.


Jim Hillburger brought two of his goblets to show the group. These were turned from walnut  and as we expect from Jim, the craftsmanship was excellent.


Rick Wierzbicki – showed us his pool cue turned from Fiberon. It was Rick’s first attempt and he obtained really fine results. Now he says, he has to find ways to reduce the weight of the cue so it is within tournament limits.


Kurt Hertzog - Kurt has been busy. He brought six bowls of various woods; a lidded box made from a sea urchin and also a series of spin tops was included. I don’t know where Kurt finds the time to do all that turning , but he does and he does it very well.


Bill (Norfolk island-pine) Perry brought along his latest endeavor, an oil lamp turned from (you guessed it) Norfolk island-pine. Just to throw us off he added a “Revere Bowl” turned from a local Florida wood called “earwood.” Both pieces were up to Bill’s high standards. 



Paul Putt, delivered the evening’s demo program. Paul explained his methods for adding decoration, both carving and painting, to enhance his turnings. Paul talked about the tools needed and where the ideas came from. He also explained where he does this work and how he finds it therapeutic in nature. Paul is comfortable in front of a crowd, which keeps his audience both attentive and relaxed. It was a fine demo, of interest to all who attended. Thanks, Paul.


June demo


Because Jim (chips flying) Hillburger has asked for more time to do his demo, we will shorten the business portion of the meeting as much as possible. It will be important to keep announcements, etc, short and to the point. Thank you for your indulgence.


Elmer’s Corner


I recently heard a quote on the radio, by an unknown author, that sums up my turning experience. See if you agree.

“It takes minutes to learn but a lifetime to master.”




Except for important announcements the June NL will be the last newsletter until September.


Goin’ Fishin’


Keep Turnin’