Western New York Woodturners I

Newsletter- Minutes  - Oct 5, 2006

Members Present  - 49


Maryvale High School Woodshop Room 120

1050 Maryvale Dr., Cheektowaga, N.Y. 14225

Treasure’s Report:  by John Paulin

Income:           50/50                                             $24.00       Previous Balance               $2,206.14

                        Shirt/Hat sale                                 $10.00

                        Sale of Tickets                             $215.00

                        Erie County Fair (Make a wish) $7,756.56

                        Erie County Fair refund                 $50.00

Expenses:        Make-a-wish foundation           $7,756.56

                        Maryvale School rental                $240.00

                        Plastic Guard for lathe                   $10.00       New Balance                     $2,255.14

Business Items:   

--Cancelled Due to weather!!!! Will be rescheduled. The turners 1 club, will co-host this fall’s John Jordan Two Day Demonstration at the Pembroke High School on Saturday and Sunday, October 14th and 15th.  Tickets are available from Steve Imerese, Jim Vasi, Jim Schnellinger or Lance Kanaby at a cost of $20 for either day or $35 for a two day ticket.

--Steve Imerese reported he took the check to Make-a-wish and they were very thankful.

--The “KIDS DAY TURNING SEMINAR” at Barb’s Barn turning facilities has been moved to November 4th, .  Bob Rosen will be teaching and the child will be turning with the help of his or her MENTOR that he or she finds. The cost per child is $10.00 and the club will contribute an additional $25.00 per child.  Hours are from 9 am to noon and 1 pm to 3 pm each day.  Mentors and children should bring their own lunches. The three other turning clubs in the area have been asked to be involved.

--Jim Vasi is organizing a trip to West Penn hardwoods in Olean on Nov. 4th, if your interested call him.

--There will be an all-day, hands-on, turning fundamentals class at Barb's Barn on Sunday, November 12th. The class will cover tools, equipment, sharpening, basic turning skills, and safety. The instructor for the class will be Kurt Hertzog. For more details or to register, contact Barb Berger at 716.652.4156

--TOYS ARE NEEDED FOR THE CERABRAL PALSY KIDS. Tuesday Dec 12th, is the Christmas Party at Aspire. Bring your toys to the Nov or Dec meetings or to Jim Shimwell’s home. On Tuesday November 14th, the Aspire organization will host a luncheon at The Adams Mark Hotel honoring groups who have worked for the Christmas celebration in the past.  Jim Shimwell and his wife plus Bob Ball, Steve Imerese, Rich Mialki, Jim Hilburger, Jim Vasi, Harry Vogel, and Ben Klinger will attend.

--John Paulin is collecting dues for 2007.

Steve Imerese has a new phone number 688-6132, John Paulin has moved to 120 Heim Road, Williamsville, NY 14221 with a new phone number of 716-689-6873.

Show & Tell:  Thanks for sharing their work to, Frank Stanko – hollow vessels,  Bill Perry - bowls, Kurt Hertzog – bowls, Lance Kanaby – hollow form with bark.

Demo:  No demo, but we had a great annual auction.  Many treasures found new homes and the club made some


Next Meeting: 

Thursday November 2nd, 2006

Demo by Steve Imerese with his home made turning and hollowing tools.

Respectfully,  Dick Radel



Page 2 Woodturners   Newsletter for October 2006



                Do you mean...

Not plant the tree, but find the wood, Just "see" the piece, ( as if I could )?

To find a highly figured burl, a crotch, an eye, or pearly curl ?

and once I spy it, perhaps buy it, inventory, store and dry it?

Then saw or cut it, possibly I kiln it, Glue, imbue with fill, or drill it?

You mean that once I'm satisfied

It's stopped it's warps, checks, cracks, once dried?

And mounted on the lathe to turn it (which takes much practice just to learn it);

and then employ a gouge or two, or use a skew, which I don't eschew,

to mold it, shape it (what's your pleasure ?) by all means I'm sure to measure.

Then sand it smooth, please wear your mitts, From coarse to fine, 10,000 grits,

Then braze or burnish, paint or polish, (the goal: enhance, and don't demolish)

Is that your question, start to end How long's that path, it's way to wend?

Or did you merely want to know How long it turned?

Ten minutes or so.

John A. Styer, North East, MD American Woodworker, Summer 1999