VOLUME VIII†††††††††††† ISSUE 11††††† January 10, 2003


Meetings 7:30 PM; Second Thursday

Hamburg Middle School

360 Division Street

Hamburg, New York


†††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††http://www.wnywoodturners.com


The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, February 13, 2003, at 7:30 pm.







On Saturday, April 5, WNYWoodturners-II will host a demonstration by Johannes Michelsen, a turner renowned for his wearable wooden cowboy hats. Mr. Michelsen will also be giving two daylong hands-on workshops on Sunday, April 6 and Monday, April 7.


The demonstration will be held at the Charles Lindbergh Elementary School, 184 Irving Terrace, Kenmore, NY 14223 (more details to follow.) It will cost $ 20.00 per person. In an effort to make the demo enjoyable for all participants, a limited number of tickets will be available. Tickets will be sold to Club-II members first. Remaining tickets will be offered to other Clubs in the area next and finally to the general public. If you wish to attend what promises to be a very fine demonstration contact one of the following soon: Rich Sarama, Paul Mazuchowski, Kurt Hertzog, Jim Hilburger or Jake Debski.


The hands-on workshops are to be held at Barbís Barn. These two, daylong sessions will be very up close and personal. Johannes can only accommodate seven Club members per session. He promises all participants will go home with a finished hat. Because the hats will be turned on a mini-lathe hat size will be limited. Since we are limited to seven turners per day, a lottery must be held to choose who will attend. The cost for the day will be $75 per person. If you are interested in attending either of these barn sessions, please contact Barb Burger to get your name on the lottery list. The drawing will be held at the February meeting to give us time to open any remaining spots to non-club members.







We will once again have a booth at The Woodworking Show to be held at the Western New York Event Center, 11163 Main St. in Clarence on January 31, February 1-2, 2003. If you have signed up to work the booth simply report to the office, at the Main Entrance, to pick up your free pass when you arrive. If you didnít sign up for the booth but come to the show, stop by the booth, and say hello. We also could use any wine corks, weed pots, stick pens, etc. you may wish to donate. We will sell these items as usual for charity.


Contact Paul Mazuchowski as soon as possible if you plan on, or would like to, enter an example of your work for judging at the up-coming Woodworking Show. You may enter several pieces if you wish to do so.


If you shop at Rockler we have now been asked to show our membership cards in order to receive our Guild Discount. No card, no discount. The purpose for this is to eliminate abuse by non-guild members. Please make it easy on everyone and have your card with you.


The February Demo will be on turning ornaments. John Brown of Pittsburgh, PA will give the presentation. Inclement weather could postpone this demo.


Dues must be paid by the end of the February meeting to remain on the active membership roll.


Please keep Elmer Baumer in your prayers. His recovery is very slow.




There was lots of chatter and good-natured banter all around as President Ron Hudson called the meeting to order.

Ron welcomed two visitors to the meeting, Ann Raby from Fort Erie, Ontario and Wally Goulding from Port Colburn, Ontario. By the end of the meeting Ann had decided to join, officially making our chapter, international. The Club membership is full and we once again are putting names on a waiting list.



Treasurerís Report:


Paul Mazuchowski stated that the treasury now contains $1313. Paul also reported the proceeds from our auction to be $739. A very successful auction, especially considering the small turnout attributed to the switch in meeting nights. I would once again like thank everyone who participated in the auction. Great job, folks!!


Donít forget your patches!! They were selling like hot cakes at the last meeting


Vice-Presidentís Report:


Rich Sarama, wasting no time in assuming his new duties, has contacted Johannes Michelsen, world renowned for his wearable, turned wooden cowboy hats. Mr. Michelsen has agreed to do an April 2003 demo if we want it. Rich asked if the Club members wished him to continue making arrangements for this demo. The answer was of course, yes. A preliminary event discussion ensued. A motion was made by Jim Meier and seconded by Lance Kanaby that the limited number of openings for a hands-on workshop by this gentleman be filled by lottery. Members of WNYWT-II will get first crack at these openings. If any are left over we will open it up to the other clubs to participate. The motion included a $75 dollar per person price for a spot at the workshop.

The motion passed.

A volunteer committee was organized to help in the arrangements. The committee persons are Barb Berger, Jim Hilburger, Kurt Hertzog, Paul Mazuchowski, and Jake Debski.



Old Business


This portion of the meeting was eliminated to leave more time for the evenings activities.


New Business


Just like old business we skimmed over new business to save time.


Show and Tell:


Thankfully no amount of nudging was going to speed this portion of the meeting along.


Kurt Hertzog showed a clever lidded box . Kurtís box was his first try at inlaying Turquoise. The inlay was successful. What set this box apart was Kurtís making of the pediment into a second lid and the top below the pediment was slightly hollowed to create a secondary ďbox,Ē or a box on top of a box.


Jed Donahue showed an example of the pine candle sticks (holders) he made as Christmas gifts this year. Jed also brought a rolling pin and an inventive double-ended mortar and pestle.


Paul Mazuchowski wowed us with his 109 foot 7 inch continuous shaving, taken from one of his bowling pins. In addition, Paul brought along a considerable volume of work he has completed for the WW show, weed pots, bottle stoppers, etc.


Ron Hudson has been turning much more in the last couple months. He made a bunch of well crafted snowmen similar to the ones shown in the latest AAW journal. These were donated to the WW show .


Lance Kanaby showed a nicely turned spalted maple platter. Lance said he used a Ray Key shear scraper to get a smooth finish and a microwave oven to evict the uninvited critters residing in the wood.


Jim Hilburger has been busy experimenting with reverse turning. He brought two fine examples of his latest efforts.


Jim Meier brought a few finished items he had started during his recent Club demo. The buffalo horn pen was very nice and a cow bone button was of particular interest.


Mike and Debbie Hatchie brought severaljoint projects for us to see. Mike said the bottlestopers he and Debbie turned were made from nairoc, ( puzzlement in the faces of members) which turns out to be corian spelled backwards. There was also a nicely done cherry bowl.


Rich Mialki, filling in for fellow member John Cave, showed an interesting platter and a classic styled weed pot that John had made.


Ron Hudson won the Craft Supply gift certificate, and Jerry Rucker walked away with the nineteen dollar and fifty cent 50/50 prize.




We had four lathes going and lots of interested members watching or trying their hand. Jim Hilburger was showing people how to turn tops, as only Jim can. Rich Mialki was doing a bang up job giving instructions on doing stick pens. Rich (Bud) Sarama was toying around with doorstops, making it look easy. Paul Mazuchowski had a bunch of members turning out wine stoppers.


Judging from the smiles, comments, and general banter, everyone would like to see more evenings like this.