VOLUME XVII       ISSUE 139     January 9, 2014

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




President John Lilley

Phone Number: 716/662-0270



The next scheduled meeting is Thursday February 14, 2014.


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Pres. John Lilley called the meeting to order.  He began with thanks to Ron Hudson,

            Rusty Ellis, Pat Boggan and Brian Defoe for doing such good jobs in the past.


Treasurer, Pat Boggan

Report for month of January, 2014

Beginning Balance: $4,097.42


Petty Cash Expenses

Petty Cash Receipts

Petty Cash Balance

Bank Acct. Expenses

Bank Acct. Receipts

Bank Acct. Balance

Club Balance Total

























Officer’s AAW Dues

$    265.00







Club Insurance




$    231.50















Vice President’s Report


David Day will be demonstrating Inside Out Turning in February.


Librarian’s Report:


            Anyone wishing to donate magazines and/or videos to the library should contact John O’Neil.


Old Business


            The members discussed the success of buying the colored wood and offering it to members at a really good price.  The discussion that followed was on what the members made with this wood and other more general topics.


New Business


            There will be a barn session at Barb’s Barn on May 9 & 10.  The demonstration will be by Bob Rosan.


            Muriel Kummer has chains available for anyone interested in making chain pulls for the fair in August.  She will be back in April, so contact her then.


            It was suggested that a handout be made up for new members.  It should include e-mail addresses of Officers, and phone numbers as well. 


            You can support AAW by buying the American Woodturners Magazine.  Pamphlets are available with all the information for joining and receiving the magazine.


            We are also looking for a club photographer.  Anyone interested should contact John Lilley. 



SHOW AND TELL                


John Chavanne – Black Walnut  brass inlay bowl

                        Rick Lawrence – Ash natural edge bowl

                                                     Unknown wood bowl

                        Muriel Kummer – Oak-Maple crane

                        Craig Eckert – Mahogany, Maple and Asst. wood bowls and

                                                            Bottle stoppers

                        Kathie Eckert – Mahogany and asst. wood bowl and wine


                        Barb Berger – Unknown wood salt and pepper grinders.




            Rocklers Certificate – John Chavanne

            50/50 – Kathie Eckert


                        There was no demonstration.  Members discussed and admired the above projects of members and discussed other projects and items and how they were made.  The colored wood has been a big hit as it makes for some colored variations in some of the projects.



Respectfully Submitted

Brian Defoe, Secretary