VOLUME IX             ISSUE 25    April 22, 2004


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, May 13 at 7:30 pm.


Paul Putt will give the May demo on painting and carving your turnings.





We need volunteers to man the club booth at the South Towns Wood Carver’s Show. The show is to be held Saturday, May 1 and Sunday, May 2 at the Erie County Fair Grounds. Please call Rich Mialki at 716-694-5430 to sign up. We can use all the help we can muster. If you feel uncomfortable turning, just come to sell our charity items and enjoy interacting with the public and your fellow Club members.


Western New York Woodturners-II is bringing in Mark St. Leger to demonstrate for all turners who are interested in increasing their knowledge and skills. Mark will present a full day’s program of items that can be turned on any size lathe, mini to Oneway-2436. Items will include: an executive spin-top (it will spin for 3 minutes), a rocker bowl (turned with the grain on a bias), an off center pod box (using a standard chuck) and a lidded box (with hand chased threads.)

We will raffle items donated by Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, Penn State Industries, Advantage Trim and Lumber, U.C. Coatings, Buffalo Hardwoods, and others, at various times during the course of the program.

Tickets for this very promising demo are $15-for members of Club 2 and $ 20-for non-members.

To purchase tickets contact: Rich Sarama- (716) 892-4765, Paul Mazuchowski- (716) 896-3095, Kurt Hertzog- (585) 359-2235, Rich Mialki- (716) 6945430, or Jake Debski- (585) 937-7644.


A Free Sharpening Class will be given April 24 at the Pembroke Turners Guild. Kurt Hertzog will give the class. Check with Kurt for details.



On the evening of May 26, Chris Stott will demonstrate at the Pembroke Woodturning Guild. This will be a free demo, open to all area turning clubs.



President’s Letter


End of Year Gifts

It’s the time of the year for our “thank you” gifts to the school for their hospitality throughout the year. Please consider making something for our donation of items to them. We usually have 6 or 8 nice turnings (bowls, goblets, lidded boxes, bud vases, or the like) to give them in May or June. If you want to pitch in, please bring your items to the next meeting. We will have a separate drawing for a CSUSA gift certificate for the donated items to the school.


Charity Sales Inventory

We are building a bit of inventory for our charity sales events, albeit slowly. Please think about turning an item or two when you are warming up for the bigger projects. It only takes a couple of minutes and you’ll help us out. We have the Carver’s Event coming soon and the Rockler Weekend not far behind. Those are both before our biggest event at the Toy Fest.



If memory serves me, we’ll be having our club elections in October. Last year we changed the date because of the holiday. Why mention elections now? It is so far off. Well, it really isn’t that far off, particularly if this year’s elections follow the same pattern as years past.


Please give serious consideration to “running” for office. There are 4 required positions for the club to continue to be an AAW chapter. The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. In addition, we have a newsletter editor, a webmaster, and a recording secretary. Wouldn’t it be nice to let the people who have served in these positions, sometimes for many years, have a chance to just enjoy the club events rather than working them?


Each year, someone nominates most if not all of the current officers for re-election. The prevailing mentality is that this is a “show of confidence” for the exemplary job they have done. My particular take is that it is the balance of the club’s unwillingness to step up themselves. It’s certainly much easier to re-elect the people who have been doing the job rather than stepping forward yourself. If you have served in the past years, thank you. If you haven’t, why not take a turn at the office of your choice? There is not a job that can’t be done by anyone willing to put forth a bit of effort. Perhaps it’s your turn to give back a bit and serve the club.


Thank you,

Kurt Hertzog



President Kurt Hertzog gaveled a small crowd to order for the April meeting. Kurt began by welcoming Brian Mazuchowski, Paul’s son, to the meeting.



Treasurer’s Report


Beginning balance - $2726.72
Expenses                                              Income
DVD              43.00                                  Dues               80.00

Video             47.74                                  50/50              19.00

Raffle items   26.25                                  Demo tickets  215.00

Web fee         335.40                                Hands on        200.00

AAW Dues

(Webmaster)  105.00                               

Shipping        18.00                                                                      New Balance - $2665.33


Vice-President’s Report


Rich (Bud) Sarama  was unable to attend the April meeting.


Old Business


The question was raised and a short discussion followed, as to why we weren’t getting the support for our outside Demos from our own members. The question went basically unanswered. If you have any opinion on the subject let one of the officers know. Your input, positive or otherwise, is welcomed.


 New Business


Barb Berger thanked Kurt Hertzog and Jim Hilburger for all their efforts in helping her in obtaining the three Jet Mini’s for the Barn.


Turning Question


Someone asked how do they, “get one of our fine Club patches?” They were directed to see Paul Mazuchowski before they (the patches) were all gone.


  Instant Gallery (show and tell)


Jake Debski – A square turned clock


 Hilburger Manufacturing presented several spur centers Jim made (to Frank Stanko’s specs.) These spurs are set easier and firmer when roughing out green bowls. This is a clever idea and safer too, but they must be seen to really understand the how and why.


Bob Harrington – Several mechanical pens. Bob keeps expanding and improving his work.


Brian Mazuchowski – displayed his first turned sword. Learning to turn and working in the shop under his Dad’s watchful eye is helping Brian become an accomplished turner. Nice going Brian!


Paul Mazuchowski – Paul brought several items, not the least of which was the green bowl he turned to completion at the John Lunney demo. Two other bowls were impressive examples of Paul’s recently learned fluting technique, which was also to be the subject of the evening’s demo.



Kurt Hertzog – a square turned confetti lamp, a smiley face pen, and more donations for the inventory (tops). Thanks Kurt.


Jim Hilburger won the drawing for the new turning magazine.

Paul Mazuchowski won the Craft Supplies gift certificate.

Gary Jones took home the 50/50 jackpot worth a whopping $9.50.




The evening’s demo was a real attention getter, too bad so few got to see it. Paul Mazuchowski, using techniques he learned recently from a newly acquired club DVD, showed the members how he set about fluting bowls and other turned objects while still mounted on the lathe. Using an array of home built jigs and fixtures and some inexpensive tools Paul kept everyone’s interest and attention as he demonstrated how to add flutes, as surface enhancements, to turned pieces. It was quite a show and no one left early. That in itself tells us how well Paul presented the information. A very good job, Paul. Thank you.



Elmer’s Corner


The late Elmer Baumer was never shy about giving advice or sharing his opinions. In that vein I’m asking all members to please take a couple minutes and think about what changes or additions they would like to see in Wood Turners-II. What can we do to make the organization better or more responsive to your particular interests? Write your ideas down; you don’t have to sign them if you choose not to. We will have a place you can drop them at the next meeting. I personally promise all comments will be looked at and given consideration.


Thank you,