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Program Schedule for 2003
       Maryvale HS Woodshop Room #120:  1050 Maryvale Dr. Cheektowaga, NY

January 2, 2003

Ron Mostel  of Turners 2 will be explaining his technique of inside/outside turning while Jim Hilburger demonstrates it on the lathe.


February 6, 2003

Rob Pelc  of Advantage Lumber will be sharing his knowledge on Exotic Woods.


March 6, 2003

Nora Drogi from Rockler will speak on selecting a finish for your project.


April 3, 2003

Four of our very accomplished turners, Jim Vasi, Jim Hilburger, Eugen Schlaak, and Lyle Foell will answer the question “How do you do that?”.







May 1, 2003

Bob Warhaus of Rockler will give us trade secrets on gluing and clamping..


June 5, 2003

Hands on night, new turners will receive instruction from more experienced members, and old turners can learn new tricks.


July 3, 2003

Pre-fourth cookout party. Woodturning tales with food and beverages at the NOCO shelter in the Sheridan Park Golf Course Park.


August 7, 2003

Rich Crino will share his expertise.









September 4, 2003

Don Olney will share his secrets on making tops.


October 2, 2003

Annual Auction of all the stuff your wife wants out of the house and one of our other members cannot do without. All proceeds to go to the treasury.


November 6, 2003

Eric Scott will show us how to do carving on turned bowls.


December 4, 2003

Barb Berger & Claire Bluhm will share their expertise in making those last minute gifts.