VOLUME VII             ISSUE 5          May 13, 2002


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is June 13, at 7:30 pm.


The June demonstration has yet to be announced.






It’s that time of year again! June will be our last meeting at the school until September. Just to remind everyone the use of the school facilities costs our Club nothing, so a small token of our appreciation is again in order. As always we are asking for examples of your work. We will gladly accept any donated items. We will give these pieces to the school staff as thank you gifts. If you wish, you may submit your work to be voted on by the membership. The top three vote getters will receive $35 dollars each for their pieces. We’d like to leave the school staff, in addition to the three top items, several bottle stoppers, tops, pens, etc. If everybody brings just one item, we should have more than enough to go around. Thank you for helping.

The cancelled hands-on Goblet Turning Workshop has been rescheduled. Jim Vasi will host the workshop at Barb’s Barn on June 15, from 9AM to 4PM. As usual, the coffee will be there, but you will need to bring your own lunch and lathe/tools/supplies. You will need: 1/4" bowl gouge, 1/2" round nose scraper, parting tool, sandpaper, 3"x3"x8" blank of medium hard wood (poplar, mahogany, etc.), skew (optional), and a Nova or Oneway chuck (must have). Bring your own mini lathe or make arrangements for one of the Club’s lathes. If you can't find a few decent blanks to bring, Jim may have some cherry blocks you can buy. Anyone interested can contact Barb Berger by e-mail or phone make to reservations.


It was a smaller crowd than usual that gathered Thursday evening, but the participants’ enthusiasm and creativity were very much in evidence at the “show and tell” table. You could judge by the number and quality of the pieces on display that it was going to be an interesting evening.


President Ron Hudson called the meeting to order. Ron’s wife, Thelma, who accompanied him to the meeting, was introduced to the members and welcomed to the meeting. Ron again welcomed a new member, Gerald Guenther of Holland, NY, to the Club. Gerald commented that he had plenty of wood, a lathe, and a bunch of cracked bowls. So he decided he should join the Club to get some ideas and information in an effort to eliminate the cracked bowls.




Treasurer’s Report


Paul Mazuchowski stated that the treasury currently contained $ 1,173. For you newer members Paul said we still have a few Club patches left, but they are going really fast….ahem. So if you want one ($2.00) see Paul at the next meeting.


Vice-President’s Report


Jim Meier asked that we discuss the July and August meetings and recommended that members try, if possible, to attend the AAW Symposium in Rhode Island this summer.


Sunshine Report


On a sad note, Barb Berger said that Bob Rosand’s father had passed away recently. It was Barb’s suggestion, that in light of Bob’s past support of our organization, we should express our regret for his loss. Barb will contact Bob on behalf of the Club.


Old Business


Jed Donahue was asked to give a report on the Club’s participation at the Carvers’ Show. Jed summed it up as only Jed can……“we had fun.” In addition to the fun, we also collected a total of one hundred dollars for our favorite charity, The Pre-School Learning Center of the League for the Handicapped. That brings our total charitable contributions to The League, over the past three years, to $1849. We applaud the members who donate their time, materials and efforts toward this cause. I will not try to list them all here now, but you know who you are and we thank you.

A special thank you is in order for Sam Ciccia. Sam arranged for the tent that kept us dry and the heater that kept us warm. In addition to those two very important items, Sam also “convinced” us to leave our warm, dry homes late Sunday morning and get the show up and running for the remainder of the day. Hats off to Sam!! By the way Sam, that lighting strike wasn’t all that close. It just looked, sounded and felt that way.


Ron Hudson indicated that he had received the ten, $15.00 gift certificates from Craft Supplies, USA. He then opened the floor to discussion as to how they should be used. The end result was a motion by Kurt Hertzog, seconded by Paul Mazuchowski,  to award a gift certificate to a member chosen by random drawing each month until the ten certificates are gone. To be eligible for any single monthly drawing a member must bring a Show and Tell piece to that meeting. No, you cannot bring the same piece to each meeting. (nice try) The motion was voted on and carried. 


Ron passed out information to the committee investigating the mini-symposium. 


New Business


Barb and Jed agreed to hold the summer meetings at their respective shops. We will meet at Barb’s in July and Jed’s in August. There will be more information on this subject in the June newsletter.


Stephen Imerese asked if it would be possible for the Club to purchase some new videos for the Club library. A discussion ensued and it was decided that we would purchase at least three new videos a year with funds from the Treasury. The motion to do this was made by Jim Meier and seconded by Stephan Imerese. It passed without opposition.


Paul Mazuchowski asked that the members be more careful with their Club nametags. Until now Paul has printed them at home at no cost to the Club.Well, Paul’s simple request started quite a debate. For a brief time it looked as though we might make losing a nametag into a felony, punishable by tar and feathering or worse. But after all the fun, we got down to a motion by Pepper Weinheimer and seconded by Mary Robbins. Pepper’s motion was that we will charge anyone who loses their nametag $1.00 to have it replaced. Mary made an additional motion that with so many new members we should require everyone to wear their nametag at meetings. To help insure compliance and raise a little cash for the Treasury, a fine was to be imposed for not having your nametag. Jim Meier seconded Mary’s motion. Both motions passed. The fine for not wearing your nametag will be 25 cents per incident. Wear your nametag, please!


John Skowron won the 50/50 split. John’s share came to $19.00.


Show and Tell


In my opinion, this month’s show and tell can be ranked right up there as one of the best yet. In terms of the number of participants and the quality of work it was super. Normally I would list the person, describe his or her work, and make a comment as to the quality of the piece. I don’t think I know enough adjectives to do that today and not sound terribly redundant. So, I’m going to list the turner/woodworker and what piece(s) they made. I’m simply going to say I would be proud to call any one of the pieces shown my own. Great job, folks!


Randy Hodge brought one bowl and one medium sized hollow vessel. Both were made of walnut, but one was English walnut and the other native.


Bill Perry recently returned from Florida. He showed three pieces made from woods that are readily available in Florida. Two were turned from Norfolk Island pine and one pink wood bowl made from, what his friend calls, freetoome wood. Sounds like the best kind.


Elmer Baumer showed us his “Flying Saucer” covered bowl and a black cherry bowl. The “Flying Saucer” was made from sycamore, red birch and mesquite.


Lance Kanaby brought along some petrified wood (oak) from the Pacific Northwest. I wonder what kind of tools you need to turn stonewood oak?


Paul Mazuchowski made a spalted maple bowl.


Rich Sarama brought two finished bowls. He used the “soaking in soapy water method” to stabilize them after rough turning them green. He also showed a rough turned bowl he had been soaking. Rich isn’t quite sold on the soaking method for bowls yet, although the bowls did not crack, they did warp quite a bit. Although he does think it will be OK to use for hollow vessel turnings.


Jim Meier had made several oil lamps from various woods, spalted maple, box elder, etc. A box elder piece had several bark inclusions that made the turning difficult.


Jed Donahue displayed a natural edge sycamore vase. Jed said it took some time to learn how to keep the natural edge. Because he was hollowing end grain and not long grain, it required a slightly different technique.


Sam Ciccia turned an applewood vase using techniques he saw used in last month’s demo.


And lastly but by no means least, John Skowron showed the clock, designed to look like a giant watch, that he made for his grandson. Though not turned, the workmanship and creativity made it fit right in with the evening’s displays.




Kurt Hertzog gave the evening’s demo. Kurt took us on a layman’s tour of the Club’s website. In terms even I could understand, Kurt explained how the site functioned and how he kept track of what people outside the club looked for when visiting the site. His explanation of how the Internet actually functioned was simple and easy to follow. Kurt’s designing and managing of the website, for us, has always been commendable and above reproach, but now we should all have a healthy respect for his efforts.


Elmer’s Corner


Elmer uses inexpensive brushes (chip brushes) of various sizes to spread glue. The thing that makes this unique is how he modifies the brushes. First he cuts the bristles short (1/2in.or so) to stiffen them. Then he cleans and evens the cut edge with his beltsander and a block of wood backer. The different sizes give him the flexibility for just about any gluing project.


See ya’ in June and keep turnin’


Classified  The following items are for sale.


Jet 12 in. Lathe with some accessories. 2yrs.old, great condition. $375.

Contact Stephan Imerese at (716) 688-6651


Cole Jaw Accessory Set (#WC15M83 by Teknatool) for Nova chuck. Used once. Retail new $80. Will take $50.

Contact Richard Mialki at (716) 694-5430