VOLUME X             ISSUE 32    January 28, 2005


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York




The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, February 10 at 7:30 pm.


Jim Vasi (Club I President) will do a bowl turning demonstration.




The last of the member recommended changes have been incorporated into the new proposed by-laws. The final version of which is included at the end of this newsletter. Please read them over and make your decision on whether or not you consider them acceptable. You will be asked to vote yea or nay at the February meeting. If accepted, they will be put in place from that point forward. If rejected, we will revert to the old by-laws copied from Club One. It is your decision. The By-Laws Committee wishes to thank all those who added their voice to the process.


Jimmy Clewes will do an all day demo at the Pembroke Woodturners Guild on
Saturday, April 30th. The demo will be held at the Pembroke High School and
is open to all turning enthusiasts. The cost for the demo is $25, which will
include a made to order Subway lunch and an entry ticket to the grand prize
raffle drawing. More details on Jimmy Clewes are available at
www.jimmyclewes.com  More information on the event and directions to the
school are posted at www.wnywoodturners.com/comingevents.htm  For tickets,
contact Kurt Hertzog.



The President’s Corner by Kurt Hertzog


There are several initiatives going on in the Woodturners II. One of the goals from last year was to bring the clubs in the area closer together and in more of a cooperative way. We did make strides with joint efforts at Rockler, shared presenters, and membership overlap. This year, we’ll continue to build these relationships with a more formal method of sharing presenters. Each of the 4 area clubs will create a roster of members who are willing to demonstrate not only for their home club but for the other clubs as well. This is all on a voluntary and donated basis. The response last month to the more formal initiative was encouraging. Please contact me to refine the details if you are willing to participate.


At this month’s meeting, we’ll have a vote on adopting the by-laws rewrite. They were published in the November NL and open for review and critique. We’ve addressed every concern or change request that was brought forward in the last 3 months. With all of the changes incorporated, we are publishing the latest version of the proposed by-laws this month. We’ll have a vote on adopting them as published at this month’s meeting. Thanks to Jake Debski, Barb Berger, and Jim Hilburger who worked with me with this effort.


We’ve had a slow down in the items brought to the meeting for donation to the clubs inventory of charity event sales items. Please take a few minutes when you are in the shop to turn a couple of items for the effort. Bring them in to the regular meeting and we’ll include your name in the drawing for the show and tell prizes. You need not bring a lot. If everyone brought in a few items a few times a year, we’d be in great shape when it’s time to have our events. There are now two gift certificates in the show and tell drawings. We have a gift certificate from Craft Supplies USA and Rockler each month. Don’t forget to thank these folks for their support when you shop there.


I recently placed an order with Klingspoor and am pleased to announce that the club discount is in place and working well. A while back, we decided to have an opt-in list for those desiring to participate in a discount program at Klingspoor. I provided the list of those who wanted to be included to the Klingspoor folks at that time. When I called to place my recent order, it came up automatically as I placed my order and it was applied to it. Looks like it’s working exactly as promised.




President Kurt Hertzog opened the meeting by welcoming our guests for the evening, Carl (Chuck) Schummer and Bob Collins.


Treasurer Jay Ferrand reported the following for December, 2004

Starting balance


Received                                                   Paid out                             Total

50/50- $16.50                                             $ 0                                     $2,279.08

Raffle- $24.00


Old Business


Jake Debski gave a brief update on the work of the By-Laws Committee. The membership will be asked to vote on the final version at the next meeting.



New Business

Jim Hilburger acting as the new Program Director for Club One asked for volunteers

to act as demonstrators for the various area clubs. Several of our members signed up. This bodes well for future demos because we will have a broader range of talent and ideas to draw from and will help grow greater cooperation between the organizations. We are also accepting mentoring volunteers for helping our own members. If you would be willing to do either, let one of the officers know, and they will see to it you are added to the list.


Beginner’s Corner


Someone asked which wood glue is commonly used for laying up laminates to be turned. Jim Hilburger responded that he uses Titebond II on his projects. Most agreed that was a good choice.

Another question from the floor asked, “Where can you buy quality peppermill mechanisms at a good price?”  Jim Hilburger suggested Chef Specialties and recommended an Internet search since he didn’t have an address with him.


Instant Gallery (show and tell)


In case you haven’t guessed by now this is one of my favorite parts of the meetings. Next to the demos, it generates the most new ideas and challenges.

 Rick Wierzbicki started us off with his excellent deer antler ornaments and pens. Very cool indeed.

 Paul Mazuchowski was next with an angel in the Linda Van G. style. You would never have guessed that he hasn’t turned one since Linda’s hands on, a year and a half ago. As always, Paul’s work was top notch. Once again Paul donated his piece to our charity inventory.

 Ken Schweickert showing his first bowl gets this month’s honesty award, for admitting it took 128 pieces of sandpaper to achieve a beautiful finish on this walnut bowl. Nice job, Ken and thank you for your candor.

 Sam Ciccia was in the production mode last month. He brought a bunch of beautifully rendered pepper mills, turned from several specie of wood. Sam also “aged” one of the cherry pieces by treating it with Drano. The cherry had the color of an item made 50 years ago.

 Ed Katz showed us a cleanly designed and delicate looking cherry goblet. Once again proving that simple can be elegant.

 Rich Mialki, now that he has a warm place to work, is turning out all sorts of neat items. We were showed a maple bowl that Rich had roughed out at the John Lunney hands on barn session and recently finished. He brought several Christmas ornaments made with sea urchin and assorted woods. There was also a pen and clever turned base with a pen- holder. He keeps this up he’ll have to expand the shop again.  

 Kurt Hertzog was also very busy of late. Kurt brought several turned hide-a-buck key chains for the charity inventory, a large zebra wood plate, a madrone box with brass finial, a legged platter of lacewood, and finally the real attention grabber, a spiked box on a pedestal which was filled with multi colored eggs.


Drawing winners

Ken Schweickert – Craft Supply gift certificate.

Rich Mialki – Rockler gift certificate.

Sam Ciccia – walnut slab donated by Ken Schweickert.

Mike Hachey – 50/50


Elmer’s Corner  

This is something I ran across on the web. The author and innovator of this process, David Smith of Longview, Washington gave his permission to reprint what you will see here. The publication, More Woodturning (November ’04) also printed Dave’s article. What I am printing here is only a thumbnail sketch of the process. Since alcohol is very flammable and certain types are toxic more information needs to be obtained. Please go to this site for complete information on this process.



 Or see me at a chapter meeting and I will get you a printed copy.


Turn the bowl to a thickness of ½"for small bowls (< 6 inches). Larger bowls may need to be thicker to allow for distortion.

Place the bowl in a container of denatured alcohol.

Let soak for 2 or more hours.

Remove the bowl and place it on a rack upside down for 1 hour to let the surface dry.

Wrap the bowl in heavy paper such as a grocery sack. On a bowl simply gather the paper around the rim and secure with a couple turns of masking tape. On a closed form the paper can be tucked into the opening and held in place with masking tape across the opening. The opening must be open to allow air circulation.

Place the bowl upside down on a rack so air can circulate into the opening.

Record the weight and date on the bottom of the paper. When the weight stops decreasing it is ready to finish turn.
Small bowls will stop losing weight in one week or less. Large bowls will take about two weeks. Hollow forms very in drying time due to the small opening, which inhibits air exchange. It is not necessary to record the weight every day but initially you may want to check the progress to satisfy your curiosity. I keep my shop heated and dehumidified year round so my drying time may very from what you may experience.





The By-Laws of the Western New York Woodturners 2


Article 1 – The Name of the Organization


The name of the organization shall be the Western New York Woodturners 2.


The name of the organization may be changed by a vote of the membership having a 2/3rds majority.


Article 2 – The Purpose of the Organization


The purpose of the organization shall be to provide a forum for the learning and enhancement of the woodturning skills of the members.


Article 3 – Affiliations of the Organization


The organization shall be a chapter of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW). The organization may chose to affiliate itself with other organizations providing it does not infringe on the relationship with the AAW. Affiliations, other than the AAW, shall be at the pleasure of the membership and shall be made or discontinued by vote of the membership.


Article 4 – Membership, Dues, Fees, and Special Funds of the Organization


Membership in the organization shall be open to anyone interested in woodturning applying for membership. The total number of members in the organization shall be subject to a cap in order to provide for the manageable operation of the organization.


This membership number cap may be reviewed and amended by a vote of the membership. Applicants for membership who cannot join based on any existing cap shall be placed on a waiting list and offered membership as the cap allows on a first come, first serve basis.


The officers of the organization shall determine the dues and fees of the organization, subject to approval of a vote of the membership. Dues shall be levied equally on all of the members of the organization.


All dues shall be paid according to the calendar year and shall be paid on or before the last day of January. Any renewing member failing to do so shall be charged any prevailing initiation fee in order to reinstate membership and be subject to any membership cap. New members joining after August 31st of any year shall be members for that current year and the following year with the payment of their dues and any prevailing initiation fee.


Guests may attend the meetings and functions of the organization on an infrequent basis. These may be prospective members or members of affiliated organizations. Guests visiting on more than an infrequent basis shall be required to join the organization to enjoy the benefits of membership and to share in the burdens of membership.


Article 5 – The Meetings of the Organization


A meeting of the membership of the organization shall be held at least once a month.


All members shall be sent a timely notice, written or electronic, containing the time, date, and place of the meeting prior to each meeting.


The presence of 25% of the membership shall constitute a quorum and shall be required for the conduct of the business of the organization.


The meetings shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order by the
President (or designated presiding officer) and shall contain, but not limited to, the:


(1) Recognition of visitors and guest speaker(s),

(2) Introduction of Officers

(3) Approval of minutes of the previous meeting (as published or amended),

(4) Treasurer’s Report

(5) Reports from Officers, and Committees

(6) Old Business,

(7) New Business,

(8) Program

(9) Adjournment


Article 6 – The Voting Procedures of the Organization


Each member shall be entitled to one (1) vote only.


A simple majority of the members voting shall prevail, unless a different majority is specified in the By-Laws for that business of the organization.


All voting shall be by a show of hands, unless a majority of the members present approve a different method.


The presiding Officer shall appoint inspectors to count the votes and report the result if a secret ballot is selected. No inspector shall be a candidate for office, nor, in the case of a majority call for a secret ballot, have a vested interest in the outcome.


Article 7 – The Duties and Responsibilities of the Organizations Officers


The Offices of the organization shall be President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Webmaster. The election of Officers shall be held annually at the October meeting of the membership. Officers shall be elected by a simple majority of the members voting.


Nominations for candidates shall be taken at the September meeting and be open to any member of the organization. The presiding group of Officers shall present at least one accepted nomination for each office at the September meeting to insure that there is at least one candidate for every office.


Officers shall serve a term of one year and shall take office on the 1st day of January following their election to coincide with the fiscal year. The Vice-President shall take over the office of President if vacated mid-term. The current officers shall fill all other mid-term vacancies through appointment.


The duties and powers of the Office of the President shall be to:

(1) Ensure that all records, reports, and certificates required by, law or regulations are properly maintained or filed,
(2) Appoint all committees,
(3) Be one of Officers who may sign checks or drafts for the organization,
(4) Exercise such influence and control as may reasonably be construed as belonging to the Chief Executive of any organization.

The duties and powers of the Office of the Vice-President shall be to:

(1) Become acting President with all the rights, responsibilities, and powers of that Office if the President is unable to exercise his office,
(2) Be responsible for the planning and execution of the program portion of the monthly club meeting,
(3) Be responsible for the planning and execution of any special events of the organization.
(4) Perform special projects at the request of the President,
(5) Be one of the Officers who may sign checks or drafts for the organization.

The duties and powers of the Office of the Treasurer shall be to:

(1) Have the care, custody, and sole responsibility for all monies, and securities belonging to the organization,
(2) Cause to be deposited in a business bank or trust company monies accrued by the organization, within 5 business days,
(3) Receive membership dues for the organization and maintain proper membership records,
(4) Be authorized to receive contributions or specially obtained funds from individuals or institutions and apply them to the proper accounts,
(5) Render at each monthly meeting, or at any time at the request of the Club’s officers, a written account of the current financial status of the organization,
(7) Be one of the Officers who may sign checks or drafts for the organization.

The duties and powers of the Office of Secretary shall be to:

(1) Keep the minutes and records of the organization,
(2) Execute, serve, and keep a copy of all notices to the membership,
(3) Be the official custodian of the records and seal of the organization,
(4) Present to the membership any communications received,
(5) Attend to all correspondence of the organization,
(6) Update the By-Laws, prior to the next meeting of the membership, with any approved changes,
(7) Be one of the Officers who may sign checks or drafts for the organization.

The duties and powers of the Office of Webmaster shall be to:

(1) Be responsible for the operation of a website in the organizations name,
(2) Be responsible for the recording of club meetings and events in support of the website and it’s archival nature,
(3) Be responsible for the electronic communications distribution of the organization,
(4) Be one of the Officers who may sign checks or drafts for the organization.

Article 8 – Operation of the Organization

The Officers shall act in the name of the organization and shall manage the business of the organization.

This group shall consist of at least four (4) members

The frequency, content, and operation of meetings of the Officers shall be left to the discretion of the incumbent members of that group.

The Officers of the organization shall have the authority to take disciplinary action against any member for violation of safety rules or the responsibilities of membership. Disciplinary action may vary, up to and including expulsion from the organization. If requested, a member shall be allowed a fair hearing before a timely meeting of the Officers.

Article 9 - The Financial Operation of the Organization

A majority vote of the Officers shall authorize all financial expenditures of the organization. No commitment will be made to an expenditure that cannot be paid for with the current assets of the organization.

All monies accrued by the organization shall be deposited in a business bank or trust company, in a checking or savings account, in the name of the organization within 5 business days.

No member of the organization shall be entitled to receive any salary or compensation for his or her service to the organization. Reimbursement for authorized expense may be made at the direction of a majority vote of the Officers.

As the AAW requires the Officers of the organization be members of the AAW, the Officers shall be entitled to reimbursement of their AAW dues as a legitimate expense.

At the end of each year, prior to the transition of Officers, an independent audit of the accounts of the organization shall be made. The incoming Treasurer will make this audit with the assistance of a member at large of the membership appointed by the President. Discrepancies shall be resolved prior to the newly elected Officers taking responsibility for the financial operation of the organization.

Article 10 - The Committees of the Organization

Committees of the organization shall be appointed by and serve at the discretion of the President. The term of office of any committee shall not exceed that of the President appointing them.

Article 11 - The Modification of By-Laws of the Organization

The By-Laws of the organization may be amended by a vote of the membership. All proposed By-Law changes shall be published in the newsletter of the organization for consideration of the membership prior to any vote. All members shall be given prior notice that action on the By-Laws will be on the agenda.


Date of last amendment – February 10, 2005