VOLUME XVII       ISSUE 131     March 14, 2013

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, April 11, 2013.


If, you are receiving a hard copy of this newsletter and have an e-mail address, please send that address to Brianne Corbett at BREELIZ@VERIZON.NET. You would then receive the newsletter via e-mail each month. It would help defer some of the cost the club spends each month.


Pres. Ron Hudson called the meeting to order at 7:30  


Guests:  James Weber, Dana Weber, & Frank Terranova.  We are always glad to have visitors.  We hope you will come to see us again.


Treasurer, Pat Boggan

Report for month of February, 2013

Beginning Balance: $3,945.93


























$   10.00  








$ 160.00






Web Master AAW dues




$  53.00




Colored wood orders


$ 262.50



$ 150.00



Transfer to Checking

$ 500.00




$ 500.00












$ 500.00

$ 432.00

$ 177.74

$  53.00

$ 650.00

$ 4,297.69

$ 4,475.43


Report for Month of March, 2013 (abbreviated)




$   11.00








$   40.00



$   20.00



Colored wood orders


$ 234.00






DVD’s (Jake)

$   66.00











Vice President’s Report


Because Bruce Trojan was ill, there will be no demonstration.  However, he will be here to show us how to do offset platters at the April meeting.  Tonight will be a questions, answers, and discussion type of presentation.


Librarian’s Report


            The library has a new DVD.  Please remember that if you are interested in learning a new technique or even sharpening up a procedure you’re already doing,  our librarian has many DVD’s that might be worth viewing.     




            A check was received for Make-A-Wish from Gary and Marge Jones.  They had a Social Club Sale and netted $578.00 for Make-A-Wish.  Thank you for your continued support, Gary and Marge. 


Old Business


            Rich made a list of chores for the Erie County Fair.  Bob Ball, Gary Jones, Joe Mosori and Jim Hilberger will be this year’s coordinators.  Any decisions will be made by this committee and reported to the club.  If you have any questions see one of them.  Rich will contact and coordinate the participants of the 4 turning clubs.  Brian will store all the donations until fair time.  Remember that donations can be carved, turned, or any type of woodworking.  All donations are welcome.


            If you wish to participate, donate, or help in any way, please don’t hesitate.  Many hands make light work.  They also make it much more fun.


            Rich and Bob Ball will be checking into the insurance information.  They will be reporting more on this subject at the next meeting.  Coverage is necessary to protect not only the club, but also the school.


            As of the present, 590 pounds of the colored wood have been ordered.  The club will purchase 1000 lbs.  Brian will pick up the wood and separate the wood to be distributed at the meeting.


New Business


            Barb Berger suggested that we have a family picnic this summer.   A motion was made, seconded and passed.  The Turner’s Club Picnic will be on Thursday, August 22, 2013.  Ron will set things up at the park in Marilla.  Please let Ron know in advance if you will want to attend.


            The July meeting will be held at Pat Delmonte’s house. 




                        Rick Lawrence – Mahongany basket weave bowl

                                                    Walnut ball clock

                        Brian Defoe – Mahongany inside-out vase

                                                Steel rest lathe support. (Home made)                                 

            Rusty Ellis – Oak & hickory handles

            Stephen Martinkiewicz – Cherry box

                                    Stag antler & bone pen

                                    Acrylic pen


            John Lilley – Cherry captive/ring goblet

            Rick Shriber – Maple burl & cherry bowls, box & candle

            Rick Mialki – Cherry small cup

            Gerald Guenther – Cherry 3 bowls




            50/50 Drawing – Pete Zaenelein

            Rocklers Certificate – John Chavanne

            Colored Wood – Rick Lawrence       

            Dowel Holder – Brian Defoe

            Dowel Holder – John Lilley






Respectfully submitted,


Brian R. Defoe, Secretary