VOLUME XIII             ISSUE 35   APRIL  2005

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, May 12, at 7:30 pm.


Kurt Hertzog will give a demo on skews




The peppermill demo at Barb’s barn had to be changed to 2 Friday dates on May 6th  and May 13th because Jim Hilburger  has conflicts on the Sat. dates.


The President’s Corner by Kurt Hertzog

This month we’ll have our school donation contest. Bring in your items that we’ll give to the school staff for their kindness and hospitality. We’ll put them all together and have a vote on them. We’ll award cash prizes for $35 each for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Of course, everyone’s a winner and they’ll all go to the school staff. The turned gifts are a small token of our appreciation and the prizes are a bit of incentive for the membership. We have a great meeting place and this is our “thank you”. Please participate in any way you can.


It’s time to organize our charity efforts for the year. In past years, we’ve used the Woodworking Shows as our venue. With their demise, we used the Toy Fest last year. The weather was uncooperative and the club participation was not as large as we hoped for. We’re now at a crossroads. We need to reserve our space in the Toy Fest if we want to participate. It costs us two booth fees to raise money from our turned donations. The money raised goes to our selected charity.


I would like to suggest an alternative based on the current situation. We selected our charity based on one of our members’ affiliation with it. Our member is no longer affiliated with that organization. While it is still a good cause, there is no special attachment to it any longer. We pay for two spots in the Toy Fest for our charitable work. Our efforts to secure complimentary spaces have been unsuccessful. We have an opportunity to change our venue, raise money for a worthy charity, and have some fun as well.


I would like to propose that we participate with Turners 1 in their Erie County Fair efforts. The Fair runs from Wednesday, August 10th to Sunday, August 21st. We could participate with the Turners 1 and solve several problems. First, the two clubs combined would be able to easily staff the event rather than heavily relying on the few who are always overburdened with these tasks. Second, there is no booth fee so that expense is eliminated. That was just a cost to us and never did help the charity in any way. Third, we have members of both clubs in our club. This combined effort will allow them to work and help with the charity fundraising process without having two clubs pulling for their time and effort. Lastly, the participation from our club members might be higher since working at the Fair has some perks in addition to the good feeling of raising money for charity. By signing up to work a three-hour shift, you receive a free parking pass for the day and a free pass into the fair. You are welcome to enjoy the Fair before and after your “work” shift. The charity that the Turners 1 donates to is the Make A Wish Foundation of WNY. Certainly a worthy cause for the members of our club as we’re all in WNY. The suggestion is that we forego our individual club effort and combine efforts with Turners 1. Give it some thought and we’ll discuss it at the upcoming meeting.


President Kurt Hertzog opened the promptly at 7:30 by welcoming guests Elaine & Ron Niedziela, Dan Radice and Don Ross.


Treasurer Jay Ferrand reported the following for the month of March 2005



















50/50 RAFFLE

































Vice President Ann Raby reported a demo will be given by Ann Raby, Muriel Kummer and Jim Hilburger on basic turning and shop tips.


Old Business presenters and ideas for demos are needed please see Ann. A book on wood ID was purchased and was added to the library.  A contest for items made for the school personal will be held at the May meeting. The payout will be for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd  place.


Safety Corner Ann Raby handed out a pamphlet on chemical resistant gloves.


New Business summer meetings will be held at Barb’s barn and Jed’ barn.


Show & Tell


Jerry Rucker showed a John Deere tractor he built.


Jake Demski square turning and a ring goblet


Muriel Kummer wine stoppers


Paul Boland first bowl and weed pot


Jim Hilburger refrigerator magnets


Rich Mialki yoyo and wood pens


Gordon Fritz box elder and apple wood peppermills


Ron Fultz a rehabbed bird feeder and spalted salt and peppermill


Bob Collins first bowl


Roman Wierzbicki showed a weed pot and bowl he made for his girl friend


Rick Wierzbicki peppermill and small plate


Greg Csonka first bowl


Ron Hudson small bowl


John Chavanne spalted bowl


Kurt Hertzog tops that he donated and a small bowl


Debbie & Mike Hachey small scopes and trivets



Ann Raby, Muriel Kummer and Jim Hilburger gave great demos. Ann gave a demo on basic turning and lathe safety. Muriel did wine stoppers and burnishing. Jim demonstrated ways of saving money making your own sanding discs and refrigerator magnets.


Lost & Found

Our presenters and members sometime leave things or miss place things at the meetings so if you find something left at a meeting just give it to an officer and we will make sure it is returned. Jake Debski is missing a cart if you have a cart and you don’t know where it came from chances are it is Jake’s. Please return it to him at the next meeting.

Elmer’s Corner


Hockey pucks halt

tool stand vibration

Many of my stationary power tools came mounted on open metal stands. The stands support the machines just fine, but vibration makes them shift and shimmy across the smooth concrete floor of my shop.

Rather than bolt them in place, I found another solution that stops the vibration, yet lets me move the tools around. Using Forstner bits, I drilled holes for mounting bolts in ice hockey pucks (not street hockey pucks), where shown below. The rubber pucks provide solid footing for the tool stand legs, and slide easily on the floor.


-Joseph Wasnorowicz, Beacon, N. Y.         Best-Ever Workshop Tips, Jigs and Organizers 2004