VOLUME XIV†††††††††† ISSUE 43 January 2006

Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York





The next scheduled meeting is Wednesday 8th,7:30 pm


The Presidentís Corner by Kurt Hertzog


One of the struggles with a volunteer organization is getting people involved. Youíll often hear the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of the work is done by 20 percent of the people. Iím not sure of the actual percentages but most everyone will agree that itís the same folks who pitch in to help with everything and a pretty large group that is content to sit and let others do it. Iíve tried a variety of things to help change this. Itís not really apparent whether there has been much success or not.


We have a couple of projects before us that we all have a chance to pitch in with. One is the challenge project for the annual AAW Symposium in Louisville. Paul Mazuchowski has taken on the responsibility of heading the team and we do have some volunteers. Do we have enough? Donít know but if this effort is to represent our club at the national and international level, perhaps we could lighten the load by having a few more. Contact Paul with questions or to participate. Time is short and there is a lot to do.


We have a couple of other opportunities to pitch in. We have the ongoing need for turnings to support the Erie County Fair Charity Fundraising Effort. While the actual event isnít until August, you can help by making a couple of items each month to donate to the cause. Each item you make will help. If everyone pitched in a few at every meeting, weíd be in great shape in August and we wouldnít have to rely on a couple of members to ďfill the gapĒ. Weíve asked for a couple of volunteers to help with the Toy Museum demo. I think we are all set with that but donítí be afraid to contact Jake Debski to make sure he has enough help.


Lastly, the members of Turners 2 will have until the February meeting to pay for their spots in the Jimmy Clewes hands-on demos scheduled for Barbís Barn in May. Once you pay, you have a spot. The club will even help pay the cost for you at one of the best learning events of the season. After our February meeting, weíll open it up to the other areas clubs. Take advantage of this chance to spend the day learning from Jimmy.





President Kurt Hertzog opened the meeting promptly at 7:30. We had 6 guests attending the meeting tonight. John Bathrick from Holland, who is just getting into turning but is a woodworker and prepares wood stock. Gail Warzel and Pat Brogan, retired teachers who want to learn to turn. Dan Worster, who is Jim Hís. Pastor, and is learning to turn. Ben Martinki and his Father Dave. Ben is Jimís student also.




Jake Debski ask if the club was interested in sponsoring a hands on workshop at Barbís Barn on may 6th and 7th with Jimmy Clews. It was voted to go ahead and schedule him. The cost will be $50.00 form non-club member and $40.00 for our club members with the club will subsidizing $10.00 to member from Turnerís II.


Jake Debski talked about the Toy Museum, and asked if the club would participate in a Saturday, Feb 18, affair at the museum. The affair is a demo of wooden toy makers involving us and a couple other groups and individuals. It was decided the club would participate in this since there was interest from enough individuals. There is always room for more help, so if you want to help us let Jake know.


Sam Ciccia, our librarian, informed us that there are some tapes out on loan that need to be returned. If you have a tape from the club that is collecting dust, and belongs to the club, please return it


Treasure Jay Ferrand reports the following for the month of Dec.



















50/50 RAFFLE



















































Old Business

Paul Mazuchowski asked if the club was going to participate in the AAW chapter collaborative challenge. It was decided that enough people were interested that the club would be enter at the Louisville AAW symposium to be held June 22,23,24 2006. Right now, besides Paul, Jake Debski, Jim Meier, and Rich Mialki are on the committee to come up with and idea. It isnít too late if you wish to help in this endeavor. See any of these individuals if you want to help!

New Business

 Steve Imerese announced that the Pembroke Club and Turnerís I Club are bringing in John Jordon for a demo on June 3rd & 4th. So keep that date on your calendar for a great learning experience.





Show and Tell

Kurt Hertzog: numerous tops for fair inventory, Hollowing out tools with his art deco finish on handles, and some hollowed out vessels he is practicing on to turn hollowed out ornaments


Muriel Kummer: 10Ē peppermill made from oak purchased at auction in Nov.


Roman Wierzbicki: two small boxes out of walnut and ambrosia maple


Jake Debski: numerous bottle stoppers


Gordon Fritz: bud vase, out of spalted maple with a top, and a bowl and bud vase out of walnut.


Sam Ciccia: candle stick holders out of box elder


John Chavanne: natural edged bowl


David Breth: 3 bowls; maple, a green turning, willow, and ornamental cedar


Paul Mazuchowski: natural edged burl bowl


Lee Rose: an article about how to turn a profile of a person on a goblet




Roman Wierzbicki: Rocklerís

Muriel Kummer: Craft Supply

Gary Sargent: 50/50






Paul Mazuchowski gave a demo on the fundamentals of wood turning. Paul covered the whole spectrum on woodturning starting with safety. He then took us through the basic procedure of turning on the lathe. He talked about how to mount a piece; what tools to use when; the different grinds on a tools; the how toís to cutting long grain and end grain; how to turn beads and coves; chucks and how to use them, and sanding. The demo was very organized, informative and a great over view of turning. Everyone got something out of the demo from the many novices to the seasoned turners. Thank you Paul for a great demo. We all appreciated your time in the prep.





 Hereís one I found in ďWoodsmithĒ.If you need a stopper for a salt or peppershaker that does not have a grinder mechanism, and you donít have any corks or rubber stoppers on hand, cut out the screw-on cap from the side of a lemonade carton. By creating a large recess on the bottom of the shaker, the screw cap can be glued to the bottom.