VOLUME VIII             ISSUE 12     February 19, 2003


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, March 13, 2003, at 7:30 pm.


Jed Donahue will be the presenter of the March demo. Jed will show us his method of making Plates and Platters.







The Woodworking Show was a huge success for our organization. We collected one thousand dollars for our charity and made many new friends. Paul Mazuchowski is to be congratulated for organizing and overseeing a very strong effort. Several members were on hand all three days, and others gave as much of their time as their individual schedules allowed. It should be once again mentioned our members donated all sale items and materials.  Everyone that participated deserves a hearty “Atta-boy” or “Atta-girl” for his or her selfless effort.

Paul presented the one thousand dollar donation to Club member Linda Spors who is a representative of the Preschool Learning Center. To date the Club has collected and donated two thousand, seven hundred and fifty-nine dollars to the Learning Center.



On Saturday, April 5, WNYWoodturners-II will host a demonstration by Johannes Michelsen, a turner renowned for his wearable wooden cowboy hats. Mr. Michelsen will also be giving two daylong hands-on workshops on Sunday, April 6 and Monday, April 7 at Barb’s Barn.


 The demonstration will be held at the Charles Lindbergh Elementary School, 184 Irving Terrace, Kenmore, NY 14223. It will cost $ 20.00 per person. In an effort to make the demo enjoyable for all participants, a limited number of tickets will be available. If you wish to attend what promises to be a very fine demonstration, contact one of the following: Rich Sarama- (716)-892-4765, Paul Mazuchowski- (716)-896-3095,

 Kurt Hertzog - khertzog@rochester.rr.com , Jim Hilburger – jimhilburger@yahoo.com , or Jake Debski – (585)-937-7644  jdebski@msn.com .


Barb Burger has informed us that there are only three spots still available for the hands on workshops at Barb’s Barn. Anyone wishing to fill one of those spots is encouraged to contact Barb.



Don’t forget Webmaster Kurt Hertzog’s Challenge. Bring your recycled bowling pins to the March meeting. We are looking forward to see what sort of ideas the members   came up with for this challenge.


Jed Donahue announced that he is going to start giving turning lessons at his shop (studio.) For details, anyone interested can contact Jed at (716) 592-7507.







President Ron Hudson called the meeting to order. Ron welcomed two new members to the meeting. The business portion of the meeting was eliminated to allow more time for our guest demonstrator.



Show and Tell:


I hope the participants of this portion of Thursday’s meeting will forgive this reporter for not keeping accurate records. In addition to no written records my memory lies just south of “poor” and slightly north of “non-existent”, so if I overlooked some folks please accept my apology.


Ron Mostel brought more of his trademark inside out turnings. He also showed us a useful dust pick-up that he fabricated and is mounted in his tool-rest. Ron says he got the idea from Jim Vasi of Club One.


Ed Katz, a new participant to show and tell as well as a newer member, brought in a small bowl he turned it was filled with tops he recently made. It is nice to see a new member jump right in.


Paul Boland showed us his well-done first attempt at a goblet. Paul is also quite new to turning.


Mary Robbins displayed several nicely done confetti lights. Mary also brought a salvaged bowl she got at a yard sale.

Sam Ciccia also had a bowl filled with his turned tops. Sam has wanted to turn tops for quite some time. He is off to a good start from the looks of things.


Jed Donahue has once again ventured into new territory with his turning. Jed showed us two long neck, hollow, wooden bottles, with stoppers/ finials. As you would expect both were very well done.


Paul Mazuchowski showed us his latest rendering of a “pith helmet.” His helmet can also be used as a large bowl. Paul also won this month’s drawing for the Craft Supplies, USA gift certificate.



Super Demo:


Jack Brown of Pittsburgh gave us a splendid demonstration on making inlaid ornaments. Using many jigs, etc. of his own making, Jack explained in detail how he indexes, routs, and inlays blanks for turning intricate Christmas tree ornaments. After showing the rough lay-up of blanks, Jack took us through to a finished ornament. All along the way, he explained the how and why of what he was doing. At every step, he answered any questions from the membership before moving on. The finished product and how it was achieved carried a certain wow factor that held the audience’s attention. Jack gave the finished ornament to the Club to be used as we see fit.


It has been said “any time you walk away from a demo with one good idea, it was time well spent.” Well, between Jack’s homemade indexing head, router jig, standardized dimensions for multiple designs, and the list goes on, we certainly received quality for time spent Thursday night.

It must also be said, Jack and his wife Diane are very personable and pleasant people which made for a very enjoyable evening for all in attendance.


Kurt Hertzog’s son, Ken, was very generous and videotaped the demo for us. The tape will be available from our library (Sam the bagman) in the near future.



Elmer’s Corner:


Roy Child is a member of a well-known and highly respected family of turners and tool purveyors based in the UK. He graciously gave us his permission to reprint his article.  I hope you find this article as interesting and informative as I did.



A personal view of bowl gouges