VOLUME IX             ISSUE 23     February 21, 2004


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, March 11, at 7:30 pm.





John Lunney, a well-known local bowl turner, will give the demo at the March meeting.


Please remember our April meeting will be Friday, April 2.  Mark your calendars, please!!


President’s Letter:


Upcoming Events


There are many woodturning events happening in WNY in the near future. You may wish to get moving on them before they fill up or are cancelled due to low participation.


Steve Worcester will be in Rochester on March 5 and March 6. For those not familiar with Steve, he is a semi-professional turner who has demonstrated at AAW Symposiums in the past along with a host of local and regional events all around the US. He is currently the moderator of the AAW’s online forums. Visit the RWS website at http://www.rochesterwoodworkers.org for more details.


John Lunney will be doing a bowl turning demo for us at the next Turners 2 meeting. He will also be doing two hands-on sessions at Barb’s Barn on Friday, March 12 and Saturday, March 13. Contact Barb at 716.652.4156 or gramabbb@aol.com for details or to register.


I will be doing a “reinforcing the fundamentals” session at Barb’s Barn on Saturday, March 20. We will cover sharpening, tool usage, equipment setup, cutting techniques, and more. If you are a relatively new turner, it probably will be very helpful to you. If you are having troubles with certain tools or could improve some of your skills, you can attend as well. Contact Barb at 716.652.4156 or gramabbb@aol.com for details or to register.


Mark St. Ledger will be visiting the Turners 2 in May. Mark will be here Saturday, May 22 through Monday, May 24. The all day demonstration is a bargain for Turners 2 members at $15. It is $20 to all others. Mark is a great demonstrator and very entertaining as well. The Sunday and Monday hands-on sessions may have space. Contact Rich Sarama at vpresident2@wnywoodturners.com for details or to register.


The Rocker Weekend is still being planned but set aside the 5 and 6 of June. We’ll keep you posted as details become available.


These are great turning events. Participate in them and improve your skills. Without sufficient participation, events like these won’t continue to be planned. We are always looking for ideas for demos and events. If you have suggestions, please let us know.







Kurt opened the February meeting by welcoming Rick Wierzbicki’s two sons, Bret and young Rick.

Kurt congratulated Steve Imerese for winning the local top prize in the Rockler Woodworking Contest.


Treasurer’s Report:


Paul Mazuchowski said the Club’s finances are as follows:

BEGINNING BAL   $2082.57
50/50                       +    $26.00
DUES                       + $200.00
COFFEE                +     $20.00
ROSAND RAFFLE  +  $53.00
INSURANCE           - $217.00
END BAL                 $2164.57


Paul also gave the good news that Club now has an official checking account. It cost the Club $150 to set-up and have checks printed. You can now make checks payable to the Western New York Woodturners-II. 

Paul later stated, after he had time to tally the paid members, that the current roster of members stands at 67. We now have room for new members at this time.


Vice-President’s Report:

Bud Sarama reported that the Mark St. Ledger demo dates and times were set and that the Friday program was being discussed with Mark as to its content.

The demonstrator at the April meeting is going to be Paul Mazuchowski. Paul will present a program on lidded boxes-simplified.


Turning Question:


Ann Rabby asked the best way to drill into a natural-edge piece without tearing away or disturbing the bark.

Paul Mazuchowski suggested that the bark around the area to be drilled be soaked with thin C.A. glue. This would hold the bark together and there would be less chance for the drill to lift the bark away.


New Business:


Randy Hodge will be making a trip to Texas in the near future. Randy plans on bringing back as much mesquite turning-stock as his van will carry. If you are interested in obtaining some of this material or would like more information contact Jim Meier or Randy directly.


Instant Gallery (show and tell):


Leading by example Kurt Hertzog turned a whole bunch of stick pens, which he donated to the charity stock-pile. Kurt also turned some very fine pens with contrasting wooden rings substituted for the standard brass rings. To top off his display, Kurt showed a small soft maple vessel he had turned at a class given by Paul Ross.


Paul Mazuchowski showed us some salt and pepper shakers he has been turning lately and that he would demonstrate making them during the evening’s program. All of which would be part of the charity inventory. Way to go, Paul. Paul also showed some toy swords he turned for his boys and a tool handle he coated with vinyl for a better grip.


Ben Antonio kept the giving for charity going by donating some of his signature bottle stoppers. Ben has developed a method of crowning a quarter and then attaching it to the top of his wine stoppers. These are very distinctive and are sure to sell well.


Gordon Fritz said he has spent his life as a meat-cutter. But since retiring, he says, he has turned into a wood butcher. Well, maybe in jest, but in practice Gordy’s pens show the mark of the craftsman. A generous craftsman at that, he donated them to the cause also.


Lee Rose glued up some 2X8 scraps and wound up with a very nice vase. He did the same thing to some oak scraps and turned it into an oil lamp. Who says you need expensive wood for attractive projects?


Ann Rabby turned and donated several wine stoppers. Thanks, Ann.


Jake Debski followed suit and donated several items. Jake also won the Craft Supplies Gift Certificate.


50/50 drawing:


Nora Drogi won $27.50 in the 50/50 drawing. Beginner’s luck, Nora?




Lots of activity, four lathes going. Stick pens, salt and pepper shakers, weed pots and bottle-stoppers were being made. Members floated from lathe to lathe to see what was going on.

  Thank you to those who participated. Rich Mialki, Paul Mazuchowski, Rich Sarama, and Jake Debski were our turners.


Elmer’s Corner:


I want to thank a couple of members for being, in Elmer’s words, doers. We tend to take for granted things we see all the time. Mary Robbins with her coffee and Sam Ciccia with his suitcase full of tapes and books are fixtures at our meetings. They are also volunteers who take the time and expend the effort to make our Club more enjoyable for all who attend. So Mary and Sam, salute guys, you deserve our gratitude.