VOLUME VIII             ISSUE 15     May 14, 2003


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, June 12, 2003, at 7:30 pm.


Bob Rosand will be our guest Demonstrator.






The Bob Rosand hands-on sessions at Barb’s Barn are currently filled and a waiting list has been started. Rich Sarama wished to remind those who may not have already paid for the workshop to do so as soon as possible.


Once again we need donated turned items. These will be given to the Hamburg Middle School staff to show our appreciation for the use of the facility. We need all kinds of items; pens, bottle stoppers, and vessels. Anything you are willing to donate. Please remember the use of the school costs our Club nothing. It is the least we can do. Please bring your donated items to the June meeting for collection.

We will also once again hold our annual judging to pick three of the “best” donated pieces. Prizes of $35.00 will be awarded to each of the three pieces. Winners will be determined by membership ballot. As a reminder, if you enter a piece for judging, even though you do not win, it must be donated anyway. We have had some very nice work donated in the past; let’s continue that tradition!




Vice President Rich (Bud) Sarama, filling in for President Ron Hudson, called the meeting to order and welcomed new member Lloyd Crissman to the meeting.


Treasurer Paul Mazuchowski, reported the treasury now contains $1,817.16.


Old Business:


Ron Hudson had asked me to research a place called The Sawmill Center for the Arts. The Sawmill Center is located in west central PA, off I-80 near Clarion, in a state park named Cook Forest State Park. Sawmill offers a full spring, summer, and fall schedule of arts and craft classes, shows, and festivals. They also have two consignment craft stores they say are the largest of their kind in the Northeast. They maintain a website at http://sawmillart.tripod.com/ 

You can call them at (814) 927-6655.  Look them up or call for more detailed information.


The several members that attended and maintained a Club booth at the Southtowns Wood Carvers Show reported a very small turnout. The group collected seventy-two dollars over the two days. Jed Donahue presented the money to Linda Spors for distribution. Jed and Jim Hilburger thanked the other members that participated and supported the Clubs efforts. Besides Jed and Jim there was Sam Ciccia, Ron Fultz, Roger Harris, Bob Harrington, Rich Mialki, and Jake Debski.


New Business:


Barbara Berger was asked to speak about the passing of a friend of the Club and a personal friend of hers. Brian McIntosh was like an adopted son to Barb. Brian was, according to Barb, instrumental in the creation of the Barb’s Barn sessions. Brian gave the first several hands on sessions free of charge, out of kindness and a love of turning. Many of our current members, myself included, did not know Brian very well because health problems forced him to curtail many of his activities for the last couple years. After a discussion of how to properly pay tribute to Brian, it was decided, by motion, second and vote, to honor his memory as we do all members that pass. The Club will purchase a turning video (in this case by his friend Bob Rosand) and donate it to his local library in Thorold, Ont. in his name.


Anchor Seal is holding a silent auction to support the American Red Cross. They have asked many of the woodworking clubs and guilds to donate handcrafted items for this purpose. Contact Rich Sarama or Paul Mazuchowski if you are interested.




Show and tell:


Ron Fultz- came up with a simple yet clever way to attach stock to the lathe to turn “bun” style furniture legs or feet. Ron uses all thread and threaded inserts to do this.


Jerry Rucker- turned two flower vases with inlaid decoration ala Jack Brown. Jerry is always trying new things “just for fun.” His results are almost always very noteworthy.


ED Katz- made a bunch of tops as well as a canarywood plate, maple bowl, and mahogany bowl. Ed is learning fast and doing really nice work.


Bill (Norfolk Pine) Perry just back from Florida turned a large vase out of, what else, Norfolk Island pine. Bill also showed us a beautiful “rosewood” vase turned from a wood that grows locally in Florida.


Rich Mialki- ever persistent showed a silver maple goblet he turned. Seems he had trouble keeping it on the lathe, every time it came off he put it aside only to try again later. Well, it paid off; Rich has a nice goblet he can be proud of. He also exhibited a light pull turned from yew.


Gordon Fritz- stating that every time he visits Hilburger, “I wind up doing different projects.” This time he has a bunch of well made bottle stoppers to his credit. Gordon also walked away with yet another Craft Supply gift certificate.



Jim Meier- showed several pens he turned during a recent demo at Rockler. Jim has been turning pens for a long time and has the techniques down pat.





Roger Harris won $25.50.






Paul Mazuchowski held the attention of the group as he went through the steps in making turkey calls. Paul shared his little tricks to get the job done quickly and well. Many members, not being hunters, were seeing and hearing a turkey call for the first time. Although not real difficult to make, it requires care in fitting the slate soundboard to the wooden body and obviously you want an attractive finished product that works well. Paul explained all this in detail. Thanks for a fine demo, Paul.


To add interest and dramatically improve how well we can see what the demonstrator is doing, we used the new state of the art video set up belonging to Jim Hilburger. It consists of three small unobtrusive video cameras, a switching station and a monitor. The observer/operator can switch to any one of the three cameras to provide the audience with the best view of what is being done. This should really help the audience better understand the tool techniques being used by the demonstrator. Thanks Jim!