VOLUME XII             ISSUE 34    MARCH  2005

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, April 14 at 7:30 pm.


                                    Ann Raby & Jim Hilburger – will give demos




Jimmy Clewes will do an all day demo at the Pembroke Woodturners Guild on
Saturday, April 30th. The demo will be held at the Pembroke High School and
is open to all turning enthusiasts. The cost for the demo is $25, which will
include a made to order Subway lunch and an entry ticket to the grand prize
raffle drawing. More details on Jimmy Clewes are available at
www.jimmyclewes.com more information on the event and directions to the
school are posted at www.wnywoodturners.com/comingevents.htm for tickets
contact Kurt Hertzog.




The President’s Corner by Kurt Hertzog


It’s spring and the “turning season” is winding down for some of our members. Many have other interests that infringe on turning time when the weather gets warmer. Whether it’s your boat, your cottage, your golf game, or some other set of interests, don’t let the turning season end for you before you accomplish two things. First, get your turning(s) ready for our annual gift to the school personnel. This is a small thank you on our part for the kindness and help they’ve provided to the club throughout the year. We’ll have our contest at our May meeting. All donations of turnings will be gratefully accepted. We’ll have a vote by the membership for a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize of $35 each. All of the entries will be given to the school staff as in past years. Get going! The May meeting is a little over a month away.


We also can use some items for our charity inventory. We have been receiving contributions but they have been tapering off lately. Turn a few small trinkets (or something bigger) and bring them to the meeting to donate to the cause. We’ll inventory them and use them for our charity fundraising efforts as they happen. It’s for a great cause and you’ll have a chance at the show and tell drawings with your contribution.


Since the founding of our website in May of 2001, we’ve continued to add content and build traffic. Starting with 83 visitors that May, we topped a 1000 visitors per month in



January 2002 and 2000 visitors per month in May 2002. Since then, we’ve varied between 3000 and 4000 plus visitors each month. The site topped 5400 visitors in January of this year and then over 5000 again in February. As I write this (3/22), it appears we’ll top 5000 again in March. In less than 4 years since our start in May 2001, we’ve grown our site to 480 Meg of quality (IMHO) turning related content and had over 140,000 visitors (actually 141569, you’ve got to love website logs!) I can’t tell you how proud I am. We’ve moved from a distribution mechanism for our own newsletter and a bulletin board for our upcoming events to a site that draws traffic from turners around the world. Last year, we were awarded second place in the AAW website competition. I thank all of those who’ve helped with contributions, photos, ideas, and support. We’ve come a long way on this journey and we’ve all got a lot to be proud of.





President Kurt Hertzog opened the meeting promptly at 7:30 by welcoming guest and new members Ron Gemmill and Geza Csonka.


Treasurer Jay Ferrand reported the following for the month of February 2005



















50/50 RAFFLE


















Vice president Ann Raby reported Kurt will demonstrate hand chased thread turning.



Old Business a beginners class will be held at Barb’s barn 03/18&19th. Tickets are still available for the Jim Clewes demo April 30th see Ann Raby at the next meeting. Ann Raby needs volunteers for demos or if you have an idea for a demo let her know.


Safety Corner Jake Debski told a story of a near serious accident while working on his lathe. Ann Raby handed out pamphlets on toxic solvents used around the shop. The pamphlet can be found on the Internet at benzer@flash.net


New Business  Lee Rose has a lathe for sale call him at 652-6031 for info., Webmaster fee will be split between I & II, Don Lamb has many woodworking tools for sale call him at 648-0304 for info.








Show and Tell


Jake Debski showed maple bowls and a square burl bowl turning.


Gerry Guenther cherry bowls


Gary Jones oil lamp


Rich Miaki two sizes of off center ducks


Kurt Hertzog many samples of his threading


Debbie Hachey made a nice scope and chain pull


David Breth a new member brought in his first turnings 2 very nice bowls.


Ann Raby showed a music box a neat turning that looked like Saturn.


Ed Katz showed eggs and a bowl he made. If you have ever tried to make eggs you know what a nice job Ed has done.


Murial Kummer showed her pepper mills


Rick Wierzbicki showed a clever pool chalk holder (I think he is a hustler don’t play pool with him).


Don Lamb segmented flowerpot


Ron Hudson peanuts in a bowl


Every month members bring in nice things they have made I can’t comment on everyone‘s work but they are all very nice.



Craft Supply  Ron Hudson


ROCKLER  Rick Wierzbicki


50/50 Pepper Weinheimer




Kurt Hertzog gave a demo on hand chased threading on a lathe. We have been very fortunate to have such talented turners give demos at our meetings. They give us a look at the variety of things that can be made on a lathe.







Elmer’s Corner





Hose clamp marks lathe tool rest position

When you rotate your lathe's tool rest to cut angles and tapers, it's easy to

lose track of the original elevation. And finding that exact spot again can try

your patience. Slip a hose clamp from the hardware store onto the shaft of

the tool rest in the position you want to return to, and tighten it down, as

shown above. Then, go ahead and move the tool rest to cut your tapers and

angles. When you're ready to return to the original spot, the hose clamp will

keep the tool rest at the proper level.


-William D. Phillips Punxsutawney, Pa.