VOLUME XI             ISSUE 33    FEBRUARY  2005

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, March 10 at 7:30 pm.


                                    Kurt Hertzog  -  Will do a thread turning demonstration




Jimmy Clewes will do an all day demo at the Pembroke Woodturners Guild on
Saturday, April 30th. The demo will be held at the Pembroke High School and
is open to all turning enthusiasts. The cost for the demo is $25, which will
include a made to order Subway lunch and an entry ticket to the grand prize
raffle drawing. More details on Jimmy Clewes are available at
www.jimmyclewes.com more information on the event and directions to the
school are posted at www.wnywoodturners.com/comingevents.htm for tickets
contact Kurt Hertzog.


Jim Vasi will be giving a class at Barb’s Barn on March 19th a must class for new turners Jim is a very good teacher.





The President’s Corner by Kurt Hertzog


The winter is far from over but it’s going to be Spring one of these days. While it may seem like a long way off, we should start thinking about a couple of things. We usually have a contest of items turned by our club members and donated for gifts for the school staff. In past years, we’ve always had some very nice “thank yous” to give to the school folks who make our meeting facility possible. Our last meeting of this school year will be in June so we’ll probably have our contest in May. Since you’ll read this just before our March meeting, you’ll have a couple of months to get any turnings done that you’d like to donate on behalf of the club. We’ll have a first, second, and third monetary prize for the contest as in past years.


We also need to get going on our charity items. We usually have events to participate in and our inflow of items has been falling off. When you have a few moments in the shop, turn some small “warm up” items to donate. We’ll gladly accept any of the small turnings up through major pieces. The only problem with major pieces is that it’s difficult to have them bring what they are probably worth. People at the fairs and craft shows want to buy the bargain items. If you donate something of higher value, we’ll do our best to get the best price but we can’t guarantee anything. Remember, all of the items you bring to donate will be used as inventory for these events making it much easier for the club to participate.


If you are a member of the AAW, you’ve already gotten your quarterly magazine. I’m sure you’ve noticed the write-up on Barb Berger as a chapter sage. Not long ago, Jim Hilburger was named a chapter sage. Please join me in congratulating both of them on the national recognition for the things we all have been the beneficiaries of for so long. If you aren’t a member of the AAW, you can find the article posted on our website in the Articles section. Also, consider joining AAW. It’s a great organization that works on behalf of all of the turning community.







President Kurt Hertzog opened the meeting promptly at 7:30 by welcoming our guest for the evening: Jim Vasi president of wnyturners 1 and David Breth a new member.



Treasurer Jay Ferrand reported the following for the month of January 2005  


STARTING BAL     $2279.08


Petty Cash Expense

Petty Cash Receipt

Petty Cash Balance

Bank Account Expense

Bank Account Receipt

Bank Account Balance

Total Club Balance

Carryover from 2004








Officers aaw dues








Members dues








2004 auction








Treasurer supplies








2004 secretary supplies








50/50 raffle

























Old Business


A motion was made and seconded to accept the new by-laws. A vote was taken and the by-laws were approved.


New Business


A discussion on purchasing a book or DVD  for the club library on wood identification. A vote was taken and passed to purchase one.


Beginner’s Corner


It was mentioned there is a place at the end of Miriam st. in Blasdell that has kiln dried hardwood at a reasonable prices.



Show & Tell


Gerry Guenther – Showed some very nice tapwood maple, yellow birch, and mahogany bowls.


Gerry Rucker – Showed vases that he burned and painted at the seam.


Sam Ciccia – It seems like Sam doesn’t work any more because every month he does something extra special this month he turned a scrap piece of cherry into a vase he calls reaching - very nice turning.


Gary Jones – Showed a peppermill he learned from Jim Hilburger


Kurt Hertzog – Showed a number of bowls, boxes and turnings he demo’d for a beginners class 


Ron Fultz – Showed peppermills he made for gifts


Rich Mialki – Showed his mini tools and turnings


John Chavanne – Showed a small bowl and wine stopper he turned


Gordon Fritz – Showed a collection of pens he made and distributes to his grand children


Paul Boland – Showed a small vase with two different colored woods in it.


Something to pass along if you would like to review the show and tell items they are in the home page under what’s new. But if you don’t attend the meeting you miss the stories that go along with the pictures.






Rockler Gift Cert    Gordon Fritz


Craft Supply Gift Cert  Gerry Rucker


50/50       Paul Mazuchowski   $23.50





A demo was given by Jim Vasi on bowl turning. Jim is a retired woodworking teacher and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Jim demonstrated his way of turning bowls explaining everything from tool positioning to finishing. As a new turner I found this to be a very informative demo. As I said previously Jim is giving a demo at Barb’s barn and I am sure anyone attending will get years of turning knowledge in just one day. I would like to thank Jim Vasi again from Club 2 THANK YOU.







Elmer’s Corner


Carpet tubing makes thrifty dust duct

I recently purchased a dust collector for my shop and needed some duct- work to connect it to several machines. I'm always trying to be thrifty, so I trekked over to a local carpet shop and acquired-for free- several lengths of 4"x12' spiral- wound cardboard tubing used to roll carpeting on. These, I found, fit nice- ly into 4" PVC waste pipe fittings that you can buy at home centers.

I made several overhead runs, connecting the tubes with PVC elbows and wyes, shop-made blast gates, and varying lengths of flexible connector tubing. Gluing the joints with silicone caulk, where shown, makes a rigid, airtight fitting. A coat of paint made the entire installation barely noticeable.


Jim Maie