Text Box:    WNY Woodturners
   Newsletter   minutes – December 4, 2002,  attendees - 33
       Maryvale HS Woodshop Room #120:  1050 Maryvale Dr. Cheektowaga, NY

Treasurer’s Report

Previous Balance             972.94

Income, dues                  160.00

             Auction                23.00

Expenses, videos                73.95

            Insurance            434.00

Paint $9.65, Copies $5        14.65

New Balance                  633.34

Checking Acc’t                591.29

Cash                                 42.05


John Paulin filed the treasures report as noted above. He noted Woodturners II will pay half of the insurance premium to us. He also announced the yearly dues are due at the January meeting, $20 per member. Currently there are 16 people on the waiting list for membership in our club. Please bring your dues on January 2nd, or mail your check to John Paulin, 1687 Stafford Rd., Forestville, N.Y. 14062.

Election of officers was held and the following  will serve the club for the next 2 years:

President – Jim Vasi

1st Vice Pres – Milt Enrenberg


2nd Vice Pres – Marvin Feldman


Treasure – John Paulin

Recording Secretary –Dick Radel

Corresponding Secretary –

             Rodney Gingerich

Video Librarian – Bob Ball

Web Master – Kurt Hertzog

Barb Berger and Kurt Hertzog are scheduling a Woodturner class for Saturday December 7th, on how to make lidded boxes.

Jim Shimwell noted he has 122 toys for the UCP kids as of this date. He thanks Jim Vasi, Bob Ball, Debbie Hachey, Joe Guppenberger, Harry Vogel, Steve Imerese, Lyle Foell, Carm Queeno, Jim Hilburger, Dick Radel & Bill Allan for their efforts. He requests all who have not finished their donations to get them to him prior to December 17th, as that is the date the club will take all toys to the UCP facility in Cheektowaga.

Jim Vasi will be in charge of our participation in the Woodworkers Show at the Clarence Event Center, January 30th, & 31st, & February 1st, 2003. A show of hands pledged support to turn on those dates. Jim will have more details at the January meeting.

Jim Vasi also repored that he and some other members met with a free lance writer who will spread the word of the talent that abounds in our club. We look forward to hearing where she will publish the news.

Milt Enrenberg presented a almost final “Meeting Presentations Schedule” as attached on page 2 of this Newsletter. He also led a discussion on compensation to presenters that was tabled to our next meeting.

Newsletter is now available on the website. If you do not want a hard copy mailed to you and want e-mail notification regarding the newsletter, PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL TO webmaster@wnywoodturners.com

Kurt requests photos and other information for web site. Spend some time and surf our site, it’s great!

Show & Tell

Eugene Schiaak – shoehorns, candle snuffers, snowman pens

Bob Ball – pepper mill, snowmen

Jim Vasi – how to put a ¾” wood arrow thru a 5/8” hole. Soak it??

Lyle Foell – mini chalice

Lance Kanaby – Maple Burl plate


None this month.

Next Meeting

Thursday 7:30 PM

January 2nd,2003.

Ron Mostel  of Turners 2 will be explaining his technique of inside/outside turning while Jim Hilburger demonstrates it on the lathe.