VOLUME XI†††††††† ISSUE 45 February 2006

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York





The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, March 97:30 pm


The Presidentís Corner by Kurt Hertzog

One of the things I do to try to help with the newsletter is to write a ďPresidentís CornerĒ article. I do it to help the editor do editing rather than be the sole provider of material for the newsletter. Perhaps others should give it a try. I am positive that Muriel would welcome content from the membership. The newsletter is created and published for the membership to know whatís happened, whatís going to happen, and read items of interest regarding woodturning. Please consider lending a hand by contributing to the effort. Items you see of interest can be brought to her attention; original material is great, or perhaps a review of a tool or piece of equipment. Itís your newsletter.


Each month I try to pick a topic or two to touch on, hopefully without browbeating people. For the past few years, Iíve periodically touched on participation. The club has 60 plus members. There is a wealth of talent there that needs to be tapped. Sometimes a gently nudge does it. Sometimes it takes a bit more. Weíve gotten better but there still is a long way to go. Weíre always looking for demonstrators, each year we need officer candidates, and our volunteer efforts will always welcome additional support. Get involved, itís really fun.


While itís only March, itís not too soon to start beating the drum for new officer volunteers. Many folks need time to be made comfortable with the idea. They arenít sure they can do the job or are afraid to be in front of a crowd. I want to begin the process early. Not only to get interested parties lined up but to even have ďelectionsĒ by having more than one candidate to chose from. There is no officerís job that canít be done by a willing volunteer. Some take a bit more effort and time than others but Iím confident that any member willing to take on the task is capable of doing a fine job.


While I canít speak for all of the positions, Iím sure that there are three open. Iíve had one member express an interest in the Presidentís position. I am pleased that there is an interested candidate. This is my third year as President and I welcome the chance to step aside. I will not be running for President in this yearís election. Jake Debski has indicated that he plans to ďre-retireĒ after this year. Jake spent many years as Secretary and Newsletter Editor. This year he took on the Vice President/Programs position. He said he would do it for this year only. Weíll need someone to fill his shoes and allow him to rest a bit after his many years of service to the club. The third position Iím sure is open is webmaster. I started the club website in the spring of 2001. Since its inception, itís grown considerably and Iím quite pleased and proud of it. My commitment originally was to build it and see it through its first year. Itís now more than 5 years and its time to pass the baton. With the adoption of our by-laws recently, the webmaster was made an officerís position and is elected. Weíll need a candidate for that as Iíve decided not to run for that position.


If you have an interest in any of these positions, step forward and talk to the current holder to find out more. Not only are the above positions open, but Iím sure anyone with an interest in one of the other positions in the club can be accommodated. I believe that our current officers would welcome a new face and would be glad to make room for them. In the past weíve played brinksmanship with the elections. Weíve many months to plan and execute for this years elections. Letís make use of the time.





President Kurt Hertzog opened the meeting promptly at 7:30. We had 4 guests attending the meeting tonight. They are; Dan and Ned both new turners, and Jim Watson and his co-teacher of shop at Hamburg Junior High, who came to thank the club for the Jet mini-lathe that we donated. Also they are looking for anyone who would be willing to go to the school and do a demo for the students. See Kurt if youíre interested in doing this.



 March Demo: An art form done by Springet of hollowing and piercing of spheres will be done by our fellow club member, Jerry Wiesedel.


Sam Ciccia, our librarian, wanted to remind new and old members that the club has lots of good tapes for borrowing on various aspects of turning.


Treasure Jay Ferrand reports the following for the month of Dec.













































































Old Business

Paul Mazuchowski announced that the committee for the AAW chapter collaborative challenge is on their way to designing a piece to enter in the challenge. The group has decided on a flower theme. They have enough to enter the challenge but would welcome more help if anyone is interested in joining their efforts. See Paul if you still want to help in this.


Jake announced the Jimmy Clewes hand on workshop has only one slot left for Sunday. The workshop will be held at Bardís Barn on May 6 & 7


New Business

 Steve Imerese announced that the Pembroke Club and Turnerís I Club are bringing in John Jordon for a demo on Oct 14 & 15. The session will cost $20/session; $35 for both days. The First session will be a bowl turning demo, and the second session will be hollow turning with carving. The demo will be held at the Pembroke Senior High School. Put these dated on your calendar. Mr. Jordon is a world-renowned turner and well worth the $20.00



Kurt brought in a new list of members and e-mail addresses. If you didnít get one ask at the next meeting.



Show and Tell

Kurt Hertzog: 10Ē multi-colored peppermill,cherry peppermill with a new twist top, small vase, & amboyna burl bowl

Muriel Kummer: 10Ē peppermill made from oak purchased at auction in Nov. with the salt mill to match, 10 chain pulls to add to fair inventory

 Rick Wierzbicki: pool cue out of birdís eye maple & paka wood

John Chavanne: small-lidded box

Barb Berger:: flower vase turn by Brian MacIntosh filled with flowers Barb turned, and 2 pens

Gerry Guenther: variety of bowls made out of butternut, cherry, & ash

John OíNeil: cherry bowl

Rich Mialki: vase made out of an ash root

Ken Schwieckert: spalted wood tea candle holder

Steve Imerese: star segmented bowl

Debbie Hachey: mallet made out of Mahogany for a challenge at the Pembroke club

Mike Hachey: a mallet made out of Maple & paka wood for the challenge at the Pembroke club

Ron Hudson: mahogany bowl & small lidded box



Gerry Guenther: Rocklerís

Rick Wierzbicki: Craft Supply

Mark Weisedel: 50/50






The demo was a presentation by Kurt Hertzog on improving your photographs of your turnings or projects. Some of the highlights of the presentation were: What are you using the photo for? Matching your lighting and film; controlling your lighting: composition; best exposure; stability; and after picture options. Kurt kept it simple and to the point how even an amateur photographer can take simple and inexpensive steps to take the best picture of their work for whatever. Everyone got a little something out of the presentation to use in the future. Thank you Kurt for simplifying this a little for those of us that have little knowledge of this subject





 Anyone who has watched Paul Mazuchowski turn knows this one, but it is worth repeating for the new members. When sanding use a piece of leather to back the sandpaper. That way there will be no burning of the fingers when sanding on the lathe. I was able to put the leather cut off from my motorcycle chaps to a good use.