Western New York Woodturners I

Newsletter- Minutes –Nov. 4, 2010

Members Present  - 38


Maryvale High School Woodshop Room 120

1050 Maryvale Dr., Cheektowaga, N.Y. 14225

Treasure’s Report:  by John Paulin

Expense: Postage                                                   $195.00        Previous Balance                 $2,754.32

Income:  Dues                                                         $80.00        Auction                                  $174.00

50/50                                                                       $26.00        New Balance                       $2,839.32


Have you visited the Web site WNYWoodturners.com? It has many photos and info on what happened at the last meeting, what different members are making and much more.  Check it out at www.wnywoodturners.com


Business Items:                                                         

 Jim Shimwell  reminds all it’s time to make TOYS FOR ASPIRE KIDS that we will give them on December 14th, 2010. Do you need an idea?  Do you need wood?  Call Jim at 875-9654. He has plans available.  Please remember that any toys made with small individual pieces the pieces must be larger than the diameter of a paper towel core to prevent placing them in the mouth.


Richard Mialki stated that he  will enter the clubs in a Minwax competition for them to be recognized for our community service. The members agreed that any cash proceeds will be given to the  Make-A-Wish Foundation. - Good luck to Richard and our members!


Brianne Corbett will be our new Webmaster effective January 1, 2011. Any

items you wish to have placed on the site must be approved by the President's committee.


Jim Rupracht  announced that Beth Ireland will be present at the Pembroke Club meeting on on November 9th, at 6:30 pm for a demo. A $5.00 donation fee will be charged.  Also, on December 5th Sunday 9am to 4pm, Mr. Binh Poh will be giving a demo on piercing, airbrush, and design at the Pembroke High School. Admission is $20.00 at the door,and a boxed lunch will be available for anyone wishing to purchase it.


New Member:  Frank Becker attended our meeting and is going join. - Welcome to the club Frank.

Guest:  Lee Ketchum of the Florida Wood turners Club attended our meeting as a visitor, and even contributed to our show and tell portion. 

 Split Club was for $36.00.  Eighteen dollars for winner, and eighteen for the club.


Show & Tell:    THANKS TO ALL WHO SHARE THEIR WORK WITH THE CLUB. David Day, Brian Effinger, Lee Ketchum, Steve Imerese, Richard Mialki, Eugene Schlaak, Jim Rupracht, Don Hoffman, Jim Vasi, Brianne Corbett and Gene Renzoni,   Gary Jones, this month


Demo:  Brian Effinger demonstrated how to make bird house ornaments.  He did a great job! Thank you Brian.

We are always looking for members to give us demonstrations for each meeting.  If you can demo a project please contact Steve Imerese.

Club elections are in January... All members are encouraged to be more active in the club consider running for an office.  You can make a difference.


Next Meeting:   Thursday, December 2, 7:30 pm

Christmas get together, there will be no Demo. 


                                                                          Respectfully, Joseph Mussari & Dick Radel                  11/29/10