VOLUME VII             ISSUE 2          FEBRUARY 25, 2002


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Junior High School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is March 14,at 7:30 pm.


The March demonstration will be given by Roger “the hat man” Harris.




 We are wishing Jim Hilburger a very speedy recovery. Jim is hospitalized as a result of double pneumonia.



This month’s meeting was the best-attended gathering I’ve seen in my short time with the Club. Besides our usual solid core of attendees we had many members in attendance that for one reason or another can’t make the meetings on a regular basis. We also had four or five prospective new members observing and wishing to join. It was good to see such a nice turnout.



The gavel fell at 7:30 and President Ron Hudson opened the February meeting with a welcome to all present and future Club participants. Ron and the other members also welcomed Kelly Hertzog who accompanied her dad, Kurt, just to keep him company on the long drive from, and back to, Rochester.


Treasurer’s Report:

Paul Mazuchowski reports that one thousand and fifty dollars is currently in the treasury. Paul also stated that as of tonight, nine members did not renew their Club membership and would be dropped from the member rolls.


Vice-President’s Report:

Jim Meier announced he was not having much success arranging a presentation by a “renowned” turner but he will continue to work toward finding one for us. Along this same theme, Jim showed the meeting a questionnaire he printed up. This questionnaire, available at the meeting and on the internet website, asked each member to rate their priorities as to what kind of demonstrations they would like to see presented each month. There are other questions and requests also on these questionnaires, and Jim would like as many members as possible to respond as quickly as they can by mailing the completed questionnaire to the address listed on its last page. The rating system is 1-10, ten being the most desirable and one the least desirable.

Jim is also working on collecting data from the Internet to be used as reference material by the membership and others who need information on turning.



The Pen Turning Workshop at Barb’s Barn, March 16, 2002 (9:00 am - 4:00 pm)
 presented by Richard  D  Sarama JR & Paul Mazuchowski is full. If anyone is still interested in learning to turn pens contact Richard Sarama or Barb Berger. They will place your name on a list. If they receive enough names they will schedule another class at a later date. There is also a chance someone may drop out of the Mar.16 class and you could be called to fill that vacancy.  


Old Business


There was a public announcement in Springville, NY, from the Pre-School Learning Center, complete with a picture in the local paper of our President Ron Hudson presenting the donated monies to a school official. Ron also received a letter from the financial officer of the school, Edith B. Palmer, thanking the membership for its efforts on behalf of the school. The letter and the newspaper article can be viewed in the Club Scrapbook.

 In another matter, Ron passed on the information that the school is in need of any good working computers. If you or someone you know has recently upgraded their system and would be willing to part with the old machine please contact Ron or Linda Spors, and they will head you in the proper direction.


Ron has been in contact with the AAW and they are sending him a booklet on organizing mini-symposiums. When the information arrives we will again take up that issue and see how far we can get with it.


 Craft Supplies USA will be sending the Club one hundred and fifty dollars worth of gift certificates. Craft Supplies is again leaving it up to the discretion of the Club as to how  we should use these gifts. We will discuss the options at the next meeting, so if you have any ideas come to the next meeting and bring your ideas with you. We always welcome fresh ideas.


Since no agreement was reached in discussions last month, we took up the issue of membership once again. After a bit of discussion we voted on a motion, made by Kurt Hertzog seconded by Jed Donahue, that would allow the Club to invite, the twenty odd people currently on the waiting list, plus the prospects attending this particular meeting, to join the Club. This decision made it necessary to vote on a motion by Jim Meier and seconded by Sam Ciccia, to raise the membership cap to eighty-five. Both motions were carried.




New Business


The upcoming Southtowns  Woodcarvers’ show scheduled  for April 27 and 28 was brought up. In the past our club put on a display of work and turning demos at these shows. The Carvers, several of which are members of our organization also, have changed the venue of their show. It will be held at the McKinley Park Inn this year. The McKinley management will not allow our demos to be done inside the inn. We would be allowed to do them outside under a tent. Jim Hilburger said he would do it anyway because when our Club was in its infancy the Carvers gave their support. They allowed the turners to bring the existence of WNY Woodturners II to the attention of the public, thus helping the club grow. They did this by giving the turners free space at their venues. Now Jim feels we have a responsibility to reciprocate. If it means turning in a tent in April, so be it. As a result of Jim’s urging, three others also volunteered to participate, Jed Donahue, Warren Stevens, and Dennis Gomlak. By the end of the discussion several more members tentatively volunteered to help, Sam Ciccia, Roger Harris, and Ron Fultz were among that group. Hopefully by April they will have the company of other members.


If anyone has any yellow birch they would be willing to donate to a non-profit organization for use as wood sample displays, please contact Barb Berger.



Show and Tell


Leading off show and tell was Paul Mazuchowski. Not one to let free wood escape him Paul took advantage of the recent ice/wind storm and collected “samples” of local trees blown down during the storm. He brought two hollow vessels turned from these “samples.”  One was elm and the other boxelder, both were turned green and both were very nice. The shape of the piece made from box elder was particularly pleasing to the eye.

Jerry Gernold displayed some corian pens he had made. Though the corian is not easy to work with, the end results are worth the effort. It makes for an attractive alternative to wood pens.

Kurt Hertzog made a desk pen, clock arrangement from canary wood. It shows once again how a little creativity can turn a seemingly very small piece of wood into something attractive and useful.

Jim Hilburger is at it again! This time he has fabricated a dynamite looking hollowing rig. Hopefully we can get a demonstration of it in the near future.

Jake Debski brought his “Darwin” bowl. The bowl evolved as a result of mistakes, missteps, and general small disasters, the bowl survived, flawed but intact. The point being don’t throw it away, see if you can make it into something else and enjoy the process.

Sam Ciccia showed us several of his excellent cup style bottle stoppers. These were made using methods Sam would demonstrate later in the meeting.

Finally a new member, Gordon Fritz, brought in an four-jaw adjustable chuck made of wood. Gordon received the chuck with an old lathe he picked up. It is speculation but one would guess that the chuck was made before adjustable chucks were available commercially.

50/50 “Deja-vu all over again.” Gary Sargent won another drawing, seventeen dollars!



Sam Ciccia gave a fine demonstration of his techniques for making his original cup bottle stoppers. Sam took us step by step through the process to the finished stopper.

In addition he had a full-scale drawing available to anyone who wanted one. Thanks Sam super job.


Keep Turning, and see you at the next meeting!